‘Thousand Eyes’ – Australian Animal Agriculture


No individual involved in the scenes displayed in this video has been prosecuted for animal cruelty, largely because these are industry-standard, legal practices.


'Thousand Eyes' – Australian animal agriculture from Aussie Farms on Vimeo.


All footage is from Australian farms and slaughterhouses, from 2012-2014, with the exception of the baby chicks being de-beaked and the male chicks being macerated – unfortunately there was no Australian footage available at the time (there is now: EggsExposed.com).




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  1. yo i know this video is both cruel and disgusting but why would you promote people to go vegan? why not just tell them to get free ranged or farmed products? kinda ignorant don’t you think?

    • The animals will stll be sent to an slaughterhouse and maybe be put to alot of pain. Better to go vegan if you can. It’s better for the whole planet in the end.


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