Unarmed Black Man, With His Hands Up, Shot By Florida Cop


Written by: Vandita


In a gruesome incident on December 8, Sergeant Robert McCarthy shot a 28-year-old African American and critically wounded him after media reports and witnesses said that the man had his hands up and was begging not to be shot.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings came to the rescue of the Florida cop saying that Bartee failed to comply with McCarthy’s commands and made extensive furtive movements, making the deputy fear for his safety.

Eye witnesses say that after locating a stolen car at an apartment complex just after midnight McCarthy fired three shots, one of which hit Cedric Bartee.

A ‘concerned’ Demings, who himself is an African American, said he was trying to be transparent in holding the press conference ‘because of the backdrop of everything happening in the country at this time’. “It’s concerning to me how the public might react,” he added.

Bartee, the car-theft suspect, was released from custody two days later after posting a $1,000 bond. McCarthy was sent on administrative leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the shooting.

According to police records, no weapons were found with Bartee, or inside the car. Also, McCarthy was not wearing a body camera, and there is no dashboard-camera video available of the shooting.

Channel 9 has obtained cell phone video shot by a witness though…









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    • That’s a stupid statement. Most white cops have been known to be afraid of black people, mostly black men, this has been shown in a survey (of which I cannot find, sadly) where police officers of varied races were surveyed by an individual to find whether or not they were scared of a particular, or races. They found that white officers were afraid of black people, black officers were found to be afraid of Hispanic people and Asian officers were found to be afraid of both black and Hispanic people.

      Another thing to consider is this: why would police officers want to create chaos that they would then have to control? Because the police are the, technically, the “peace-keepers” of the state, although they aren’t particularly good at it, then it stands to reason that they would have to be the people to control such a chaos. In my opinion the police are too unorganized and too lazy to create chaos, of which they would have no reason to do this.

      • The police are not meant to keep peace, they are now meant to enforce and secure the special interest of the Corporate state and wealthy status quo.
        Why would they want to create Chaos? Because they are far better armed, have full legal privilege now obviously to murder, and prepared. Chaos gives a reason to legally instill martial law without the sleeping masses waking up and rising up against a police state, if 9/11 taught us anything it is that the american people will give up every right and civil liberty with pleasure for false sense of security. The police want riots. They want a desperate few to rise up, so they can legitimately put the police state in full swing before the masses can prepare for it.

      • It is just the way the american system works, for years the cops had a shoot to kill policy to stop the story of what happened from having a second view point testified in court. It worked great back then. Dead men tell no tales, cops change very slowly, there will be hundreds of them shot, before they change. Look at the cops choking the guy to death on video, in the old days the cops had credibility to cover for lack of evidence. Now the evidence is destroying the credibility of the cops. Eventually the cops will realize the world knows what happened saw it through their own eyes. I read the report of the undercover cop smacking the 12 year old but when you watch it, it is real.

    • Stealing somebodys property isn’t grounds to shoot a human being. To kill a person they don’t need much of a reason, other than to claim he was going to harm them physically. That seems to be the universal answer these days. Makes me soo mad.

    • So Kris, I have a right to execute you in cold blood if you strike me wrong? This is why people don’t get you Floridians being black in the vacinity does not equal nigga stealing a car. And stealing does not come with an automatic death squad penalty.
      But hopefully you don’t get to learn this when its your wife or kids gunned down in the streets because they …oh wait..never mind your a white christian huh? Must feel spiffy to know you don’t have to worry…yet.


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