[Watch] PETA Surprises Customers With The Reality Of Leather Accessories


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Customers were horrified to find animal flesh, blood, and even a beating heart in the faux leather products.

Few take into account animal suffering when it comes to looking fashionable. But what if people were forced to face the stark reality of where their fur coats and snakeskin coats come from?

The activist organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia sought to answer this question, therefore, teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Bangkok to conduct a gruesome campaign.

Bored Panda relays that the activists opened a fake pop-up shop in one of Bangkok’s most trendy shopping malls and put seemingly ordinary luxury leather goods on display. As customers crept in, they waited for the screaming to start.

The unexpected surprise was that inside of the bags, shoes, wallets, and other items, was fake animal flesh, blood, and even a beating heart! Those who opened the disgusting props jumped back in horror, gasping for breath. That’s what you call a wake-up call. 

Activists created a fake pop-up shop filled with faux leather goods in Bangkok. 

Credit: PETA Asia

When customers opened the props, however, they were horrified with what they found…

Credit: PETA Asia

Leather purses, jackets, and even gloves were filled with fake animal flesh and blood. 

Credit: PETA Asia
Credit: PETA Asia

The organization asks why animals must be slaughtered for the sake of fashion. 

Credit: PETA Asia


PETA isn’t known for being subtle with its messages, but was this campaign on the mark? Or was it too gruesome?

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  1. It’s never too gruesome when it’s showing the truth, I would think Anonymous of all groups would agree with that

  2. I am sorry, I grew up in a cattle Ranch we raised 30,000 cattle. They we were spoiled well feed free ranged…and and they did not know they were going to die till they were either taken to slaughter or sold. They were sold for food, and every bit of them was put to use..specially their leather. I think it is pathetic to put customers though something like that..it is simply grotesque..! And inhumane..do you put shows like that at abortion clinics.?..and what will you do when they capture on film that vegetables fear being cut down?…we already know that they react to music…so what then..?
    There is a huge problem with Phythons in Florida that have been released into the wild by owners who could not deal with them anymore..what is your stand on that..? Is PETA finding them happy homes, rather than joining the hunt in other to save Florida’s suffering Habitat…or are you guys raising money to relocate them to their natural habitat…this really makes me sick…!!
    Respectfully yours….Ms. t bone stake..!

    • *Abortion: In the 1970s, Hustler magazine did a spread showing aborted fetuses and then posed the question, “What is obscenity?” Larry Flynt made his point loud and clear that the porn industry was a necessary alternative (evil) in life to prove his point in regards to the 1st Amendment.

      *Beef: I agree that if an animal is put to slaughter, every portion thereof should be put to use. Unfortunately, the beef and cattle industry in the US, is the most wasteful beef industry in the world, and only looks at the profit margins. Sure, I can post numbers and facts, but why should I? You stated your family was in the industry, therefore, this information cannot be refuted.

      The bottom line: There’s a healthy alternative for everything, including products made from hides and skin, and there’s a healthy alternative to meat products. While you speak of the beef, or cattle, industry, PETA makes the point of focusing on the exploitation of exotic or undomesticated species.

      Leather is a byproduct of hide (skin).. The same applies to humans. There are byproducts that can be gleaned from any healthy human, such as skin, veins, eyes, bone – you name it. But a healthy human is hard to find in America… Thanks to the Beef Industry for Heart Disease.

      Why do you attack PETA over loose pythons when their former owners should be charged with the crimes that result from pythons doing what simply comes natural? Surviving. So your dog or cat gets eaten… get over it.

      One would think that if a person grew up on a ranch with 30,000 head of cattle, they would have an education that would give them considerable writing skills… or were you just the housekeeper?

  3. it’s a nice video and the special effects certainly have good shock value but…i don’t think this would be enough for me to root for PETA. here in the US at least, they don’t really have a good reputation. what with (cats and dogs at least)most animals sent to their “shelters” winding up dead instead of saved and/or adopted.

    heres a site i keep bookmarked: https://www.petakillsanimals.com/ warning: graphic images and quite unpleasant statistics and facts there.

  4. well the truth allways hurts…
    it won’t stop me from buying lether..
    but still… poor animals and…

    as long as they don’t suffer/…… who gives a shit about looking at some blood


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