Paris Rising Up




A massive and dramatic day of resistance to the neoliberal Loi Travail was staged in Paris and across France on Tuesday June 14, with scenes in the capital described by witnesses as like a “war zone”.


An estimated million people marched in Paris, with the back end of the protest still waiting at the start of the route when the front had arrived at the destination. 1.3 million were on the streets across France.

The Paris march was led by the biggest autonomous bloc that has been seen in the city for several decades, with a strong international anti-capitalist participation.

It was attacked repeatedly and brutally by police using all the militaristic weaponry at their disposal – not just the usual batons, tear gas and grenades but also two water cannon, used in Paris for the first time.




Protesters responded to the police attempts to split the march with much determination and hails of stones.

Near the Duroc metro station, scene of some of the fiercest fighting,  windows of the France’s overseas territories ministry were broken and its walls covered with graffiti – it was renamed the Ministry of Colonies.

Other buildings, from banks and estate agents’ to Starbucks were also targeted.



There were said to have been 58 arrests. The authorities ridiculously claimed only 40 people were injured, of whom 29 were supposedly cops and only 11 protesters! In reality, hundreds of protesters were hurt, many seriously, according to activist website Paris Luttes.



Levels of police violence and the cops’ utter contempt for the welfare of injured protesters are well illustrated by this shocking video.

After the main march, protesters regrouped in the evening for further unauthorised protests, which were again attacked by cops – notably the fascistic plain-clothed thugs of the “Bac” (“Anti-criminal brigades”).

This was the biggest turn-out yet against the Loi Travail, but still the state refuses to change its neoliberal course (see below).  Instead it is now threatening to ban future protests if there is no “guarantee” that property and people will not be threatened.

This is unlikely to deter the resistance and more days of action and strikes are already being planned. Watch this space and follow us on Twitter for updates.

“The insurrection is now…”
“The insurrection is now…”


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  1. Funny you didn’t find useful to say that these guys also attacked a child hospital, the unions who made 1 million people walk etc… You’re making 400 assholes using 5k peaceful “autonoms’ to degrade the city and get some adrenaline heroes when they are just bitchs.

  2. I found other reports but they did not agree with some of the “facts” presented in this report, particularly regarding the number of people involved. You can find other bias reports on the internet, only those present will know the real facts.

  3. They are going to pass this law no matter how much we protest, just look at how Valls forced the law to pass using the article 49-3 in front of the national assembly, he is going to use that again in July. Funny if you think that in 2006 Hollande said that “49-3 is a brutality, 49-3 is a denial of democracy ” or that Valls wanted the 49-3 to be deleted in 2008..


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