VIDEO: How the West Dangerously Portrays Asian Women as Exotic Sex Objects


In popular culture, Asian women are reduced down to damaging sexualized stereotypes — exotic, seductive, subservient, controllable, and meek. The sexist and racist mentality of the Western society disproportionately and constantly targets the Asian women as sex objects with their individuality completely dismissed.

The Internet is full of websites catering to the Asian fetish. According to a study of nearly 2.4 million users of Are You Interested — a Facebook dating app — black, white, and Latino men preferred Asian women above all other races, when they searched for dates. Is it because Asian women make better sexual lovers than other women?

No. It’s because most men are into their skin color, not really into them. Does the sexist stereotype damage the dating prospects of Asian women? Yes. The complexities of desire, sexual politics of interracial dating, objectification and fetishization have affected the way Asian women are perceived by others. In the United States, up to 61% of Asian women experience physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner during her lifetime.

Well, the Asian women are more than their gender, race or skin color. They are more than a sexual servant or a sexual adventure. Asian women are NOT exotic commodities or ornamental dolls.  However, how did Asian women get the hypersexualized stereotypes, and why is it time to fight the sexist stereotype about the women from the East? Rachel Kuo writes for Everyday Feminism:

“The objectification and fetishization of Asian women comes out of devastating wars and exclusionary immigration practices that get re-transcribed by books, movies, and other mass-consumed media. While some folks might think that these sexual stereotypes are a “compliment” or “positive”, the ongoing violence perpetrated against Asian women as a direct result of these stereotypes get overlooked.

“Objectification is about being seen as less than human. As unworthy of anything else but a singular use and function. Asian and Asian American women continue to be objectified sexually through cultural consumption and misrepresentation in ways that also have negative day-to-day impacts, from commuting to dating.”

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  1. So this was less an article and more of someone’s personal thought process.

    People are who they are. To say anything else devalues the Asian women who have achieved great success through hard work and intelligence. When I see an Asian woman I am more apt to think “smart” than “sex doll”. As to all the web sites, keep looking and you will find sites devoted to every fetish you can imagine and some you can’t.

    Btw, I don’t think it’s just the West, although that wouldn’t fit your narrative, that sexualized women. Rap music certainly does but that’s another story no-one wants to write

  2. So if you prefer to date asian women because you find them more attractive perosnally (as some men prefer white women, or hispanic, or black on average), though date them more for their personality once you get to know them and past the initial attraction (as anyone else would) you’re somehow a monster rapist demoralizing and oppressing women who should be ashamed and not date them. If on the other hand you only date your own race (even out of racism) no one bats an eye.

    Our society is fucked up enough. Op-eds like this only serve to further stigmatize interracial couples and dating, especially for people like me with severe depression and social anxiety who have a hard enough time talking to women as it is.

    Is it so wrong to simply acknowledge someone is beautiful because you think they are beautiful, as much within as they are without? Is that really such a bad thing to some people, because of that person’s race now?


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