Cops Are Trained by A Small Company On How To Seize Property of Innocent Civilians


Desert Snow sounds like a tactical operation in the Middle East. You can envisage the ground troops running over barren lands and engaging in battle. But Desert Snow isn’t a military strategy, nor is it on foreign soil. It’s on US soil.

Desert Snow is a company started in a garage in 1989 by retired California Highway Patrol veteran, Joe David. The go-to private contractor won over 2.5 million in contracts from the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to give instruction to police on how to seize assets if they believe they’ve been illegally obtained. Police can remove these assets without conviction or charge, and the people will then need to attend court to retrieve their property.

Civil liberties groups have attacked the practice. The ability to seize property without charging the person can result in innocent people landing in the center of a civil asset forfeiture. They then have to go to court to retrieve their belongings, but often don’t have the means to do so.

Desert Snow has also faced accusations that have seen Caddo County Special Judge, David Stephens put a stop to their questionable behavior when a pregnant driver was pulled over and questioned by the organization’s founder. Eventually Joe David was cleared of any wrongdoing but Caddo County is clear that they will not work with Desert Snow again.

Desert Snow argues that though innocent people are caught up in the process, each year millions is seized that would otherwise fund violent, criminal activity. [1]


[1] Erin Fuchs (16 October 2014) “How a Small, Family-Owned Company Taught Cops Around America to Seize Millions in Cash.” (Retrieved 30 October 2014)



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  1. So the end justifies the means is what their defense is…They could not care less about the law or the innocent civilians but only the financial contracts they are getting….Purely money orientated.

      • I noticed the word “memorizable” doesn’t exist, and it’s alternative is “memorable,” even though “memorable” usually triggers the idea of difficult to forget rather than easy to remember. Sometimes there might not be a word in the dictionary when there should be one. Shakespeare invented all kinds of new words we use today. Still, with “orientated,” there is a word “oriented.” Also, the word “orientated” is accepted by many dictionaries and spell-check.

  2. Yes… Purely money as usual. Cold, ugly, disrespectful and greedy America. Our government agencies, whom represent the USA seriously make me embarrassed to claim my own country!I certainly do not feel safe or protected.

  3. Don’t Americans have guns to protect their property any more ?do those guns just sit in a locked cabinet to look pretty.I realize what i say may be considered dangerous in US of Police states Lolo but all questions asked help educate people from other woods around the globe .Police are humans in shockingly ugly clothes

  4. ‘they believe they’ve been illegally obtained’, “believe” is the key word here! No probable cause & no oversight!While this may be an oversimplification it may also be the heart of the matter.

  5. so it cant fund violent criminal activity. Hey military need a few more million in funding don’t worry we just took it off some single mothers and old people.


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