‘Thousand Eyes’ – Australian Animal Agriculture


No individual involved in the scenes displayed in this video has been prosecuted for animal cruelty, largely because these are industry-standard, legal practices.


'Thousand Eyes' – Australian animal agriculture from Aussie Farms on Vimeo.


All footage is from Australian farms and slaughterhouses, from 2012-2014, with the exception of the baby chicks being de-beaked and the male chicks being macerated – unfortunately there was no Australian footage available at the time (there is now: EggsExposed.com).





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  1. yo i know this video is both cruel and disgusting but why would you promote people to go vegan? why not just tell them to get free ranged or farmed products? kinda ignorant don’t you think?

    • The animals will stll be sent to an slaughterhouse and maybe be put to alot of pain. Better to go vegan if you can. It’s better for the whole planet in the end.

    • No offense but are you naive or just mentally challenged?
      If I behead someone who’s (so far) had a good life VS. someone who (so far) hasn’t, is it ANY more/less justified or humane or right? Why should it matter whether or not they had a good life SO FAR (I say “so far” because I know that people like to pretend/fantasize that animals, or their “food”, are only killed on their last day of life)

  2. there is NO excuse for any animal cruelty, be it for consumption or anything else. Anyone trying to deny this is ignorant. Whe humans do not need this in our dieet, its not natural. Its the industry selling you this message.Would you eat your pet,your dog,cat no you would´nt. Any animal,be it a pet or live stock,wants nothing more then to live. Its the purpose of live. wanting to live. and they end up in cages till there ready to be slaughtered. its not normal.

    • Well said! “Their” corporate greed has got us all by the balls, the brain & every other part of our body/mind/soul. Until we CONSCIOUSLY DECIDE not to be slaves/sheep, we will be just.f*cking.that.
      Shalom aleichem 🙂

  3. Finnaly someone doing something about it!
    I’ve been eating meat for about 17 years now because i didnt know that and im so happy that i found about this at such an early age because just imagine how many people are there that are 40+(its never to late i was just trying to make a point) years old and still do’nt know about this and im sure there ARE a lot of people who don’t know about this and are doing what they are being told.Im definitely gonna share this video and you should to so everyone can see this video and many other articles .Whole my life i’ve been hearing how meat is good for us and how we can’t live without it ,and just recently my family and i found out about this and stopped eating it and i can assure you that your gonna feel much different as a person and you’ll be much healthier once you stop eating it and you won’t be missing anything because there are so many vegetables and fruits that can replace meat and that are much healthier,sure you might feel “sick” a day or two but thats just your body getting used to a different diet, i truly recommend you to fully go vegeterian or even vegan(which is even better)..(plus German is my primary language so sorry if i wrote something wrong) God Bless and stay Healthy 🙂

  4. the industry is tapping all our activist brains with extended remote viewing. expose them for it’s use and we can make a vegan world by subverting their power, control, and money by having a legal means to give them the death penalty. trumpsweapon.com

  5. We have so much bigger shit to worry about. Just like every other “peoples movement” your going to get this whole thing wrapped around the axle of your entitled pet issues… vegen, farm fish, gmos, yoga pants prius driving bullshit That only amounts to social bitching. We need a movement that can focus on we the people. You are NOT it.

    • Humans have also been keeping slaves, raping women, abusing children too, does that make it right? We don’t need to kill and eat animals, so why do it?

  6. The lead photo is from New Zealand. I didn’t watch the video as I know how bad it is, but the slaughterhouse footage was from a dairy farming exposé by Farmwatch here in NZ. It was broadcast on prime time and caused a lot of outrage.

  7. Não sou vegano, (Não posso mentir), amo comer carne, frango e coisas do tipo, mais nem por isso eu vou ser idiota de apoiar esse tipo de atitude….temos que nos movimentar sim….esse tipo de violência apresentada é terrível e inaceitável….vamos a luta….
    #Nenhum mal pode durar para sempre…
    #Estar no lado direito da história…


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