Muslim Village Builds Church For Christian Neighbors In Pakistan [Watch]



How does such tolerance and harmony exist in a place known for religious violence?
Pakistan may be a country known for religious violence, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good people willing to go the extra mile to help their neighbors.

In fact, BBC recently reported how a Muslim village of farmers worked together – contributing their savings and labor – to help build a church for the Christians in the area.

One Pakistani Christian told the press:

“This church being built by Muslims in a small community is very significant. It shows that people have love in their hearts and if there are those that fuel the fire, there are also those to douse the flames.”

The only way for peace to be realized on this planet is for mutual respect and understanding to be adopted by believers of all faiths. Could it be possible? This good news, at least, hints at the possibility of it.

 Muslim farmers build church for Christian neighbours

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  1. People of different faiths have been living in this part of the world for centuries with peace and hormone. International political games particularly after Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has changed the scenario. Americans lit the fire and then left the area burinig.

  2. Absolutely wonderful and heartwarming ❤ I’m shocked that this has actually made it to western news as Western news just seems to want us all divided and at war. We can easily live together and mutually respect each others religions and values. We are human and we only have each other. I hope one day the mass hatred will stop. There will always be darkness but we can light it up with acts of love and kindness. There are many people from many religions that make their own religions look bad. I have seen lots of bad people from all religions but that shouldn’t over shadow the good people. We should learn about each others religions and compare the messages we have been chosen to carry and then we might see our goals are the same. God bless everyone ?

  3. People in general are usually amicable towards one another. Every person world-wide are pawns now more so than ever. The refugee situation is one such example. The building of this church, without a doubt, is a resistance to manipulation and a show of good faith among peoples of a different politic. Kudos to the simple persons of this Pakistani village.


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