San Bernadino Cop Caught on Video Threatening to Fabricate Charges

San Bernadino cop

Yet another video has surfaced showing how little respect police actually have for the law and the constitution. In San Bernadino California, a man walked into a San Bernadino Sheriff’s station to file a report. In typical police fashion, instead of helping the man, he was threatened with being arrested by a cop who stated for the camera that he would “create something” to charge the man with.

San Bernadino cop

Duncan Hicks entered the Sheriff’s station to file a report, something he had done three other times. When he spoke with the Deputy behind the glass, the Deputy didn’t appear interested in helping. Hicks was calm and questioned why the officer was failing to help him. “K, Duncan. You know what man? I’m about getting tired of you and you’re about to go to jail just so you know,” the angered cop told Duncan. “What am I going to jail for?” Duncan asked, as was his right. “I’ll create something you understand? You’ll go to jail. You understand that?” was the response he got.

“You can’t say that. How are you gonna create something? That’s against the law,” Duncan told the officer, who has yet to be identified by the department. The deputy then claims that he is not allowed to record. “Recording me like that. That’s illegal without my knowledge. You want to go to jail for that too?” It would appear that none of the cops who happen to get caught on video seem to understand that it is a citizen’s right to film police in any circumstance. “You got a gun on your hip. I’m doing this for my protection,” Duncan tells him. Fortunately, Duncan makes it out of the station in one piece.

San Bernadino cop

Duncan did the right thing by recording the incident. It was reviewed by Sheriff John McMahon who stated “our employee’s response to the citizen is not consistent with my expectation of customer service. Additionally, the deputy’s responses are not consistent with the interpretation of the law.” Because of the video, Sheriff McMahon launched an internal affairs investigation and he stated that “appropriate” action will ensue when IA is complete.

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