Police In Pasadena Charge Organizer of BlackLivesMatter With Terrorism


It is no more a rumor. Police in Pasadena-a city in Los Angeles County, California, in the United States, have officially charged the organizer of the BlackLivesMatter (BLM) in the city with terrorism, an action which has sparked serious concerns by BLM activists.

Jasmine Richards also known as #BLMDena was arrested last month by the Pasadena Police Department. She is currently being held on a $90,000 bail and activists say that some other charges have been added to the terror charge.

A press statement from BLM-Los Angeles (BLM-LA) said just hours before Jasmine was slated to attend the Pasadena City Council meeting and share new information from the Office of Independent Review’s Gennaco report on the police brutal killing of black person- Kendrec McDade, police officers took Jasmine into custody.

“Initially citing a “failure to appear” charge, police later amended that with charges of making “terrorist threats”, trespassing, petty theft, assault and evading the police”, the statement said.


The group said they believe the police were not happy with the demonstration BLM-LA had held last month in solidarity with the mother of McDade, on the first anniversary of the brutal killing of her son by Pasadena police.

“Black Lives Matter organizers believe these charges to be in response to Jasmine’s’ participation in a peaceful demonstration held in Pasadena just six days prior to her arrest. The demonstration, held on March 24th in collaboration with Kendrec McDade’s mother Anya Slaughter, on the anniversary of her son’s death, was part of a heightened demand for answers in McDade’s killing and the public release of the Gennaco report in its entirety”, the group said.

Kendrec McDade was said to have been brutally executed by Pasadena police officers Newlen and Griffin on March 24, 2012. After shooting Kendrec 8 times without even bothering to get out of their patrol car, the police then ran over his body and left him bleeding on the street for an hour and a half. No call for paramedics, or even a call to his mother who he cried for as he was dying was made. His mother is said to have learned of the death of her son in the newspaper the next day.

Meanwhile, police officers Newlen and Griffin still patrols the streets of Pasadena as free men, without even being picked up for questioning in connection to the grave crime they had committed against this innocent black gentleman.

Melina Abdullah, another organizer of BLM, said that ever since Jasmine took part in that protest, police have targeted her in order to discredit her work as a community leader in Pasadena.

“As an active member of Black Lives Matter – Pasadena, Jasmine Richards’ activism against police brutality has made her a highly visible target for police harassment. These current charges are an attempt by law enforcement officials to mis-characterize Jasmine and undermine her work as a galvanizing force in the Black community of Pasadena”, she said.


BLM activists say that this is not the first time BLM members have been surveilled and discriminated against by police. They cite an instance in Minneapolis, where BLM members were arrested last year, that caused massive disruption at the Mall of America and the infiltration of intelligence officers in the false name of “National Security”. Those BLM members are now facing charges of unlawful assembly, public nuisance, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and restitution fees upwards of $60,000.

“Across the country, Black organizers are being targeted for surveillance, harassment, and heightened charges. But, the implications to freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble impact everyone. Anyone with a conscience and a commitment to democracy can see that.” – Melina Abdullah added.

With approximately one person killed per week by police in Los Angeles, the County is reputed to have the deadliest cops in the US. Over 615 people have been killed by Los Angeles County Law Enforcement since 2000.

BLM-LA is now appealing to individuals, activists and philanthropists to help with donations so that they can bail Jasmine from police custody. You can contribute by calling this number 626-744-4565 and BLM-LA will respond and give you further direction. We urge police in LA and nationwide to exercise extreme restraint whenever they are dealing with human beings, because lives are precious and need to be protected. Expect us to continue to follow this story.

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  1. Hong Kong to seize power to harm those who do not pay taxes, in exchange for an employer to say next: mental problems! Is automatically fired, who would help me.

  2. Every life matter you fools! Honestly it’s such a ignorant remark. As if anybody said black lives don’t matter. Blah blah blah I’m so dang sick of hearing this crap. Find a job and find something to do with your time Cause we are sick of hearing and seeing this crap allover the Internet.

