Meet The Anonymous Vigilantes Taking Down Online Pedophiles


Founded not even a year ago, they’ve already brought down 37 men and have saved countless potential victims. They call themselves “Dark Justice” and their ultimate goal is: “To make the online world a safer place for children.”.

And they’re just getting started.

So far, thanks to their actions, 37 pedophiles were arrested, 7 of them already convicted and rest are on police bail/on remand awaiting court dates. 6 of the 7 people were convicted on the evidence that has been given custodial sentences by dark justice.


For more infos visit their website:



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    • Hey Becky, I see his info and I’ll start working with it. I have some friends that are in the proper legal position to take action on it.
      That goes for anyone else needing somewhere to turn in suspects.

    • Exactly. I am struggling on where to report some of these psychopaths as well. I have others asking me where to report and I honestly don’t know. I do advise them not to forward or retweet any pedo material in their complaints as they are then breaking the law as well. There needs to be clear understanding on who you report these people too. Any suggestions?

  1. I think you should check out the game Rob lox (take out the space) my kid was on there the other day and she is 11 and there was guys saying they were 22 and asked her to be their girlfriend, its a shame a child can not play a game without getting hit up by a perv.

  2. Secretary general of justice in holland: Mr Joris Demmink!
    Also his comrade Frits Salomonson “the dutch Dutroux” who is judged for his immense crimes in Holland. This last person was the personal lawyer of her majesty the queen Beatrix. He fled to Thailand years ago- cant say that i wonder what he is doing now… 🙁

  3. Demmink & Salomonson are being protected by the Dutch government- we have had several marches against Demmink but police is protecting his house!! Get them!!

  4. I was sexually abused for years by my predator uncle who married into our family… he groomed me, and at times became violent, he did everything by the pedophile book from 10 years old and on. 2 years ago (when I was 26 years old) I finally had enough strength to blow the whistle when he was arrested for threatening my aunt with a knife… The police got a search warrant and confiscated all his computers, his diaries, and his porn stash… I didnt get to see him get arrested but last I heard he is in protective custody in prison because he cant be with the general population lol! That was the most emotionally satisfying day Ive ever had…… I love that you’re doing this.


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