Sobering Illustrations Depict Life On Earth If Animals Acted Like Humans



In these satirical illustrations, artists denounce the atrocities committed by humans by switching the characters’ roles.
Humans tend to forget that they’re not the only sentient species on the planet. Elephants and dolphins, for example, are incredibly smart and empathetic. However, since they’re unable to express themselves with the written word or language, therefore, are deemed to be less intelligent than humans of today.

It’s a shame, really, for mankind could learn much from the creatures who live in harmony with nature. Instead, our species has evolved to destroy and exploit the Earth’s natural resources. As a result, animals have endured horrific suffering.

Conversations of this kind are difficult for most to swallow, but the sobering pictures below convey the clear reality of how humans have been conditioned to cruelly treat others.

The satirical illustrations have been created by various authors, but all convey the same message: “One must put themselves in the place of another to understand the repercussions and reality of their actions.” 

The 15 sobering drawings follow:



Credit: @Christopher Gołębiowski



Credit: @Christopher Gołębiowski



Credit: @Christopher Gołębiowski



Credit: @DrBonerman



Credit: @Eric Decetis



Credit: @Jamie Charteris



Credit: @Kiddhe



Credit: @Larry Torro

Credit: @BoredPanda



Credit: @Damnkidyk



Credit: @Puca



Credit: @Puca


Credit: @BoredPanda

Credit: @BoredPanda



Credit: @AndySinger

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  1. this is great, and i noticed no comments, what a shock…lol. people dont want to see whats going on. Ive raised animals for food and they wee humainly treated. The only way to wake people up is if you want any meat you have to butcher your own meats.

    • there is no comments because that is reality. no need to be hypocritical because we all ate chicken some time ago and that takes through the process of butchering the chicken to give it to you as yummy food.

    • so you think that it would be ok to eat humans as long as they were humanely raised, especially the young ones? they taste the best you know!

      • It’s called the “FOOD CHAIN” you retarded bag of shit! For christ’s sake take a damn class or something on ANYthing!

        • The way you speak to people you have never met astounds me. You can voice a differing of opinion without being unkind or foul mouthed. It is sad how some humans have an inability to listen and and no openess to change within them. Perhaps a lack of education and experience is to blame.

        • omfg SMDH our bodies were not even made to handle meat, this is why it takes hours to process in our systems. our bodies were made for the veg life YOU NEED TO DO YOUR READING!

        • I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about, or if you do. Are you saying that we AREN’T the only species participating in the “food chain” on an industrial scale?

      • Ashley Ogden, I’ll bet you’re one of those people who tell hunters to go to the grocery store to buy their meats instead of hunting for it. Because no animals were harmed when you buy it from the grocery store, right?

      • No. Animals like dogs and cats are not like humans. Dogs and cats cannot cure diseases, they can’t grow food, they can’t communicate nearly as effectively as humans. Humans are much different from dogs and other animals. No shit we’re a form of animal, but we’re nothing like others. If you think that you should be treated like a dog.

        • you’re an idiot. We applaud the things we know how to do and denigrate the things animals are able to do that we are not. Have you ever sensed an earthquake before it happened? Known how to migrate thousands of miles to the same place every year without any directions or map? The intelligence of animals resides in what we call instinct and thus degrade as somehow being less significant or important than our so called ‘intelligence’. Which creature is it that is destroying the planet faster than all other creatures combined? Is that an impressive act of intelligence? We treat animals like ‘dogs’ not because they deserve to be or because we should, but rather because we’re too stupid to understand how all creatures deserve to be treated and too greedy to bother learning. For someone extolling the virtues of intelligence, you don’t display a great deal of it.

        • you are correct Animals like dogs and cats are not like humans they behave much better then humans.they communicate as well as they need to you twat.

    • You are right – they are animals, people have been eating them really long ago. Fucking chill out, i’m sick of these vegetarian bullshitass protests.

      • It’s not about eating’s about cruelty. Boiling the lobster alive for example..just cruel. Experimenting on animals is criel.Mass production farming polutes the environment and uses up far too much natural resources.Lets see what happens if humans remain ignorant to these things and chose to consider themselves “above nature”..Us very intelligent humans are pooping in our own nest so to speak.

