Violent Gang Orders Murder of White Cops


A violent gang known as the Heartless Felons have set upon the stage again with a threat to all white police officers in Ohio over the Christmas and New Year period. The rumors which have circulated throughout the law enforcement agencies of Ohio are said to reflect the intentions of the street gang wanting to take justice into their own hands and murder white police officers as a retribution for Tamir Rice and others.[1] Lockdown V: Cleveland Jail Episode code: 4717


The notorious history surrounding the Heartless Felons stems back to a violent past of terrorizing anyone within prison walls. They conducted themselves by the gang’s ten rules, with an honor code applying only to their own gang members. Even though the gang started in prison, it’s no longer confined to the walls; now spreading out into the Ohio community. [2]

[1] (2014, December 22). Cleveland gang orders members to murder white cops. [Before It’s News Blog Spot]. Retrieved from

[2] Volk, K. (2014, January 16). Heartless Felons, a gang that existed only in prison, now starting to operate throughout NE Ohio. [5abc] Retrieved from


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      • this shit all started with the mike brown shit i see this as ….if u go after a cop with his gun pointed at u ur dead !!!!! then this stupid race shit is gon way to far….i live 7 miles from jefferson city mo and went to there protest and 70 percent was peacefull the otheres was giveibg them the bad name …wen they was burnibg there own city down thats were there liveing to the sterio type type white people get killed by the cops all the time …….and these peace of shit people trying to put a hit on white cops is not going to end well for them i cary 9 guns …rugar sr9 and if i see some one in life or death i will kill the person tryn to kill them

  1. You’re not news reporters. You make up news. You’ve created an article based on something from the past. You’re dangerous, because people are not going to understand that this is all lies.

  2. Soon or later people sick of tire cop killing innocent people now look what happens their it is
    A gang members getting revenge on a cop

  3. This is called Karma if you police are too dumb to understand the concept. It means the evil you do will come back to bite you. No telling how that will happen though.

    • what a foolish statement. they ordered to kill white cops. yes there are corrupt police officers. they are not all white, nor are all white bad. so killing random white cops is not going to stop police violence, it would only increase it

    • So the rookie white cop who just joined with the hope of fighting injustice, who doesn’t agree with the meaningless murders and who wants to make a change should die because of what some white cop he has never even met did? That’s justice? Hatred has obviously taken over your ability to envision a world without it.

  4. This whole thing was blown up by the media so that the masses would focus on race baiting, and turn a blind eye to everything else that’s going on in this country. Yes, there are bad cops. There will always be a case where a cop used force that was questioned by society. This is a misdirection for the American people to focus on while the government gets an excuse to take away basic human rights. Military equipment sent to police departments, no probable cause needed to detain a civilian and cameras everywhere that are supposed to detect “Terrorist activity”… All the while, extremists are murdering people left and right.

  5. It aint about black or white I think Corrupt Police ( Black or White ) should be served Justice also. Police cant expect to go around shooting inocent people & children and expect that their unlawful cruel actions aren’t going to piss people off. The fact of the matter on this subject is that its not just this individual “Gang” its also people worldwide that want to fight against the cowards hiding behind the badge and law. The Goverment say we are criminals or terrorist whatever they choose to call us today we dont care and we sure aren’t going to continue to allow these demons to stand over us People. I am Not saying lets go out and kill Police because they aren’t not the only demons thinking their controlling the world. They are complete fools It is not the Law who rules the world but GOD THE CREATOR he is the one and only one who has full power over us all.

  6. The irony is that change sometimes comes from weird places…. Dirty cops deserve to get killed in public to be an example to those in power who believe they can psychologically and physically abuse their citizens… Viva la raza [email protected]$k crooked cops and bless the good ones n to those who fight to keep justice no matter what they say bout em

  7. The media is a tool to direct the governments goals, “make them watch this hand, instead of this one” method. What I urge you all to do is not focus on one topic but take a step back and take in the whole issue. Yes some of you have made great points but truly is it so hard to believe that this magnified hype of “race killings” and “police brutality” are nothing more but decoys? I ask my ANON brothers and sisters to continue to do all you can do to combat corruption and anyone that stands in the way to a unified peaceful coexistence between all people of race and religion. I on the other hand have no computer skills to assist the group, however what I do posess is the training and the equipment to combat these radical extremists and racists where the metal meats the meat

    – BOOTS


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