The Anoncast Episode 7 – Dark Justice: The Anonymous Pedophile Hunters


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On this episode of The Anoncast, Alek and AnonHQ Author EV talk with Dark Justice.

From Dark Justice

Dark Justice (Founded on October 6, 2014), is a two-man operation based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We catch online predators who try to groom & meet up with children following sexual grooming.

When conducting our investigations, we never approach anybody first. Instead, we set up a profile and wait for messages. When we receive a message, we reply immediately and tell them that we are underage.


When talking to anyone, we always try to avoid sexually explicit conversation. We act young and uneducated on the subject, and we NEVER encourage sexual chat or sexual behaviour.


The people we talk to suggest a meeting, and at this point we take over and suggest a place where we know we can control whats going on, and where we’ll be safe.

When a person confirms that they are coming, and when our team spots them, we ring the police and report the crime. We then confront the person with cameras, and ask them about their actions and intentions. As soon as they have been arrested we go to the police station to make statements.

If someone suggests a meeting after a chat online with our decoy and then doesn’t show up for the meeting, our evidence is still handed in to the police and investigated.


Some people are skeptical about what we do and how we do it. We’re not vigilantes who operate above the law, we’re concerned citizens who work closely with the police to help effect change and to keep our children safe! We will continue to work to catch these sexual predators who terrorize our children, and we’ll do our best to bring awareness to the epidemic our children are facing online today.


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  1. I dunno guys…couldn’t you bring down child pornograghers. the harm in that case has already been committed on a real person.

  2. Somehow i ended up on this site..
    I’m useing this security system
    Unless told uthertwise. I’m going to take this opportunity to
    Speak my piece and I’ll be done.
    You guys have labeled me as a pedifile..the only basis you might have for that is..possible
    Concerns about age in certain
    Videos..although these young adults may be in the 18-24 yr.are
    Sometimes people look younger than they may be..hence.a youth full face..I have 25 many people thought I was much older..I do not belive I’m breaking any laws by this conntent..there is a fine line between child pornography and young adult actors that are filmed and have may not like my choice of mixed race or
    Creed.that is not illegal.that’s long as it’s leagal..which it was..I belive you are profileing me as a monster when I’m simply doing an act that is normal and when your
    Single bisexual..your content may be such..i have spent the last 10years years operating as captain a 100foot,longliner out of hawaii…what im getting at is
    I spend 300 days a year at sea..I’m single and have figured out ways to satisfy myself..this is usually an act of privacy..but know you want to disect a man’s
    Everymove and if you are something that’s different from your preferance,then you label it
    Wrong,sick,immoral,or guys need to understand the laws better..stick to the book and don’t make personal judgements..your labeling can be detrimental to someone’s life..I’m not a pedifile,I’ve never persued a minor for sex in my life and don’t intend too.18 and up is legal..don’t forget that..your not god..don’t your job
    Currently and without biast..that’s fair for all names already splattered on the wed..???? How’s that??you guys are really makeing mistakes about disclosure,when I’ve never been charged yet I’m guilty in your circle.not fair.
    Don’t listen to exwifes with
    Alterior motives..thanks for your ear..William winn..

    • William t winn >>>>>>>>>>>>>


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