One More ISIS Hacker Killed In Syria By The Drone Attack

Isis hacker
Isis hacker

Syria, the home of ISIS headquarters. ISIS has been using technology that can assist them with their dangerous attacks and monitor their militants. In order to achieve their goals at a faster pace, ISIS recruited a number of computer engineers and hackers. Junaid Hussain, a British hacker who had joined ISIS, was one of the hackers who was killed in 2015.

One more ISIS hacker, SIFUL HAQUE SUJAN, a 31-year-old computer expert, was killed on the 10th December 2015 by a U.S. drone attack. Siful Sujan is a Bangladesh-born computer engineer, who came to Britain in 2003 to study computer science. Before joining ISIS, Sujan lived and worked in Cardiff, where he had set-up a business near the airport with his brother.

Siful Sujan joined ISIS when his visa extension was not extended, and he was forced to leave country. Siful Sujan told his friends that he was going to his homeland, Bangladesh. Siful Sujan joined the ISIS militants and helped them successfully execute various attacks. He was helping them develop anti-surveillance tools.
Finally, the U.S. finally killed him in Syria (RAQQA). Upon hearing the news, a friend of Siful Sujan described him as a kind and helpful man. He never showed any interest in extremist views. According to a statement released by the Pentagon, Siful Sujan was one of ten IS leaders killed in the air strikes.

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