        • The president’s job is to rule over his country, should he then be treating his subjects the way depicted above because it’s his job to do so?

        • boiling a lobster alive isn’t cruel…it dies instantaneously. just as you would if thrown in a big pot of boiling water…your nervous system will shut down do to traumatic injury…how do i know this?. i can read and it has happened twice to be due to trauma.stop being an emotion based thinker and be a fact based thinker.

    • You have much to learn about love and compassion and there is simply nothing you can argue because you have made it permanent that you are a disgusting souless creature

    • We all have souls and we are no better than animals, trees or bugs. People who think like you are the reason this world is so fucked up. You should def do some soul searching and take some time in the wild. Hunt for what you need and use it all but the way these animals are mass slaughtered or fished is abuse of nature. Especailly when so much food is wasted…

    • Seriously you need help, for your information, hundreds of thousands give a shit, In fact millions, so don’t be a dick. They are animals with a beating heart, souls, fears, feelings, sadly I worked in the meat industry for 25 years and I have witnessed the suffering first hand too many times, they know, the blood, the sounds of their fellow species dying, the fear is prevalent, please don’t be such a dick and educate yourself!!

  2. I think the illustrations were great” a big eye opener for sure.
    and Kevin I agree with you” if people had to go out and butcher their own meat there would be less carnivores.
    I don’t think people realize that when you put dead things in you it’s not a good thing and I also don’t think people believe animals have emotions .
    humans just don’t care they want what they want at any cost” obviously look at the world.
    it’s just all so sad.

    • I don’t think there would be any less carnivores, we would only have people with less compassion for animals than we have now.

      The simplest example of subsistence off the land is hunter gathering. Not farming, if society and civilization fall then I suspect many will go right back to hunter gathering. The eating of animal flesh is also a far more rounded diet than vegetables alone. There are some nutrients that humans either no longer can or never could synthesize within our bodies. I like the pictures because they depict several systems that need to truly be revised and reworked but it’s wrong to demonize carnivores.

      I am a rancher, and I have raised cattle since I was 10 years old. We have always treated animals with respect, I have never once used a prod on any cattle nor have we allowed our hands to whoop and holler and use fear to move the cattle. We also do not use hormones, steroids of any kind. The only chemicals we employ are a topical anti-parasitic and the occasional antibiotic when a cow is sick.

    • Yeah, no. If people had to go out and butcher their own meat, they would be even less affected by images like this. We only gained more compassion for animals because we collectively stopped having to do all of this work for ourselves. Otherwise, you would have ben raised tearing chickens apart and seeing them simply as walking pieces of food. Just like our ancestors did.

    • I don’t think people realize animals kill other animals all the time. Have you ever seen chickens eat a mouse, or a pig kill and eat a racoon. Or have you seen a dog dig a gopher out of a hole and eat it alive while it screams. Well, I have and nature sucks get over it.

      • animals kill other animals in nature. Does it make it right or ethical? If we are “smarter” and “better” then animals based on our inTelligence then we should naturally use that intelligence to do what animals can’t: Make intelligent and ethical desisions. You were given the ability to chose right from wrong. An animal is free from that decision, so comparing us to them in that regard makes no sense. By your reasoning, (you eat animals because you are a mamal too, and thus naturally behave like one) then, we shouldn’t wear clothes cause its against nature, and we should all just have sex out in the open at any given time.. oh and only to reproduce. murdering isnt ever wrong by the way, because ethics are a human construct, and not natural, and cause you know, animals do it too, even arbritrarily and not for only food. ectect get my drift?

      • Dehart – wild animals kill because they have no choice – humans do and still choose to inflict a great deal of pain and suffering for five minutes of gluttony – your thinking is in error dickwad

  3. Not “sobering” at all. Childish and self-loathing. Chronic guilt will destroy society much faster than vacuous activism will improve it.

    • I’m not sure there would be ‘less carnivores’…we assume that from a 21c perspective. However, people used to butcher their own meat not so long ago. I think once we were used to it and certainly by the next generation it would, sadly be the norm.