      • If you are so dang sick of hearing BLACKLIVESMATTER, how but you tune out and stop responding to BLACKLIVESMATTERS news stories. That would a marvelous start for you to return to what you call sanity. You’re really making your own self sick.You and your cohort are the same one commenting on stories of unarmed blacks being killed by law enforcement with this same type of dog whistle. Damn! You left out your canned black on black crime rhetoric. Must be terrible just tired of yourself.

      • Angie’s comment is offensive and idiotic. Responding with an equally offensive and idiotic comment is only perpetuating a very serious problem we all must face. Black lives matter. All lives matter

    • wow. God bless u. dummy. 6 months in the county jail. charge: wearing shades at night cause clearly u don’t c whats happening

    • its apparent all lives matter because if a black man kills a black man he gets life. but repeatedly time after time our lives have been taken with no regard for our lives. to the point some of the children in my neighborhood really don’t know they matter. they count themselves out because they see no hope.

      #blacklivesmatter has brought love and hope to a dim place

      • Most black on black crime goes unreported. Aside from domestic disputes, most black on black homicides do not result in court convictions. Hard to get witnesses to testify.

        • If that were true, it only solidifies the counter argument that most white on white crime goes unreported. Even domestic disputes for white goes unreported with the perpetrator given a cool off period rather than being pursued to the full extent of the law. If most black on black homicides do not result in court conviction, then the opposite would hold true for entirely different reasons. Most white who kill just claim being mentally ill, or get deference from the judge who feel sending them to jail would lead to them becoming a harden criminal. You know, because of the affluency. FOH

    • We bring attention to Black Lives Matter because we don’t see White people, Asians or any other ethnicity being killed like Black people are. So that is where we focus our attention.
      Black Lives Matter
      We say it loud! We’re black and we’re proud!!!!!

        • And what are you doing about Native people being kill everyday. If what you say is true and you’re over here on this story posting about in opposition to a movement that is striving to do something about the systematic slaughter of black people by law enforcement, that tell me a lot about you. You character in this regard is extremely weak. BLACKLIVEMATTER!

    • I’m a middle class white guy. I have heard many, MANY people in my community and even my family express the sentiment that black lives do not matter, that there is no institutional racism. That racism does not exist- black people are just inherently lazy and unintelligent which creates crime and poverty. I used to think these were fringe beliefs, but the more race is being talked about, the more I realize this is a very popular belief among white people, some of whom would call themselves “liberal.”

      • Thank you Mack. As a middle-class white gal I too have heard many, many people in my community who… SIGH… don’t “get it”

        To all BLM ACTIVISTS: there are white folks who committed to walk beside you and will support and help you in any way we can!!

    • People like you make me so emabarassed to be white..black lives do matter… and the sooner you relize that sooner your life will matter more


        • Lol Keep walking around sleep with your eyes wide open #keepblamingwhites. If you haven’t noticed, law enforcement is starting to kill whites with regularity. That’s what happens when you turn a blind eye to what is happening right in front of you long enough for it to start happening to you. Then you turn into a constitutional scholar and attempt to articulate how wrong it is. Until BLACKLIVESMATTER, your kind will become subject to the same behavior with increasing frequency. For example, the unarmed white many recently gunned down by law enforcement responding to a domestic dispute call.

    • You are missing the point completely. Take some time and think about it for a second, before you find yourself typing nonsense.

      Yes all lives matter and the BLM movement knows that, but for the sake of change and to highlight a problem that is obviously one sided you must be specific. Let’s say you’re for freeing Palestine. You don’t go around saying Free the World. Or Free Iraq, Palestine, Cuba, etc. They are all valid movements that must be tackled specifically for them to work!!!!
      Your comment to me says you’re a racists because you feel threatened by that name. Are you? Maybe you’re confused? Like I said take some time and think about it. Or like another comment said – Just don’t bother commenting and ignore it. You’re only doing damage to yourself.


  3. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

    Terrorist is just a word that the government applies to people they want to murder.

    I have no faith in the “investigation” that the police have made. They’ve lost all credibility right along with the government.

  4. Angie, it is people like you who refuse to accept that an inordinate number of people in the black population are routinely profiled and targeted by those very people who are supposed to “serve and protect”. Your statement that every life matters is true but coming from you with the angry rhetoric, it carries very little weight. You are obviously full of hatred and prejudice as referenced from the “find a job and find something to do with your time” remark. The best you can do is get off sites like this and do something worthwhile instead of demeaning and demonising a group of people you likely know little about.

