‘Scared’ Cops Kill Mentally Ill Man ‘Threatening’ Them With A Screwdriver


Family members of bipolar-schizophrenic Jason Harrison have filed a lawsuit against Dallas Police Department for killing the 38-year-old man because he was…. holding a small screwdriver. The two officers, John Rogers and Andrew Hutchins, are back on full duty while the case awaits review by a grand jury.


Harrison’s mother called 911 on June 14, 2014 requesting assistance from the police to take her son to the hospital. The officers, equipped with the less-lethal tasers, showed up as expected. When they saw a ‘violent’ Harrison however, it seems that they feared for their lives and immediatly reached for their pistols. They shot the mentally ill man, who posed no real threat to them.

The police claimed that they were forced to shoot Harrison after he lunged at them with a screwdriver. However, a newly released body cam video shows Harrison’s mother walking out of the house, explaining to them that her son was being irrational. Harrison walks out of the house holding a small screwdriver, the tiny kind used to unscrew small computer screws,. The officers scream at him, the confrontation gets violent and he is shot dead.


“This is a perfect video for the Dallas Police Department to use in training as an example of what not to do. You don’t yell at them — that only agitates them,” said older brother Sean Harrison. However, officers’ attorney, Chris Livingston, said, “Killing someone with a screwdriver would be pretty easy. It’ll only take one blow. You can’t de-escalate someone coming at you with a weapon”.

“Dallas Police Department has completed its internal investigation into whether the officers broke any laws. The department did not make a ruling on that issue and instead forwarded the file to the Dallas County district attorney’s office. Internal investigators are still reviewing the case to see if the officers violated any policies,” said police spokesman Lt. Jose Garcia.

UK police killed zero people in 2013 and one person in 2014. From 2013-2014, German police killed no one.  Iceland police have only killed one person so far.  In 2014, 14 people were killed by law enforcement officers in Canada; that is 78 times fewer people than the US.

In 2014, Chinese police officers killed 12 people. US police, however, have killed 92 times more people than a country with nearly 1.4 billion people. A country that the US often accuses of suppressing its own people. Should US police continue to be rewarded for their terrible track record?

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  1. Absolutely chickenshit, trigger happy, brainless pigs. Modern POlice are fucking imbeciles with inadequate and poorly structured training, no capacity for judgement, and take themselves WAY too seriously. This incident gets whitewashed, then there should be massive demonstrations, nationwide, demanding justice.

  2. You fucking stupid american cops! Just a bunch of idiots with guns, who never got respect in their lifes!
    Too dumb to decide appropriate in such situations! In Europe police officers don’t act as brainless government machines!
    Fuck you America!

    • very true, I live in Belgium (W-Europe) and have never witnessed police violence and never seen a cop shoot or pull their weapon. In Belgium a policeman can only shoot a person when he’s 100 % sure the person is holding a real gun and pointing it to him or another person. The problem in usa is: buying weapons is easy and legal, cops always get the advantage in court and trusted more, racism and training in shooting to kill and not to stop. They’re more military than police.

  3. Simple, Don’t join the forces if you can’t handle a dude with a screwdriver.
    If you have a bloodlust to kill people cuz of your uniform, do start with your self.
    Funny how they kept telling him to drop it…while he bled and died.
    They panicked and shot him, obvious lack of training to subdue a person without a gun.

    And [USA]Americans actually called this justifiable because they gave enough warnings/victim had a screwdriver/and they were scared for their safety….and shooting the leg wont work neither does tasing/and shooting the leg won’t kill him and will come back and sue them and it’s better to kill him / and safer to kill him than to take a chance to subdue him without a gun.
    These were excuses given by the [USA]Americans in social media to justify this.

  4. This aggravates me so much, I know so many people who have problems with mental disorders it’s not their fault they were given these defects, I feel lucky every time I read something like this I’m not from America, How people still feel safe in that country anymore is beyond me, so much for the land of the free. Americans banned Kinder eggs, you know, those delicious chocolate eggs with toys inside, but they were banned for being too unsafe for children, yet guns are still available to be bought like it’s nothing. I’m not one to criticize but this is going on for far too long, I am writing this because I am truly fed up, and I know all of you are as well, we must take action, we are anonymous, we are legion.

  5. You can clearly see that the size is about the same size as those text deck screw drivers from early childhoods. They only way that could kill some on is if it hit a vital area such as throat. Or not even a kill shot, maybe a wound but also livable. This is murder on behalf of the Police of Dallas, These officers should be doing time for this action of violence on this man

  6. My brother is schizophrenic and knowing something like this could happen to him is just a horrible thought. I hope these cops are put away. Cops in general are control freaks who have an attitude like their the only people in this world who matter. They’re disrespectful , ego maniacs with no care for anyone outside of their own personal circle. F the police. They’re rarely there to help anyone, but always there to lock u away and ruin your life.

  7. I guess you should never answer the door if the cops knock and you’re in the middle of assembling some ikea furniture..

  8. Its things like this that make me think american police are just plain and simple terrorists… if a kid can get arrested and put in prison for “Swatting” and his sentance was terrorism then the police doing things like this and shooting first asking later should be a form of terrorism…
    the police should be able to take away a screwdriver from a person without feeling the need to shoot them dead!
    it looked like the other officer had a tazer on him.. i mean even a tazer is better then shooting the poor guy. i dont know if it was a racial thing or a mental thing tht made the cop shoot him. neither will i suggest either way. american police all over USA need to be trained better, im all for getting British police to train american police (as england supposedly has better trained police)

  9. I don’t see how this was a murder the guy had charged the cops and the only person who had actually started to yell in the first place was the mother.

    • Are you fucking mental? The screwdriver was about the size of the kind children play with on fake toy work benches! You stupid fuck! These overzealous pigs deserve everything they get for killing this poor guy. He didn’t even lunge until they pointed their pistols at him anyway! He’s a schizophrenic for gods sake you imbecile!

  10. This is flat out murder. Unless someone was injured I feel as thought this was completely unjustified therefore murder.


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