OpUSA is Fully Engaged, Can You Help?


#OpUSA is about to engage in full swing. The call upon all Anonymous members, hackers, activists, social engineers, researchers, to come together, has arrived.

The following list of ops have been “reengaged” under the umbrella of OpUSA. It is time to help our United States Anons – the ones closest to the corruption, the ones who have helped in so many ways with international operations – with an aim to hit those who are corrupt in the United States, and to hit hard.

OpUSA has been active since July 7, but has also been ‘reengaged’ to encourage a full unification of Anonymous’ talents, calling on everyone who is willing to participate.

To “go against the enemy we are all up against every day. We will now launch a shift in operations against the corrupt of the United States that we battle each day. We all need updates of data of certain organizations…expose all findings…We will target anyone of government organizations of the United States who are part of corrupt secret societies, cults and terrorist organizations.”

OpISIS engaged.

OpFreemasons engaged.

OpKKK engaged.

OpCIA engaged.

OpNSA engaged.

OpFBI engaged.

OpIlluminati engaged.

OpUSA fully engaged.

The operation will continue until our day – Nov. 5, to show the corrupt that we are no longer asleep.

This is in response to the multiple crimes the United States’ corrupt have committed against humanity.

As always, take all precautions to protect your identity. Be sure to cover your tracks. Join your fellow Anons and take back your freedom.

We are Anonymous.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

This article (OpUSA is Fully Engaged, Can You Help?) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author AnonWatcher and AnonHQ.com.


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  1. Yep. I’m a senior marketing strategy professional. I’m sure I can lend my services in a meaningful way. I want to contribute.

  2. Weapon and surveillance companies trading in the auS with other countries such as Saudi are the ones that need to be stopped. Kelvin Hughes a U.K. Based company is one!

  3. advertise this page on facebook twitter, social networks, meeting networks, forums and chats and blogs please… just put Anonymous OpUSA and the internet address of this webpage, you already help a lot… 😉

  4. phantom time is also related to celtics energy nature part and version… before 85 many things didnt exist, so they had to restructurate the planet infrastructure to delete most all traces of other natural ideologies… highways, energies, computers, science, money, energies, tv, computers where only typewritters and ibm and microsoft didnt exist… dates of everything… world wars were renamed… everything that you can see… so of course all they need it to silence everyone about that close the senses like in the illuminati cards about that and movies to rob imagination and research to people… they went through this way… i know everything… because i can and could know perceive things differently by nature… russia, china and usa forged… why so many changes in the last 30 years, is it really because of the 21st century? mayan calendar 2000years? really? there are a lot of forged research on the web that everyone is using and the history books where introduced in schools and study own country story version… the freemasons did that, that’s why the name… the time history forgers… the illuminati would then be the holders of the possessions and energies… why behind cristianism because it is related with certain people and because it was the biggest illusion, and then robbed the celtic energy to upgrade christianism and erase its origins… now the symbol… the pyramid is the secret sources energies distance that needed to be manipulated to phantom time and the eye is the untouched eye that sees everything like lord of the rings or even now you see me… i registered and took care to register everything in movies ideologies… and they need to fail… i have more to come… even the flags of the countries were updates to enter in the european union and became square no natural symbols and to be able to conform to a new european union… but why from europe? because there was no TV and people didnt know how to communicate easily with the rest of the world, so they took a chance to create russia, china and usa even its energies and statues, and that before TV and internet… and still struggling to cover that up??? why is that??? celtic origins influences natural energies and symbols in countries flags… nepal is still triangular and there are still animals and symbols in flags… all the other symbols and flags that follow stripes crosses one main color or three colors are all part of the illusion vatican romans christianism illuminati… see all that didn’t exist… and there are weird leaps… why DOS only operating system, why so many things programmed in C and C++ in the 80’s, why the game consoles are made from the same, because it was probably made in a few months to a year and share exactly the same exoskeletontype-ideology

  5. I’m a UK based multilevel business analyst, skilled with crunching big data and an eye for detail and anomalies. If I can lend a hand, let me know.

    I hope to see The Humanity Party come to the UK some day soon.

  6. Its so funny I went to school for automotive technology yet Im thinking of using the knowledge and information I obtained for making “useful things” for a civil war…Maybe

  7. Indian News Media – It is often felt Indian News Media gets bribed or are under pressure from Indian Government to say the same story across most TV channels e.g recently statement of Aam Aadmi Party Mr Arvind Kejriwal was projected as anti national when he demanded proof of Indian Army’s Surgical Strikes in Kashmir under Pakistan’s occupation. Since there are Elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh next year, Political parties other than Ruling Party think it may be fake if proof is not given.

  8. We need Hillary out of this race. I want our country and rights back. Not just for me but for my kids and grand kids. I want them to get treated equal and the government have to suffer and have to face their crimes. We need trump. Please drop the stuff that will make her go to jail and not have a chance to make America worse.

  9. self


    – image of your unique natural identity signature
    – what are you aware of of what consists of you in your mind and awareness and your body
    – image of your body and mind and presence in present nature and habitat
    – your image from inside the mind
    – the line between you and the not you

    anonymous, wikileaks, hackers


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