      • Well ofcourse not, what you said is actually a reason why we would not slaughter them anymore. We have advanced in a way where it is no longer needed to slaughter animals for food, we are not dependent on them in advanced countries. So there really is no reason for the systematic torture and slaughter that is taking place every day in numbers far greater than any genocide.

    • You are a moron. By that logic it is also fine for the top one percent to keep making their millions on the backs of the poor. “We are human, we rule this world with an iron fist and fucking kill ALL them bitches that don’t agree.” Take your self imposed, self righteous views and shove ’em. You sir are the reason humans need to be wiped from the face of the earth.

  4. Well the animals do do that don’t they?

    Wouldn’t a bear or a Great white shark eat us and chop us into small pieces?

    I see the point they are trying to make but the premise of their argument is very weak. Maybe focus on how we should treat the animals rather than drawing a comparison because nature on both sides is pretty cruel!

    • What the fuck was that for kind of answer?

      So you mean, because animals are cruel and nature are cruel, it is totally legitimate for us humans to be cruel as well, just beacuse “that’s nature man”? An Animal shows respect for her pray, since did we humans do that for our food?
      Since when did any animal in nature hold another animal in prison, force feed them, use them as test subjects, dress in their skinn, have them as decoration, etc? The picture is not “very week”, they are allegories to how we humans treat the animals depicted, race by race.

      But you brain is obviously made of pulled pork!

      . oh shit

    • “Very weak”? There pictures are allegories, if you didn’t get that! So you mean nature and animals are cruel? Since when did any animal imprison another animal just to breed and eat them? Since when did any animal skinn another animal alive to later wear their fur as clothing? since when did any animal use another animal as a test subject? Since when did any animal force feed another animal just to make them grow faster just to eat them later?

      Nature are built upon respect between predators and pray! Human nature are just sick!

      • @Marcus, “Nature are built upon respect between predators and pray! Human nature are just sick!” Well said.

      • Nah, nature’s just stupid. If you told a lioness she could feed her pride reliably by breeding and imprisoning zebras, she would. That is why predators go after penned in livestock, and foxes go after chickens in coops. There’s no respect, they’re just to dumb to do what we have to ensure a good, delicious, unbroken, food supply.

  5. People do not want to associate with animal suffering. It is a shock when we see people threated this way. The pain is the same.

  6. Guess what tho… That never happened, is not happening, and never will. Theres a reason humans are the superior species you dumbfucks. I completely agree that sometimes animals are treated brutally, and i dissagree with it, but insulting people who eat meat for something they have no eefect on is retarded.

    • You can stop eat meat your dumb shithead, and you eating meat have an effect. But obviously you are to retarded to make the connection.

      And please, whats the reason that we humans are superior to animals, you somehow missed to explain that part, or you skiped it intentionally because you don’t know yourself? But I can give you a reason to why we humans are the most dumb fucks ever walked this planet, and that is, WE ARE FUCKING DESTROYING THE ONLY PLACE WE CAN LIVE ON. And what are we doing about it, nothing!

      Your are probably one of the 7 billion most retarded, so I dont blame you understanding anything I just said.

      Eat your meat and stuff your brain with pulled pork, cuz thats what its made off!

      • hey marcus
        i have seen you post a lot of this attacking people defending this
        you must be a vegetarian
        I tell you what, say if you eat lots of vegetables, that is torturing the animals because you’re eating what they are eating, causing them to starve and die, or live in captivity which they are kept as pets or butchered
        thank you for taking the time to argue about nothing

        • animals are fed soy and leftovers from others not veggies. believe what you want, agriculture is the reason of a massive carbon footprint.

