The True Revolution of Our Time Is the Revolution of Consciousness


by True Activist


There are no strategies, no great leaders in this revolution of Consciousness, only heroes who understand the evolutionary progress of the Consciousness and are open to allow the processes to take place in themselves.

If we take a look at the events of our world, we will easily realize that we live in revolutionary times. The revolution of our days is, however, entirely different from any other revolutions in human history. This revolution is not launched in order to rearrange the domain of forms and shapes, so as to replace old and outdated forms and shapes with new, dynamic and vivid ones. This revolution is able to take humanity beyond forms and shapes. The revolution of our time is the revolution of the Consciousness.

Consciousness, which has been sound asleep under the spell of identification with the forms and shapes for thousands of years, is slowly waking up in our days. There is an increasingly powerful alarming impulse, and the number of people sensitive to the wake-up call is getting bigger and bigger.

The effects of this impulse, waking us up from our dream of identification with the forms and shapes is felt by everybody, sometimes even several times a day. But many of us are unaware of what we actually experience; all we feel is that successes achievable in the world are less and less attractive for us. We recognize that behind earthly successes and failures there has to be something deeper, something more profound in our life.

We see it day by day that an increasing number of young people question the appropriateness of the goals offered by social and religious education. They shake off the hands trying to lead them along the right track, and as a consequence, they are exposed to the experience of emptiness and despair.

Society offers a ”solution” for the problem, in the form of the products of the entertainment and pharmaceutical industries and the manufacturers and service providers of excise goods and services. Today, these are prospering and extremely lucrative industries. They offer ”help” to young people in suppressing fear and in treating other superficial symptoms.

There is only one gateway leading out of this situation: and that is the present moment. We are only able to shift the center of gravity of our life from the peripheries to the center. What does it mean?

The edge is the present state of Consciousness, in which the overwhelming majority of people live. That is the state of identifying with the mind, that of the dormant Consciousness, which dreams and tells our personal history.

That is the state of perfect identification with thoughts, emotions, and desires, where we seek the goals of our life only in the world of forms and shapes, whether they are crude material forms (the world experienced with our sensory organs) or fine material forms (thoughts, emotions). The motor of our existence on the edge is the ambition to become something or somebody and to be in control all the time.

The centerpoint, the Awakened Consciousness, and the world of internal silence are beyond the mind. It does not refer to the internal silence forced upon oneself by various techniques called meditation (in this case, in fact concentration), but theundescribable, but experienceable, alive and living internal emptiness. In there, there is no effort, no desire, and ambition, and we give up the last bastion of wanting to be in control. This is the state of perfect abandonment and submission, submitting ourselves to the Present Moment, to the Now.

The revolution of the Consciousness is therefore taking place Now, in the present moment. There are no strategies, no great leaders in this revolution, only heroes who understand the evolutionary progress of the Consciousness and are open to allow the processes to take place in themselves.

~From the book: Frank M. Wanderer: The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind

via The Mind Unleashed


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  1. Money is debt. Politics, News and Religion is a lie to keep you distracted. Bankers own the world without ever touching a dime. We’re sheep. Modern slaves working for money, to invest in loans that are more of a lie than paper money, to pay back “credits” that already has an infinite amount of interest already attached. Always circulated back into the pockets of the elite. Company’s like Walmart and GM own more assets than most countries. It’s the best lie that’s ever been. Open your eyes.

  2. So when someone achieves a state of consciousness and uses it for evil. How do you stop their brainwaves from contaminating the herd?

  3. This is true. I’m an Indigo, I’m one of many who will be leading this change. Hopefully, with as little resistance as possible.

  4. That selfsame evolution of consciousness is and will be the only salvation of mankind. In our current consciousness level we are dominated by our fears , selfishness,self absorption and that brings about the current state of affairs. The hope is that
    because we are moving towards that next step in our evolution all of these things have risen to a crescendo like dying pains and the eventual result will be an expansion of consciousness and enable the fruits of that expansion to provide the solutions and the tools to solve our currently unsolvable problems.


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