Female Cop Trembling In Anger Kills Man As He Is Lying Face Down On The Ground



A disturbing video showing a 59-year-old man get tasered moments before his final execution by a police officer has been released, though in a continuation of a disturbing trend the officer has been found “not guilty”. This is despite the fact that the jury was allowed to see the damning footage.

Officer Lisa Mearkle tried to pull David Kassick over for an expired inspection sticker. Kassick, however, did not stop his vehicle and tried to flee to his family home. He ran into the backyard, where Mearkle reaches him in time to fire her Taser into his back. This is where the video begins, capturing his final moments.

David Kassick is remembered by his family and friends as a gentle friend who always went the extra mile to help people.
Family and friends remember David Kassick as a gentle person, who always went the extra mile to help people.


Mearkle applies the taser for nearly 30 seconds, continuously screaming for Kassick to get to the ground and to place his hands where she can see them. This is despite the fact that he is seen on the ground with both hands stretched out; “I am showing you”, he says. She applies the taser again, simultaneously firing once with the pistol in her other hand. Seconds later, she fired again, still shouting for him to show her his hands… “shots fired” she says to her radio unit, as the man lies dying.

She continues to shout at the dying man, shouting for him to show her his hands, not appearing to care that she had just murdered him.

From the video, it was entirely obvious that she had no cause to kill Kassick- he had complied with her every order until death took him.

The shots were taken deliberately, 4 seconds apart, as though to ensure the unarmed man would die for the ultimate crime of daring to inconvenience a cop.

As disturbing as the footage was, more so is the behavior of the police force. It had announced, together with a local restaurant, that it was holding a “benefit” for the killer cop.

pig roast

“It’s ridiculous. It’s a slap in the family’s face,” said one of the commenters on the restaurant’s facebook page.

Showing no remorse for the crime committed, and not even an inkling of human empathy for the bereaved victim’s family, they intend to hold the event to raise money to cover Mearkle’s legal fees. They even called it a “Pig Roast”. This must seem like a big JOKE to them…

Race is not the common factor in these incidents, as the organization called “Hunt For Justice” which had defended the officer who had murdered black teen Michael Brown will be in attendance.

FaceBook page Justice for David NOW is organizing a boycott of the restaurant.

Below is a computer-generated reenactment of the scene:

Sources: Filming Cops, The Free Thought Project

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  1. To hell with that women, to hell with “Chucks Tavern” and to hell with that entire police department, to hell with anyone that saw that video and thought she was innocent also. If a political leader (or anyone that has the power)doesn’t stand up and do something,the citizens need to MAKE LOTS OF NOISE ABOUT THIS.

  2. she had NO reason to hoot him. he didn’t have a weapon, he wasn’t trying to beat her. she is a power hungry bitch. pull her badge and put her into gen pop

    • Welcome to America. I went twice to the USA for business, but after my experience at the airport of LA I will never come back… I’m a German and I guess now that it couldn’t be harder to live under Hitler…

      • Schäm dich so eine aussage zu machen, dumme übetreibung und viel schlimmer eine relativierung des dritten reichs. für dich als deutscher arier wäre es wahrscheinlich ziemlich entspannt gewesen. ich nehme an die haben dich auf dem flughafen nicht zwangsarbeiten lassen und dich danach in ne gaskammer gesteckt? Oder einen weltkrieg mit ca 50 mio toten angezettelt? IDIOT!

  3. I really don’t understand…. How can they be so heartless. Do they not have brothers & sisters, mothers & fathers… no compassion at all. It is a sickness w/in the brotherhood of blue. If you scare them they will react, & you’ll be dead…. Something must be done to retrain them before they are allowed on the force or given a real gun.

  4. I think maybe we should be designing Robocops. They would be given a protocol to protect and serve all people without killing helpless human beings. The only exception would be if a human being is going to kill another helpless human being. In this case Robocop would have to blow this Cop away. Sounds fair to me.

  5. You have what you deserve, this inosent oldman was murdered because of you people, allowing your police to do it… you are quite good at waching things on FB, TV… like movie…

  6. This Zhit can be real we can not be living in this police anarchy *f* the cop *f* the restaurant she we need to crowd found a nice, elegant electric chair.

