Teen Charged With Felony After Filling Water Cup With Soda at McDonald’s


By SM Gibson at theantimedia.org


Springdale, AK – On Monday, an 18-year-old man was arrested after filling a water cup with soda at an Arkansas McDonald’s.

The incident began when Cody Morris, who is now facing felony robbery charges, drove through his local McDonald’s drive-thru accompanied by two friends. He placed an order for three large waters. After receiving their complimentary drinks at the window, the trio parked the vehicle and went inside the establishment to fill the freshly emptied cups with soda.

A manager noticed the renegade group of thirst-queching teens and did not hesitate to confront the mischievous rabblerousers. Upon approach, two of the three handed over their McBooty to the employee without incident. Cody would not give back his free cup of liquid diabetes so easily.

The band of soda-guzzling pirates walked out of the establishment and got into the car to leave – but they couldn’t, because the manager decided to stand directly behind the path of the running vehicle to prevent the lads from driving away. According to police, Cody, who was driving, hit the fast food supervisor with the car. As the manager then reached into the vehicle to grab the keys, which were still in the ignition, the driver hit the manager with the car again. All of this over $1.49 cup of fizzy sugar.

According to USA Today:

“The car drove off, and the manager called police. Officers found the car and Morris at a bowling alley, and he was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery. (Allegedly hitting the manager with the car is what presumably elevated the charges.”

As reported by KHBS in Arkansas, despite allegedly hitting the manager with his car, “The police report lists one charge against Morris – that of felony robbery. The Washington County Detention Center website shows Morris was booked into jail Tuesday, and had a Rule 8.1 hearing scheduled for Friday morning.”

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      Also, that might just be a mistake.

      You wouldn’t be able even to pinpoint my country on a map.

      Stop spreading your hate.

    • why would anyone want to or need to know what the individual states choose to call themselves since its the most bigoted country in the world. stop thinking the entire planet gives a fuck about you guys and your ‘murica’
      we dont, sincerly, the rest of the fucking human race

    • Yeah smart ass. You are probably one of those people that knows everything about the world. Thinking Africa is a country or in Mexico.. Oh I have a pet lion btw.. And take ride on a elephant to work.

    • Wow “fuck you”, you get very upset over someone’s mistake. You need to have your brain examined and get into therapy for your anger problem. *Normal* people do not call people names just because they make a mistake.

    • Care to explain why? Did he break a law? The kid was a thief. Not for some noble cause of feeding a hungry destitute belly. He did it to be a badass. He’s a douche, and when you steal shit expect to be brought to justice.

      • Agreed. However, I think the charge is BS. How can stealing a $1.49 cup of soda be a felony?! He should be charged with felony reckless endangerment!

        • He went into the establishment with intent to appropriate another’s property, whilst the price of the contents is minuscule he still commited an offence. Adding to this imagine if he isn’t charged and sentenced he’s launch more likely to go and steal again and as would his friends so id say it’s fair enough tbh, it follows public policy.

  1. AS much as this seems like an overreaction, thieves and liars. Fuck em. The entitled little prick should be fined $1.49, and then do 100 hours of community service.

    • Need to send out your bitch ass to do 300 hours comm serv. Simply for thinking its ok to imprison someone for 1.49.

      What if you were thirsty, and you needed a drink, with your logic, the whole third world should be put in jail if they happened to be thirsty and went and stole a drink.

      Maccy D’s Makes enough Poison, the simple fact you want to see blood shows, you are in contempt of compassion, humility and so forth for your fellow man. You sir are the Cancer that drives the machine.

      Manager should not of stood behind the vehicle, Manager was being a little dick, she should of taken down the License plate number and given it to the PoPo if he was that fussed about 1.49 of commercial drink, which probably cost some Lab 1/50th of the price to feed bacteria nuclear waste so it can shit out aspartame in C MAJOR.

      Old Raven, fly off to that tree with the other scavenger ravens and keep your narrow mind out of real life scenarios you simply are too immature to merit adult responses.

      • Really little prick got his cup of water so his thirst would have been quenched, am I wrong? He also could have gone in and asked for a refil of water (which would have been free) but instead he wanted soda. Lets not forget soda is not a necessity, so why did he feel the need to take what he had not paid for? He didnt take it because he was dying of thirst, little asshole WANTED the soda. Like others have pointed out, a crime is a crime is a crime. Repercussions shouldnt be looked over because something only costs a dollar and a half. What of any medical bills the manager will have acquired due to being hit by a car by an entitled little brat? Im sorry but if you steal and hit someone with your car you should get a hell of a lot more then a slap on the wrist, right? Your way of thinking is only going to bury this world in nothing but entitled spoiled brats who know nothing of repercussions, who get what they want when they want. Im sorry but that is not right.l

  2. This is crazy has no one else ever done this and the manager what happened to not putting your self in the line of danger in the case of a robbery but it’s okay for theft under a 1000$. The injuries the manager suffered are his own fault

  3. I think the kid deserves whatever he gets. He,& his buddies,got caught stealing,& then he compounded his troubles by assaulting the person who confronted them.I think he should also be charged with that.Maybe he won’t feel quite so entitled after he does a little time.

    • Ok Larry.

      I’ll send you back to Nero’s days, so you can watch bread thieves get sent to the wolves.

      Or maybe we should do what the English did, and send Bread thieves to Australia in an effort to combat thievery.

      Lets just send people to jail from now on for the most TRIVIAL of offenses.

      You fucking moron, the cost of keeping him in jail is fair more than the cost of the drink. Think we need to send your ass to COMPASSION and HUMILITY camp so you can get back the feeling of having 2 of your brains connected at the same time.

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  5. I worked in fast food. Some younger customers would ask for water cups and then take soda, we knew what they were doing, but we we’re allowed to call them out on it because the customer is supposed to always be number one and always right and blah blah blah. when its only a few people who use this loophole, a company doesnt generally care. As an employee we were allowed to suck down as much carbonated sugar as we could as long as we didn’t drink it or keep it anywhere near the food production lines.

    • Finally, a Man with Compassion, Insight and Love for his fellow man. THANK YOU Sir for making the most sense in here, your comment was a pleasure to read.

    • You also WORKED there. He didn’t. You put your time and hard work into your job daily, you’ve EARNED your drinks. He got his cup of water so why go in and take what you’ve not paid for? He didn’t NEED the soda and maybe if he hadnt have gone in with a group of friends and them all try the same thing and if he hadn’t have been disrespectful and handed the cup back to the manager it wouldnt have escalated into what it has. All boils down to every action having a reaction. His actions caused the managers reaction. Also remember if you let the theif get away with it he WILL do it again, he would have gone back and done it again because well why not, he deserves everthing he gets and hopefully he will pay for it next time or gratefully except his free water and be on his marry little way.


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