Veteran Beaten and Hogtied for Picking a Flower as Violence Surrounding DAPL Continues

“They bashed my head and dislocated my shoulder for picking a flower!” Jordan shouts as the SWAT team continues to brutalize the DAPL protestor.

DAPL flower

DAPL: The police violence has spread from the site of the campgrounds to the streets of Bismark, North Dakota. Charles Jordan, a US Armed Forces Veteran was violently arrested and subjected to repeated assaults as he was dragged away by heavily armed police thugs. His crime, as is being reported, was picking a flower.

DAPL flower

A five-minute cell phone video has drawn the attention of the worldwide media – highlighting the sheer violence being perpetrated by police at and around the site of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Jordan was one of a group of protesters who had left the camp to retrieve supplies. It is unclear exactly what happened, as the video starts abruptly after he has already been grabbed by police.

“This guy hasn’t done anything either,” a voice can be heard saying as Jordan screams for help. “I just picked a flower!” he yelled. His head was already bloodied when the camera began filming. Jordan put up a mild amount of resistance. Unfortunately, these days, even minor resistance is met with the furious force of no less than five men in tactical gear.

A dozen cameras can be seen filming and taking pictures, while Jordan is dragged down the street. “Be nice to him, his head is bloodied,” says the cameraman who is met by another aggressive tactical officer. “Get back! The officer yells at the growing crowd.

Five officers can be seen holding Jordan down, delivering a series of blows to the already restrained man. Jordan shouts about his military service, yet the officers aren’t phased. “I have panic attacks from military service,” he shouts.

At first, the thug who commanded everyone to get back, shouting “get onto the street” yelled “get off the street.” The complete lack of coordination and ability to control a single non-violent subject shows failure to properly train these officers, by their agency, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

DAPL flower

SWAT officers then form a line, blocking the view of the camera from the incident. The man continues to shout from behind the blue line, “Help, they dislocated my shoulder!” For a few minutes, it appears that the police are content to simply sit on top of him and take no action to help or relocate him. He cries for a hospital, yet none of the officers appear to call for one.

“They bashed my head and dislocated my shoulder for picking a flower!” Jordan can be heard shouting. The Cass County Deputies then felt the need to put Jordan’s head into a white bag, which police refer to as a spit guard. The bagging of his head is little more than an intimidation technique.

The brutality of police in and around the site of the DAPL has been a mar on the reputation of America. It has become the perfect world forum to view the depths of depravity that the American policing system has stooped to. Violence against peaceful protesters, and in this case, a veteran picking a flower, is utterly unacceptable in a civilized society. The time has come for those who truly hold the power to step in and put an end to the violence, once and for all.

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  1. Now we need to hold all the police involved responsible for thier actions, the way they treated people was completely criminal, these are the kind of people with a God complex and don’t belong on the street.

  2. This video is from November. This is not new footage related to the veterans coming to Standing Rock. I think the title of the article is very misleading. To present it as current events and to not include in the article the fact that this took place well before today is misleading. People are fact checking more and more these days. Step it up.

  3. one day those pigs will try to assault the wrong veteran, one who actually has some serious experience as well as some PTSD, I see 5 dead cops and a very different title to this article.


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