Undercover Journalist Anas Leads Team To Expose Fake Abortion Doctors In Nigeria


The Undercover Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas led a team of investigative journalists in Nigeria to expose the activities of fake doctors who have been destroying human lives in the country.maxresdefault

These fake doctors are said to be in the business of conducting illegal abortions on women and giving other medical prescriptions to ignorant and poor patients, causing the death of many of them.

Abortion in Nigeria is illegal except in cases where the patient’s life is in danger. And fake doctors have taken this opportunity to operate in secrecy, mostly in their homes or in an obscure location difficult for the security officials to locate.

To expose the fake doctors, Anas made her colleague journalist-Rosemary Nwaebuni to approach the doctors as a pregnant woman who desperately needs an abortion. Rosemary then had the offer from one Precious Johnson Chuckwudi who agreed to carry out the operation at an agreed price. Husband and wife who have been in this illegal abortion were also caught by the investigative team. They were identified as Mr. and Mrs. Ogboru.

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The Nigerian Medical and Dental Association and the Ministry of Health later confirmed that neither Chuckwudi nor the Ogboru’s are licensed and registered as medical doctors and that their shops are not registered clinics.

Nigerian police arrested Mr and Mrs Ogboru on camera on the basis of evidence that Rosemary had filmed secretly during the bargain stage of her abortion request.

Another fake doctor-Charles Igudala, who has been on the intelligence list of the health authorities for operating as a doctor without a license was also finally arrested due to the work of the journalists. Evidence taken was on the basis of what the journalists had filmed secretly on camera.

Rosemary and Anas also filmed other fake doctors who wrongly diagnosed healthy patients with malaria and typhoid. Others also exposed by the team include those who use Quantum Resonance Analyzer-a highly controversial machine of unproven effectiveness that is used to illegally diagnose merely on the basis of tones and lights – a variety of serious illnesses to perfectly healthy patients.

The investigative work of the journalist was first aired on Al Jazeera entitled Africa Investigates. Rosemary said after their dangerous work that they were successful because of the support they had from other institutions.

“We collaborate with the police because we have the support. If I didn’t have those resources…it would be pretty difficult to pull through the investigative projects, considering their high financial demands, difficulties and challenges”, she said.

For Anas, the gratification about the work is to help save society from bad people who ruin it. He told the Wall Street Journal “This model is a product of the society. At the end of the day, the goal is the same, so why can’t I collaborate with the prosecutor?”

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  1. After a long time the FDM is now stopped in nigeria, now this is another Fuc***ng problem for a common man, the fuc***ng fake doctors doesn’t know that they are trying to ruin someone’s life.


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