Police Shoot Child Accidentally When Another Child Brandished a Toy Gun


Here we go again… on one hand, you have the encroaching police state where officers seem to need to protect themselves from children, disabled people and every single homeless person. On the other, you have yet another example of extremely poor training from police officers, suggesting that all you need to join the force is the aim and attitude of one of those movie henchmen, who seem to hit everything but what they are aiming for.

Los Angeles, California – A police officer accidentally shot a 15-year-old child while he was aiming at another child, who was holding a toy gun. The police came to the conclusion that the children were at fault for playing with toys and ‘tempting’ the officers to shoot them. They had the kids detained and proceeded to blame everything on them.

Here’s what Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, Commander Andrew Smith, said, “It’s certainly an unfortunate situation, but because of people bringing replica weapons out like that, it certainly could have been a terrible tragedy.

According to the testimony of the police, just before 8AM on Tuesday, the officers approached a group of kids in a ‘scary-looking’ alleyway. The officers claim to have yelled for the child to, “drop the weapon,” multiple times before firing in his general direction, hitting another kid instead, multiple times.

The tragedy here, the supreme irony, is that the child who did have the gun could face charges for, “brandishing a replica weapon in the presence of a police officer.” However, nothing has been said as to whether the officer will face any charges.

If this were an isolated incident, it would be bad enough. However there are multiple such incidents, including one where a kid was shot, his sister arrested and he was left where he had fallen, to die. It would appear that the police are not going to let one of their own face charges, no matter how heinous their crimes.


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  1. These continuing “accidental” shooting by our police are a result of psycho cop training, and a system that covers up truth from the streets to our higher courts to protect ALL law enforcement. BUT, with that said, why in the hell is not our leaders passing a law that all manufactures of “toy guns” made to make these toys absolutely distinguishable from the real thing? DAH!

    • The US is one of the last countries to donsuch a thing. Canada, for instance, requires all airsoft gun to be made of clear polymer. California was recently pushing to do the same. And with more incidents like this it seems like it may go through. I play airsoft and love it and prefer it over paintball mostly because of the replicas. It’s seriously more expensive to get a replica paintball gun, and it still won’t be the same with the size of the ball you have to shoot. Airsoft guns are easier to replicate after real steel firearms because you mostly shoot 6mm bbs. And as an airsoft player, I know enough to keep such things in cases and out of the open when moving them. They are not your typical toy and should not be treated as such. This accident can easily be blamed on both parties and should; both were at fault.

    • stupid pigs ? how about stupid kids and parents. the kids for NOT listening ( assuming he was told to put it down ) and the parents for not teaching him to respect the law. i was taught that when a cop tells you to drop it you did just that. not stand there and make him GUESS if your gun is real or not.your way of thinking and blaming the cop is typical of liberals.

        • Because we’re right and you’re a stupid Liberal perhaps believing the medias dumb brain washing game it’s time to destroy Liberal media outlets and there lies that’s destroying MY COUNTRY NOW GET OUT OF IT OR I’LL FORCE YOU TO!!!

    • Are you SERIOUS airsoft guns are just as real as any gun he shouldn’t of DONE IT PERIOD go away Liberal exaggerating brain washed fool.

  2. If your fear of death is so great, then do not join law enforcement.
    “It’s certainly an unfortunate situation, but because of people bringing replica weapons out like that, it certainly could have been a terrible tragedy.” Because a child being shot is not considered a terrible tragedy.
    “The officers claim to have yelled for the child to, “drop the weapon,” multiple times before firing in his general direction, hitting another kid instead, multiple times.” Multiple times? But why? If it was meant to be a warning shot, why would the officer shoot more than once. If he was aiming for the child with the fake weapon, he must be a terrible shot. Maybe the lack of confidence in his own aim was why he fired multiple times. That combined with a fear of death. The officer needs more time on the shooting range and to let go of that pesky fear of dying. Or he could give up law enforcement entirely. Going around shooting kids.

  3. Am sorry here, but toy guns now days look like the real deal, i would know i own many many air soft guns and also own the real guns too. you cant tell the diffidence between them because now most of the toy guns “DONT” have the orange tip to be able to tell it apart the only thing you can see the difference when you are looking at it closely or holding it. so yes the kids are 100% at fault, you DONT ever point a any type of weapon to a police officer, it is just common sense.

  4. OK liberals, here is the truth. The reason a child was shot in this instance is NOT because police were not trained properly, it is because the CHILDREN were not trained how to respond to Police, to authority, concerning any behavior or any visual reference to guns. A 15 year old is very capable of killing a Police Officer… and the Police have families and even 15 year old children. They fully deserve the right to protect themselves and all of us so that they may return to their families. But, children of Police probably have much more respect for anything that looks like a weapon and respect for legal authority. It is sad but true that those that are too stupid to live in society, sometimes are taken out of the gene pool. And this is a good thing in the long run for the rest of us, society. Deal with the truth for a change. God bless the Police and Troopers. May they save YOUR life one day.

    • (This comment has been replicated to other websites to ensure equal representation under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution)

    • (This comment has been replicated to other websites to ensure equal representation under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution)

    • Tracer onin im not even going to argue the fact that the kid without the gun was shot because your obviously a cop lover and will continue to be until one of your members is involved in a fucked up situation like this. Police in america are killing unarmed civillians left right and centre and all people like you do is say well if you dont want to lose your life then comply… Since when did non compliance mean you deserve to lose your life? It used to be non compliance = jail now its comply or not 9/10 your going to end up in a body bag. Only people protected by american cops are the biggest criminals in the country and these are the ones that control all the money being white alone doesnt seem to protect you anymore you have to be white and rich to benefit from the cops. So i will close my statement with this “you are a fucking dumbass who deserves to lose their life for making excuse for a clear criminal act by an officer” and thats the cut and dry of it. I really hope that a cop does something similar to a member of your family so i can see how you react when the shoe is on the other foot, this isnt out of malice or even out of want for you to suffer even though with statements like that it shows you are a lower form of life than the criminal cop thats going to get away with shooting a child. American cops may have some good ones in the ranks but until they stand up to the ones that are clearly making decisions based on fear and not ones based on critical thinking they are all bad cops as all they do is protect eachother even in the wrong. P.s you are scum in case you didnt get my point. #holdcopsaccountable #servingthelawdoesntmakeyouanexception


    Do you know why they put a BRIGHT ORANGE end on replica guns?

    To stop retards shooting the children playing with them.

    Accept you did something wrong you fucking coward.

  6. In Australia when I was a kid I took a toy gun to a restaurant in the city with my parents . I went outside alone to play and ran the streets with this gun in my hand a police officer saw me and simply said to me please put that toy gun in your pocket and go back into the restaurant with your parents . So I did and nothing more happened . To be killed as an innocent child for simply playing with toys is absolutely horrible.

    • When you were a kid it would have been a different time, now people carry guns every where and in reply to another comment, yes it isnt illegal to carry a gun in public it is down to officer discretion whether or not the public is in harms way which in this case the officer believed they were because the child was waving the gun around

  7. I read more and more about these poorly trained cops that think just about every situation is “life threatening” to them. Alot of these cops must not even be getting screened very well when they are hired in. You know its not illegal to carry a gun in most places, but when they see someone with one they automatically think its illegal.


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