  7. we are living in the present state of gun culture and the war on drugs. incentivized arrests have resulted in militarized police precincts who have forgotten how to actually police. where are the incentives for police investigation of crime? incentives for proper handling of domestic disturbances? incentives for patient, gun as a last resort restraining of criminals? too many people in uniform think they have the right to bully and kill because they legally carry a weapon. this attitude is bleeding over into the general public, who think they have to be armed to be safe. this attitude is insanity and a public disgrace!

  8. Just want to point something out, what happened to “Protect The Innocent” and “Maintain The Public Trust”? I ask because “Uphold The Law” seems to have taken on a radically different meaning, one in which there is no longer “Public Trust” of ANY policing agency. I trust a fire fighter before I trust any police officer, no matter where they are from. Fire fighters don’t shoot people.

  9. its so sad how we have total disregard for human life these days…..i bet the jury all had a free ticket to chucks tavern.. as for Officer Lisa Mearkle, i bet she walked out of the court with a clear conscience and sins washed away! because the jury said she was justified to take the action that she did. this will be forgotten about soon anyway . because this world is fucking candy coated and the policewoman diffusing the situation with the Whip/Nae-Nae is far more fun and…..thats what the police are like normally anyhow aren’t they?

    rest in peace my brother David Kassick xxxx

    burn in hell you jumped up power crazy cunt of a police officer Lisa Mearkle

  10. It’s a nationwide problem.And the jurors won’t convict because they don’t want law enforcement seeking revenge.It’s time to disarm the majority of police.Wake up.There is no serve and protect from local law.I have family and friends that will not come to the US because of all the gun violence.

  11. Seems like she has no nerve to be a cop. Under no actual threat or even a possible perceived threat she was shaking and panicking like a little child being shouted at. How is someone that emotionally fragile able to become in charge of a taser, let alone a bloody gun?!

  12. I clearly saw the male reach into just jacket multiple times after the officer said show me your hands. Its not hard to comply with that request. Even when the taser was release for a few seconds, every time he reaches for the inside of his jacket. Clean shoot!

  13. I live less than a half hour from where this occurred…and if I’d have been here with a baseball bat, I’d have smashed her head in.

    …and to think…two of my best friends used to be cops, & WARNED ME about this coming ( this was in 1990!).

  14. I have to disagree with a statement in the article:

    “Race is not the common factor in these incidents, as the organization called ‘Hunt For Justice’ which had defended the officer who had murdered black teen Michael Brown will be in attendance.”

    Darren Wilson, formerly an officer of the police department of Ferguson, Missouri, didn’t “murder” Michael Brown. The police aren’t in the wrong ALL the time. (They’re just in the wrong TOO MUCH of the time.) In that case, the police officer really was justified in using his gun in self-defense. Michael Brown had attacked Darren Wilson a short while earlier, trying to get Wilson’s gun. Failing to get the gun, Brown tried to flee the scene, but quickly changed his mind and charged Wilson in another attack. The grand jury refused to indict Wilson for shooting Brown because the physical evidence at the scene of the shooting supported Wilson’s story.

    The “hands-up-don’t-shoot” movement is a fraud and a deception of the DARVO kind. DARVO means “Deny, Attack, Reverse-Victim-Offender.” A group of black and white leftists ganged up to form a pressure group with the purpose of promulgating the hoax of Darren Wilson’s alleged guilt and Michael Brown’s supposed innocence, when, in fact, the opposite was true.

    There certainly are incidents of police committing assault, rape, and murder. In the cases of Zachary Hammond (in Seneca SC) and Freddie Gray (in Baltimore MD), officers probably committed either murder or manslaughter.

    And despite the jury’s verdict in the Lisa Mearkle case, I think that she probably did commit a murder, whether or not she had any (incorrect) suspicion that Kassick was armed. The jury let itself be fast-talked into letting her walk. Maybe the prosecution didn’t try hard enough, or as hard as it could have tried, to get a conviction. One way or the other though, there’s a killer cop still on the loose.


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