The Best VPN Services of 2016

Check out the latest and greatest VPNs available on this side of Christmas.


All over the world, Anonymous-based hackers emerge. However, law enforcement is having a hard time tracking them down, and one of these reasons – amongst many – is their use of one or multiple VPNs (Virtual Private Network).

There are free versions as well as paid versions, however, you get what you pay for. Free versions keep records of your logs and your real IP address, while paid versions tend not to.


With IPVanish, you can surf the Internet anonymously, without ever leaving a trace. This VPN service is more than just a typical “incognito” mode on your browser; your real IP vanishes, leaving only the VPN IP address. You can secure your connection from anywhere, even at public hot-spots. Online censorship is often practiced by universities, large companies and government websites across the world. IPVanish helps you to break free from those restrictions and surf a pure Internet.


VyprVPN provides you with the utmost secure connections, privacy protection, and allows you to bypass restricted networks. This VPN service provides a user-friendly application for all devices, covering Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, your Television as well as your router. This allows you to properly secure all devices in a matter of seconds. Unlike other VPN service providers, VyprVPN doesn’t use a third-party server hosting to host their VPN and DNS. Instead, they write 100% of their own software and manage their own network.



Labeling themselves as the “Fastest VPN on Earth,” this setup user friendly. You can make use of ExpressVPN on your computer, tablet or smartphone. With over 136 different VPN locations to choose from in 87 different countries, the unlimited speeds and server switches allow you to connect from anywhere in the world.


With NordVPN expect to see a double data encryption service allowing your data to be encrypted not once, but twice; providing you with the most encryption options possible. With 724 worldwide server locations located within 54 different countries, you’re sure to reach lightning speeds. NordVPN also provides a “Strict No Logs Policy + Tor over VPN” meaning that you will never be logged, no matter what you do online. Complete with an automatic kill switch, their technology instantly shuts down any site you are connected to, and as a result, you never have to worry about accidentally exposing your data.


This VPN service provides you with the ultimate online security to encrypt any and all of your Internet connections. Included with PureVPN, is your online anonymity. With reinforced encryption, users can expect to see a 256-Bit military-grade encrypted connection, ensuring that your data remains protected. And naturally, it comes with lightning fast connection speeds for streaming your movies.

Hide My Ass


With secured online anonymity, lifted restrictions and seamless connections, what isn’t to love about this service? HMA connects you to several devices simultaneously; 1-Click mode enables to quickly connect to a foreign server.

HMA is in over 190 different countries, offering more server connections than any other VPN service available. You can get HMA for your Mac OS X computers, Windows, Android, Linux computers, as well as iOS devices. HMA also offers services for commercial use, as well as multiple VPN accounts.

Private Internet Access

PIA makes use of a VPN tunnel to encrypt and secure your connections. By now, several of us knows that Anonymous VPN Tunnels are the best option to use when hiding information, and PIA provides you with the best VPN service to handle these tunnels. PIA also lifts any restrictions that you come across, allowing content from other countries outside your network range.

With one-click installers, PIA connects you to the Internet anonymously in a matter of seconds, using one of their 3,277+ servers spread across 24 different countries. You can also pay anonymously using a variety of gift cards that come from companies, such as Starbucks and Costco. Naturally, this would not be a complete VPN service without allowing you to connect all devices you have. PIA allows you to connect your Apple and Android devices, Windows and Linux.

PIA comes complete with P2P support, encrypted Wi-Fi, unlimited bandwidth, several VPN gateways, SOCKS5 proxy and no traffic logs.


TorGuard is more than a typical VPN tunneling service. In fact, you can easily take advantage of having an anonymous proxy, anonymous VPN and anonymous email. If you want all of these services, inquire about their packaged bundle.

These proxy services offer unlimited speeds and bandwidth. Connect securely using SOCKS5/SSH/HTTP/SSL connections and choose from over 200+ different IP addresses in over 6 different countries. For the anonymous VPN, you can expect the same unlimited speeds with bandwidth, and connect up to 5 different devices at the same time.

With their anonymous email, unlimited mail storage is offered; and send/receive emails securely by using their secured G/PGP encryption methods. You will also receive MITM attack prevention, with an offshore email storage.

For those concerned about logging in, you can establish a two-factor authentication and your header IP will not be disclosed. For added convenience, you can also establish forward secrecy. TorGuard also provides a VPN router promo – a router ready for DDWRT/Tomato, pre-flashed, and an easy plug-n-play setup.

VPN One Click

With VPN One Click you can connect to an encrypted network to enhance your Internet security. Browse the Internet anonymously while keeping your real IP address hidden. This VPN service is compatible for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, X-Box One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Wii Console, Kindle and Wi-Fi devices.

VPN One Click was designed to give you the maximum speed possible, without any traffic limitations slowing you down. Covering more than 29 different countries, you can take advantage of their one-click installation. This VPN service is trusted by more than 10 million users worldwide.

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  1. I’ve been using EarthVPN for a couple of years without any issues and no logging. How do you rate it? I rarely see a review of their products.


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