Montreal Officially Bans All Pit Bull-Like Dogs And The Consequences Are Devastating




The victims of Montreal’s new law are defenseless, so humans are speaking up for them.

As True Activist reported earlier this week, Montreal was considering banning dogs vaguely resembling pit bulls and the city has now officially voted to pass the measure.

The new law states that all dogs that look like pit bulls must have permits to be allowed in the city, and those that are without homes and in shelters will be euthanized. Dogs with permits must wear a muzzle and be on a 4-foot leash in public, and this in itself is proving to be rough for the dogs in question.

Credit: Angus Post

Credit: Angus Post

Starting October 3rd, new ownership of pit bulls will be banned, so local shelters are attempting to relocate their animals that fit the description before then. The following dogs are being labeled as pit bull-type dogs: Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, any mix with these breeds, any dog that presents characteristics of one of those breeds.

Credit: Ginette Heppelle/Stephanie Volpi

Credit: Ginette Heppelle/Stephanie Volpi

In addition to the muzzling, short leashes, and mass euthanasia, there are other stipulations stated in the new law. For example, the permit to legally keep these dogs costs $150, which is an amount that some with lower incomes may not be able to afford. It’s unfair to put down family pets simply because that particular family can’t afford a lump sum of money for a new law. Also, if the owner of one of these permitted breeds dies, the dog will be immediately killed.

The Montreal SPCA, who works with the city government, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday to nullify the legislation. The agency released a statement that said,

“If the city of Montreal truly wanted to ensure public safety, it would not have forced a rushed adoption of controversial legislation which is unfair, unenforceable, and, most importantly, ineffective.”

Credit: Popsugar

Credit: Popsugar

They are asking for the Quebec Superior Court to determine that the legislation is discriminatory and therefore illegal, and have also asked for an emergency injunction to suspend the start of the ban until the legal case is finished.

If you’re as appalled by this ban as many others are, you can help by signing this petition to show your solidarity in protesting the ban. You can also write a letter or email using this sample template; here is the complete list of email addresses to send it to.

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    • Very sad what happened to that woman but, that dog was shot by the cops…why should the entire species of “pitbulls” be punished for 1 mans neglect for his animal?.. Hundreds of dogs will euthanized because 1 woman got killed? Im sorry she died but thats not a reason to punish the entire species…

    • Yes, right, so let’s kill all the dogs that fit the description of that particular dog? So logical.. then let’s euthanize all humans that fit the description of murderers?

    • It was discovered that the dog who killed her was not, in truth, a pitbull but because they have no idea how to identify breeds and he had a block-y head , they went for the easy target.

      That dog also had priors of aggression and attacks, yet, our genius law enforcers did didly squat to prevent a preventable event. Instead, they punish everyone else.

  1. several states in Australia have had this law for year and we have seen a dramatic reduction in attacks, primarily against young children.

  2. The woman’s death is on the city’s hands as they did nothing after the dog had 2 prior incidences where it bit someone. Also it was not a pit bull who attacked and killed her. The blame should be put on the city who refuses to really find a solution. BSL is a band aide and does not tackle the issue of dog bites. If they ban one breed then they should ban all breeds as every dog has the ability to bite

  3. This is absolutely the right way to go. Hopefully more cities will follow suit, and we might be free from these monsters. It’s a shame someone had to die before the authorities woke up. No more victims.

    • It’s not the dogs fault it’s the humans. My 8 year old daughter has a pit bull and she can control it just fine. On top of that the dog would die before ever thinking of hurting her or letting anyone else hurt her. Besides the article said it wasn’t even a pit bull that killed the woman.

  4. Another completely retarded text, since it can’t be an article. First of all, to call a pitbull – “a dog”, it’s pure idiocy. The pitbull is basically a monster, with enormous raw biting power, that can lead quite easely to someone’s death. A crocodile, not a dog. This law is totally right, people with extraordinary dangerous pets should be dealt with. Because if you don’t do that, one day you will have human beings dead, mutilated and so on.

    Stop being ignorant fucktards, really. Stop with this idiotic animal love, there is this breed of retarded fucks who actually invest love, time and money into dogs/cats/pets, more than they invest in human beings. This is alone more than idiotic, since your mother was human, not a bitch. In any psychiatric book you will find that people who are extremely fond to animals, are without exception anti-humans. The old hags who are mean with everyone and spend a fortune for dogs and cats, while they hate the fuck out their neighbours. The anti-social women who say “all men are pigs” and don’t call their kids for months, but instead call their pets “my love”, “my baby”, etc.

    Aren’t you sick of those, really ? I mean, come on, humans are humans, crocodiles are crocodiles and cats are cats. Do we really need to give up to human love in our retarded pursuit of loving animals ? Do we really need to have a pitbull, the most dangerous species of dogs, in order to be happy ? Can’t we just have the same feeling with a small chihuahua who can never harm a fly, if we really need to have a dog ? Come on, Anonymous, you are going gayer and gayer each day. And seriously, you made a name for defending what is right, not what some idiotic wannabe journalist loves or hates omg…

    • Either this is incredibly good bait and i’m happily walking into it, or did you just have a seriously cold hearted clinical approach to this situation; so much so that you actually seem like an animal abuser/serial killer type of personality. Slightly autistic maybe. Not even in a derogatory manner. Just in a very no bullshit manor, focused manor. That’s daunting man. Good luck with that opinion though… Seriously. No one is going to help you with that kind of an opinion.

    • You know, it’s people like you who makes us love animals more than humans.
      Chihuahuas are nasty little buggers but because they weigh next to nothing, aren’t perceived as threats. They would hurt a fly without hesitation and let’s not talk about your kids..

      We’re not ignorant fucktards, if you knew what good having a pet does to one’s mental and physical health, you wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Mine gets me out of the house even if I don’t feel like it, he makes me laugh with his antics and brightens my bad days. He’s always happy to see me and will go anywhere with me and made me a better person. If you bother to search a little further, you will learn that petting an animal helps lower your stress levels and blood pressure.

      But sure, we’re just over sentimental fools..

    • you my friend are far more ignorant and far more stupid then even you realise, its idiots like you that make people hate humanity. get over yourself and show some compassion for something that cant help itself, we need these pets just as much as they need us to survive. stupid fucktard.


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