Farmer Charged, Farm Raided, Animals Seized BECAUSE He Cared For Them Better Than A Factory Farm



  1. WTF!? Screw all these gag laws where you can’t call out these big companies. Even Oprah was in a lawsuit over saying someone’s ground meat was gross. This guy better not get indicted. Any judge who would is a jackass.

  2. I am stunned, why is a farm under regulation of the police, unless there is documented proof of abuse. The photos show nothing amiss what is their incentive?

  3. So the horses & dogs were seized .. where are the pictures of them before they were taken away? I can see the hogs, a few goats, some cow/calf pairs, and chickens …

  4. I have to say that the only country in the West and that is so great having trouble fiddling, fraud, lies, bribery, bribed politicians, bribed judges, bribed politicians etc God Damn it ! Are you so fucking stupid in the US that you just let it continue? Care to the animal in a commendable way and thats not ok in USA? People who file complaint against animal abuse are retained it by a court with a prohibition to speak … Realize one thing: Your country is so corrupt that Russia is as a baby with you in comparison. The “Land of freedom” etc is a joke today. I’d say “The land from Hell” would fit in more perfect today…


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