  5. “Black Lives Matter” is catchy like the hook in a song, but physical protesting and marching worked during the civil rights struggles. It is ineffective to make substantial change in this post civil rights era.

    There is a more effective way to force our social system to “change laws” that will expose rogue cops with sociopathic behaviors.

    The “modus operandi”of mass marching in protest of systematic injustices is worn out and study by law enforcement to counter its appeal from spreading to the general population.

    American Citizens mostly Black men caught in a “covert kill snare” set by armed sociopaths wearing uniforms and badges under the guise of public servants. These rogue cops are orchestrating an initiative to ferment race riots in the American society. Take it or leave it alone…

    Rogue” law enforcement officer’s. Acting under government supreme authority, to use deadly force in the course of their sworn duty also have unseen masters giving them orders.

    These rogue cops are carrying out a plan designed to minimize and eliminate Black American advancement and progress in the American society.

    Black Lives Matter leadership do not understand the depth or height of the power they are opposing.

    I suggest young people involved in Black Lives Matter get a copy or view the movie…A Birth of A Nation.

    I will leave it at that for now.

  6. you dare to charger her with terror because you hear what they say that understand the prophecy: you are not going to change what is written submit to the will of God for this people or every nation will rise against you in Judgement a witness to the truth of the God of Abraham,Issac, and Jacob: Zechariah 1:20 And the Lord shewed me four carpenters. 21 Then said I, What come these to do? And he spake, saying, These are the horns which have scattered Judah, so that no man did lift up his head: but these are come to fray them, to cast out the horns of the Gentiles, which lifted up their horn over the land of Judah to scatter it.

  7. Look it is simple. Folks have known that true revolutionaries go the speed limit, pay the fine and fuck shit up. Discipline is needed if we want change. A lazy revolution is doomed to fail BLM, Don’t be so freakin’ lazy and stupid.

  8. People toss around the word “fascism” pretty lightly sometimes. But it’s hard to see how this word doesn’t apply to the situation. Thank you to BLM for standing up to this viscous racist evil!!

  9. I started worrying the day I read about that guy in Florida getting tazed repeatedly for interrupting at the RNC. My fears have not been anything but legitimized. Today it seems we have an attempt to establish a global system mimicking Victorian England. I am not sure what we are to expect. But unless you “have an income” it will not be pleasant.

  10. Just another example of how we are targeted. If I tell black people to exercise their second amendment rights, I’m a terrorist. Whites organize a system to target and oppress, its business. You’ll label me a terrorist if I tell my black people to team up with ISIL to better our people. And in the same breath, protect the police that commit crimes against minorities. So if you want to correct something, start with your personal racist prejudices. This problem didn’t start because of my comments and it won’t end just because you feel empowered to belittle the issues my race has. Now, if you want to contest my words and say something mean about us black people, say something negative about some Jewish people first and have that fight.

  11. #blacklivesmatter is fine by me but I do wonder how using it as a hashtag for police brutality reflects on how much we care about non-black lives and families that have been devastated by police brutality. #humanlivesmatter would make more sense but it’s almost too vague for anybody to really get behind. #endpolicebrutality would get my vote

  12. So by saying #BlackLivesMatter is an act of terrorism ? No! 9/11 was a act of terrorism, these dumb idiots shooting innocent kids in school is a act of terrorism. Saying #BlackLivesMatter brings awareness in a NON violent way to a situation that’s not treating a group of people fair. This person is in jail for what ? B.S. smh! The Judicial System, build to protect your own. #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter I pray we get better as people.

  13. All lives matter, we all bleed the same color! It’s time top come together as people! To fight stupidity! The more we fight the more they win.

  14. an innocent black man? The police wouldn’t be chasing you if you did nothing wrong. Charging with terrorism seems more appropriate than charging a bunch of cops major trumpeted charges (which will all be thrown out) for failing to put a seatbelt on that thug with a broken spine!

  15. Angie, words are hollow, and only action matters. If people are treated like disposables, they don’t matter. grow up!


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