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In July of 2011, Kevin Wallace registered a website, which will be able to help everyone out. This website will be able to log you out of every website you log into. SuperLogout can be visited by clicking here, however, please be warned that as soon as you visit this website, you will be logged out of every website that you have logged into.

Don’t get your hopes up just yet. While it will log you out of all of the websites, it will only do it for the ones you logged into from the same device. So, if you visited AOL, Skype and Gmail from your computer, then you visit SuperLogouot.com, any website you have logged onto from that computer will automatically be logged off.

SuperLogout Finished Results

The above image indicates the websites the site has successfully logged you out of. This service doesn’t include logging you out of Facebook, but will no doubt, be quick to follow.

The website itself, is rather easy to use. Simply go to the website SuperLogout.Com. Once you go there, the services will automatically start. As the website logs you out of each website, you will see a green “OK” text pop-up next to that site. This will indicate you’ve been successfully logged out of that site. Once you have been logged out of all the sites, you are now free to go on about your business.

This is really helpful to use, especially when you log onto a public computer such as the local library.

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  1. NOTE: Careful with the link, it bring to logout page right away without asking. And i can vouch that it does not work as I was logged in to 2 sites on the list which gave me a green ok, but I was still logged in… prolly grabs your login before it logs you out too… sorry, but i have trust issues.

  2. This is stupid. Any website which was designed with XSS in mind should be immune to this. As someone already stated, just delete your cookies.


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