“NOTCOMPATIBLE” Back In The Market


Back in 2012 malware called Not Compatible was haunting android devices. Now more powerful than ever the latest version of NotCompatible.C has its own self protected encryption. Thus making this program difficult to find and delete.

Lookout Inc, a mobile security firm says that this version of the malware is a threat on a massive scale. Once in it has the tendency to control and hack data. It is an advance form of malware that can be seen on a PC a botnet so powerful that it has a server design architecture, P2P communications and as previously said encryption capabilities.

The programming of the malware is one of the hardest to kill malware that we have observed. Once the malware is installed it does not appear on the android operating system as it keeps itself in the background. It only works when the device is unlocked by the user or if it is restarted.


Source: Imgur

The only way you can find out is through Manage Applications>Settings. This will show you that an application by the long name of (com.andriod.fixed.update) is running. All you need to do is simply uninstall it.

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  1. Well my android is strange because sometimes its install software (baidu,bluetooth,etc) without permission but its notify after its finished install. anybody have solution? because if uninstalled a few day later it will intall again

    • You may have something installed from your ISP (or some other software) that is installing those things for you. It’s hard to say without more info. If you have a rooted phone, you can get rid of a lot of the bloatware from your phone which will probably stop the other things getting installed. If you don’t, you can at least look through your installed apps and uninstall/freeze ones you don’t use very much and troubleshoot which may be doing it.


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