[Videos]”Moderates” Fire Upon, Killing Ejected Russian Pilot, As US-TOW Missile Destroys Russian Rescue Helicopter



Yet more disturbing footage has arisen… this time, we get a lesson in just what it means to be a Turkish-supported “moderate” rebel.

The execution of a Prisoner of War or unarmed enemy combatant is a violation of the Geneva Convention, and a war crime.

These are the men whom Turkey was protecting on its border, men who shout “God is great!” in the same tone of exuberant jubilation that any ISIS jihadist would use when executing an unarmed victim.

In the wake of this event, NATO has scheduled an emergency meeting (that’s right, let’s NOT express our condolences to Russia… INSTEAD let’s talk STRATEGY), Russia has confirmed that one pilot was killed, while the other is still missing.

ANOTHER pilot who was manning a RESCUE HELICOPTER was murdered by a US-supplied TOW missile, fired by an FSA “moderate” as seen in the video below(TWO breaches of the Geneva convention for the price of one)…

The only question left is, how will NATO and particularly the US  spin this to make Russia look like the bad guy, when the jets had been on the Syrian side all the while.

(Wikileaks has obtained leaked Turkish reports proving that even Turkish officials believed that the jet had strayed into their airspace for only a few seconds:

“Disregarding these warnings, both planes, at an altitude of 19,000 feet, violated Turkish national airspace to a depth of 1.36 miles and 1.15 miles in length for 17 seconds from 9:24:05 local time,” the leaked document said.

17 SECONDS, and that’s even assuming the Turkish intel was accurate).

It will be hard for them to spin it this time…

AFTER Turkey had threatened Russia, claiming that it would protect “Turkmen villages” (when the reality is that ISIS also inhabits the “porous” border, and the actions of these “moderates” only prove that they are as bad as ISIS. The Russians also had to target the border to cut off ISIS supplies)…

AFTER the US had threatened Russia… and supplied the very TOW missiles that would be used to down the rescue chopper… and had arranged for the supply of all manner of land-to-air manpads…. AND had arranged for Turkey to receive 6 fighter jets armed with air-to-air missiles (ISIS HAS NO JETS).

Two unarmed Russian pilots, who had been fighting ISIS, have been killed in cold blood by US ally Turkey with a US-made F-16, and  by US-supplied “moderates” with a US-made TOW missile, with a third pilot captured or killed. I’m sure the US has nothing to do with this, let’s blame “Russian Aggression” again; should Russia decide to strike back against Turkey for this act of war, all of NATO would be “obliged” to help Turkey. This is no small skirmish.

Check out the behavior of these “moderates” as they surrounded the murdered Su-24  pilot:

Allahu akbar indeed.


Sources: The Guardian, RT, International Committee Of The Red Cross

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  1. In my country (Northern Europe) Putin gets more support by the day. More and more people realise our Western media makes up too much. The tactic to use our mainstream media backfires. The people recognize bullshit. Every single day i see people posting truth on their Facebook walls. Truths that they would not believe a couple of months ago.

    Putin is not the most nice guy. But I respect the fact HE is prepared to take on the world to do what he believes is right. And that is Bomb the shit out of the bad sandpeople and ignore western oil over bodies politics.

    • “It is unclear whether the militants are capable of piloting, re-fuelling, repairing and re-arming the jets, which could be used against Government and rebel forces in Syria, as well as Iraqi and Kurdish fighters and US air strikes in Iraq.”
      Wow reading is hard. DO get back to me when you’ve reports of ISIS FLYING the damned things

  2. Well, most of the EU NATO-members are completely occupied by middle-east refugees and still disagree how to share that obligation and protect EU borders at the same time. Most EU Nations have very few and some even none ressources (like Denmark) to support Turkey, US and their crazy agenda. Our government seems lost and can’t take a stand on how to act or agree on any foreign policy at the moment, and have announced election reguarding some Danish EU issues on the 3. of december. The majority of danish citizens totally ignores foreign news, global discussions and warposts on all social medias, and only leave comments on pleasant, funny, happy or cute posts. Seems like they try to make the global chaos disappear with ignorance. It’s literally like living amongst hubots or zombies. Don’t know whether to cry desperatly or laugh hysterical. Somebody please help us!

  3. I really support our cause as Anonymous!! But your Arse kissing of the Russians is incredible!! We praise the whistleblowers of our corrupt governments, but discredit when the Russians openly murder there’s and also political opponents. Also there stance on homosexuality and free speech is absurd!! All governments are corrupt! American, Russian,British,French,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc. FFS stop idolising them! We are Anonymous!!

    • Sean, I don’t see any idolizing of the Russian gov here, I see Anon bringing light to this US bully gov pushing this other Russian bully gov into a fight. That’s not taking sides, that’s exploring truth. Albeit there is a lot of supposition involved, the circumstances and coincidences are quite damning for the US…..


    I hope the 3rd war of world come and the complete Asia will finishing US-propaganda shit !!!

  5. Dont worry god has already begun the awakening and we arent going to take it anymore…. I have taken steps today against the lies and the evil of the world, i hope you will take acion wherever possiblr as well


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