      • Listen to what you just typed… LOL.. You cant even form a sentence correctly! Humans are the superior being because uh…. Thumbs, and EVERY other evolutionary superiority that we possess. You sir, are a severely deficient mental midget Marcus! Maybe were not superior….. MAYBE, there are groups of meerkats sitting in forums on different corners of the world on communication technologies they have developed that make ours look primitive. Please don’t breed…..Ever



        • Humans are superior? No, humans simply developed a defense mechanism that we call intelligence because we were supremely inferior in most a great many ways physically. Yes, we came to dominate the planet and to wipe out almost every single apex predator within reach and plant our imprint on nearly every corner of the planet. But we have also polluted nearly every water system–oceans, ground water, river systems, etc. that exist, we have destroyed entire ecosystems, brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster, and deforested most of the planet. Is this superiority? No. We are one of many creatures and our delusions of superiority are the crux of a culture and attitude that will in all likelihood destroy not only everything you’re so proud we have created, but also most, if not all, of the life that now exists upon it.

          Was that written well enough for you? And maybe you should go back and rewrite or edit what you wrote, as it has at least ten punctuation and usage errors within it (learn to use the elipsis correctly, for instance, not to mention apostrophes). Normally I wouldn’t mention grammar and punctuation, but your making fun of the person you responded to and his ability to form correct sentences made it relevant.

      • Actually crop farming causes more harm to the environment than cow pastures. Mostly because of the fuels used in machines for harvesting, soil nutrients are depleted after years, pesticides, etc. There’s an in depth article about it.

    • … but insulting people who eat meat for something they have no eefect on is retarded ”

      1. Tell me again where the insult is? 2. Do please explain how one would not effect an animal when buying meat, or when going to?

      You know what people are good at? making things up to justify something that actually would contradict their moral values, for example ^&^

    • How can “humans be the superior species”? Man destroys forests, pollutes the oceans and the air, and ruins almost every single kind of natural habitat there is. you could argue that yes, man has created incredible things such as Hydroponic Farming and more efficient ways of generating electricity from renewable sources however. If you still think we are superior beings to every other kind of species, then in my opinion your more retarded than a Kowala Bear.

    • oh don’t worry we know! its not because we care about animals that we have no more space for human! it’s quite the contrary actually! this binary thinking is just stupid

    • Do we force-feed, torture, captivate, breed, take away the family and eventually slaughter millions and millions of humans systematically every day everywhere on the planet like this.. or worse? Because if so, I really missed out on something!

  7. dog eat dog world. animals eat other animals too. As long as the animal is being eaten and not just killed for sport then there is nothing wrong with it. If we didn’t keep breeding chickens they would of been existent like the dodo so always pro’s and cons to everything. If you do not understand this maybe you should grow up a little 🙂

    • and what pros is that for a chicken that never saw a daylight, is fed soy, antibiotics, steroids and hormones and eventually killed so you can have his dead flesh cooked and eaten?

  8. It still doesn’t matter what you say or think or do it’s still going to happen no matter what so I say if you don’t wanna deal with it don’t pay attention to it. I eat meat I have mink and chinchilla fur coats it doesn’t bother me cause we other I buy them or not their still going to make them so why not own one I know in my mind I will take care of them not just wear them once and toss it as long as you have appreciation for what died so you can eat or wear it I don’t see a prob with it…

    • Did you never learn about the concept of supply and demand? As long as people buy it, they will supply it. YOU are part of the problem and try to disguise it with the most stupid excuse ever.

  9. It’s time to eat humble pie everyone, and accept thet evolution has nothing to do with being the dominant species, not in that fucked up way… Animals aren´t intended for human consumption anylonlonger, not in this appalling scale, whit this brutal methods…

  10. There is no space on this planet for weaklings like you, if u are sad about this and how animals are treated, go to a local farm and kill those who are doing this, otherwise, shout the hell up, im sick of those miserable crying armchair revolutionarists and peace keepers, and if u think that the ilustrations are good too, go teach a pig how to kill people, because i will teach other people how to kill pigs

    V.T smart guy 😉

  11. Awesome post. Animals have consciousness and compassion. They also have the same desire to live and be happy that we humans do. Simply ignoring that fact doesn’t make it any less real.

