NYPD Cop Tries To Shoot Dog, Misses and Hits Police Sergeant Instead


Written by: by Reagan Ali and Moreh B.D.K. at countercurrentnews.com



We have all heard a lot of unfortunately stories lately about police officers shooting “man’s best friend.” But now, a police officer who was aiming at a dog missed the canine and accidentally shot his sergeant instead!

A pit bull inside of a Brooklyn apartment building was reportedly “charging” the officer, but had not attacked him, according to local WABC.

The officer who fired has not yet been identified, but New York City Police officials acknowledged that officers responded to a call inside of the apartment building around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. Once in the hallway, they say that a dog that was “mixed” with a pit bull was “let out” of one apartment.

The dog, one officer claimed in his report, charged at the officer and sergeant who had responded to the assault call. The dog did not belong to the family who the police had been called on.

The officer who discharged his weapon fired only one round, which “grazed” the dog, according to WABC, then ricocheting off a hallway wall according to police sources.

We asked the NYPD how a hollow point bullet like the once the department issues could have possibly ricocheted off a wall in the manner the officer described. They had no comment.

What they do claim is that the sergeant was hit by the bullet, which shot him in his foot, just by his big toe.

It sounds a lot more like the sergeant was accidentally shot directly by the poor aim of the officer who he was partnered with.

The pit bull is reportedly in good condition, as he was barely nicked by the round.


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  1. I just find it comical how instead of calling animal control to try and sedate the animal, the police are called and try to “sedate” the animal in the “correct” fashion. Cops lately have been abusing their power more and more often. The fact that the officer that shot missed and somehow hit the other officer is pretty sad as well. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you use it/know how to use it.

    • I think it’s comical that you have no reading comprehension. The officers were called for an assault and the dog was let out of another apartment, not the one the cops were responding to.

    • I find it comical that reading comprehension is so poor. The police were not called to try to “sedate” the animal, they were called about an assault. The dog was let out of another apartment, not the one they were responding to.

    • If I was confronted in an enclosed space such as a hallway by a savage dog my first thought would not be to call Animal Control. And if I had a weapon I would seriously abuse the power which the weapon bestowed upon me. No question.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! lolol You get what you deserve stupid pathetic police. Your only out there to protect your own kind and the 1% so go fuck yourself…..and I hope the chief is permanently damaged!

    • Spaz most law enforcement and anyone who uses a gun for self defence uses hollow point rounds. for many reason for one they don’t penetrate as far so there is less chance of them going through a wall and injuring someone on the other side not seen by the shooter, also they are less apt to ricochet than a full metal jacket, this doesn’t mean they never ricoshet, and third they are more apt to stop the person being shot. most people use full metal jacket rounds for practice or target shooting and hollow points for self defence this includes law enforcement. about the only ones who don’t use hollow points are the military.

  3. Note that the photo being used for the above article is actually of Washington DC PUPPYCIDE Victim Parrot, minutes before the cop kneeling on him threw him down a flight of stairs then shot him. https://www.facebook.com/Parrot.The.Pitbull/timeline Here’s a link to a second media report of this same story of a NYPD officer shooting the sergeant instead of the dog: http://7online.com/news/nypd-officer-aiming-for-dog-accidentally-shoots-sergeant-in-brooklyn/523066/

  4. The dog was allegedly charging and yet he never attacked despite the fact that the officer missed his mark. This clearly indicates that the dog was NOT charging and the officer either made a serious error in judgement or willfully lied.


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