  12. We should not be blaming people or point the finger in any direction, we should be trying to help each other. If someone is obviously ignorant about something then why not teach them instead of insult them, when in history has insulting someone ever done any good. We need to uplift people not push them down; I was told as a child that if I had nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all(in reference to being vindictive or condescending). And I am not saying to bend over and take it nor am I saying to ignore dictation(for lack of a better term). Idk I’m just tired of seeing people berate each other for things that won’t matter when we’re all dead.

  13. If they are evolved more intelligent and need to consume meat to eat and we are dumb and dopey unable to develop or evolve without any intelligence, why shouldnt we be their cattle. That’s the evolution scale and survival of the fittest in one

  14. Who are we kidding, we already do these things to humans, and worse! Maybe not to the same scale, but I guarantee that humans have been tortured in each of these ways at some point in time. We are inherently good yet ill-behaved, intelligent yet ignorant, sentient yet oblivious beings.

  15. Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

  16. Stop posting shit like this and get out on the streets to protest. Stop being passive consumers of government policies which basically farm humans to spend and give corporations profit. Stop being told what to do. Stop being cruel to animals, humans and the planet. But for fucksake stand up and be counted…good bad or indifferent…PROTEST you lazy pathetic bastards… Stop being spoon feed mediocrity and see the leaders of your countries for what they are. Stop thinking that saying shit on social media means anything. You are being passified. GET OUT ON THE STREETS AND LET YOU VOICE BE HEARD.

  17. Probably a vegan made this post.
    Butchering, killing, or slaughtering animals is a job. If you want to stop this doing, go show this to everyone, farmers, butchers, clothing factories, etc. Make them lose their job, and let everyone who rely on them and their families lose too. Yes, what we do to animals are horrible but they’re animals! Part of the foodchain of nature. If you can’t take the slaughtering of every animal by humans, why not think about how vicious predators eat the prey and it’s babies? I’m not a sick f*ck or a heartless sh*t, but this post is a bit stupid. This is not aimed for everyone, but only for the ones abusing the animals in nature. Never waste the food you eat, because you don’t know how and what it came through.

    • I eat meat. You assume, like you assume all authority knows best and you do as you are told and passively consume and profit those who own you. You are one of the farmed, but worse than that, you think you can judge others! You are the kind we should demonstrate against. Own the misery you inflict. Justification is so easy and cowardly.

  18. Well… rabble rabble rabble… seriously though, I personally prefer vegetables… with my roast.

  19. People feel guilty because they realize that we are all animals and although less intelligent and less evolved they are none the less sentient and able to experience emotions like fear and pain… But having said that where will you hide if it were to become commonly accepted that plants also have conciousness and that this is not generated by the brain etc? … The best argument for vegetarianism is the amount of resources and environmental damage meat production requires.. For example the amount of land and water required for every gram of meat is staggeringly high…

  20. Well, this picture’s is right… but, they are animals, They can not think , do not have feelings, we are the dominant species, they not. Its too bad The evil that we can do but you can not change, To change the human race , strength is needed… On the other hand , people who say that we are animals, Well, not animal itself, if we do not we are part of the animal kingdom , but we are not like a dog or a cat.

  21. I think it would be more constructive if the vegans would put better case forward is don’t act and speak as son kind of saint because you choose not to eat meat because your end goal is what the world needs but people who choose to eat most meats and most vegetables like myself can not go from eating all that great food to not eat any meat maybe try to relay a message of meet in the middle and make a positive message about getting people to choose more earth friendly meat and less meat to vegetable ratio

  22. I read all these comments about how this is a reality and we all eat meat.. This pictures are not about making you not eat meat!! This is about treatment of animals… How much meat is thrown away every year? Look at the figures on Google!! I eat meat that’s not the point. Is about having more awareness of how the animal (Cow for example) has been treated! Does he really need to be attached to 100 machines? Or is it maybe more healthier both for the eater and for him to run freely in nature. Then Fur.. Do you really need to kill the Fox to wear a jacket? Are you going to die if you don’t? Or is humanity going to die from not wearing it. Look online for all the species that are now extint. Look how many have been extint in the last 50 years compared to the 1000 years before. Humanity is just careless! And these pictures are just there to make people think and be aware (hopefully). Bravo to the author!


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