The Most Frequently Asked Questions People Have About Anonymous


A few days ago the moderators of the chat-board at presented us with a challenge. They presented us with a list of the most frequently asked questions they receive on a day to day basis with the new people who come to the web site. We figure if these are the questions people continuously come asking, then chances are there are a lot of other people out there curious as well. Here is a guide to help you better understand what Anonymous is and what we are all about.


What Is Anonymous?

Anonymous is a loose collection of individual people around the world. has 4.5 million followers on Facebook alone. Anonymous is notoriously associated with hacking and hacking operations but over the years has evolved into a majority protest/civil activist movement.

Who is The Leader of Anonymous?

There is no leader of Anonymous. As mentioned above Anonymous is a loose collective of numerous people. Each member has their own interests and desires just as any of us has our own interests and desires. Everyone is different. The people who work together seem to accomplish the best results. There are countless groups which affiliate with Anonymous and in this way Anonymous is not one ‘group’ itself.

Can You Teach Me To Hack?

No, we can not legally teach you to do illegal things. If you stick around the chat levels long enough you are bound to learn some cool things. We have also pre-prepared computer programming guides , security tutorials and things like this.

Computer Programming Tutorial:

Do I Have To Be A Hacker To Join Anonymous?

Technical knowledge will help you in ventures with Anonymous. But no you do not have to be a hacker. Every year for example Anonymous holds the Million Mask March. This march takes place in more then 600 cities across the globe every November 5th. This is the roots of Anonymous; social change and civil activism.

Million Mask March 2015:
Organizing Million Mask March 2016:

How Do I Join Anonymous?

It is not cliche to say that you already have, you are in if you want to be. Stick around, contribute your opinion, collaborate with others. No one is going to do something for you, if you want to make a difference in the world it starts with you and your own efforts. Help others and you will be helped.

What Can I Do To Help?

This is a very common question we see here. We have for example OpSafeWinter promotions going on right now and people ask, where can I get news about one in my city? Can there be one in my city? A wise man once said “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Your city can have an OpSafeWinter it just take you to physically go out and do it.

Operation Safe Winter Guide:
Active Forum Operations & How You Can Help:
Join The Conversations At:

What Are The Future Plans of Anonymous?

The Immediate future we trying to grow this website, grow the forums and connect people to one another. Many people are anxious to start organizing the MMM of 2016. We will start to organize this soon in coordination with other groups such as the International Anonymous Coalition.

 The International Anonymous Coalition:
Anonymous Operations You May Not Know Happening Now:

Do I Have To Buy A Guy Fawkes Mask?

Though this has become the adopted trademark of Anonymous, no you do not need to buy a mask. In fact you will see many Anonymous affiliates with a logo of a man in a business suite with a ? head. This has become popular and many individual Anonymous groups design and adopt their own symbols/logos as well.

Why Anons wear the mask:

Am I Safe On This Website With Anonymous?

An Anonymous affiliated chat-board may not the safest place in the world online. For your safety do not open a 1 on 1 private chat with anyone you do not know. Do not openly reveal your direct personal information including name, address, phone number to anyone.  Use common sense when interacting with people you do not know. Moderators will be around to assist on the chats.

Anonymous Security Guide:

What About Anonymous on Youtube?

Sadly it is estimated that more then half of the Anonymous Youtube videos are either fake people or trolls meant to make Anonymous look stupid or extremist. Some of the most viewed video accounts are actually troll accounts. Some Anonymous do make great work on Youtube but for the most part Youtube is generally not the best source for real information.

What About Anonymous on Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter both seem to hold the most active congregations and affiliated groups and anon’s. The more organized and advanced groups tend go on to develop their own web pages in addition to maintaining a social media presence. There is no singular social media source for Anonymous and there are countless unconnected groups who each do their own separate activities. Most hacking groups find it hard to maintain twitter accounts for long due the nature of account contents, but good-active accounts are out there.

AnonHQ News Twitter:

What is The Purpose of the Chat & Chat Rooms?

As of 12-19-15 we have set all time records for traffic flow on 2 of the last 4 weeks. The chat levels are meant to separate discussion by individual interest, in this way hopefully keeping each individual chat room on track. The purpose of the chat is for direct communication and entertainment. Since the chat is more active and thus swallows up all information very quick, we ask everyone with an important message to please share them on the forums where the information will remain visible for longer.

Active Forum Discussions:
If you would like to report ISIS websites or accounts:
To report illegal activity, Anonymous Tips or provide important information:

This article: Frequently Asked Questions: A Guide To Anonymous” is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article using a creative commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ. Join the discussion at


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    • Go into the chatrooms and forums to get in touch with like-minded people. Anyone can be Anonymous, young or old, regardless of religion and creed. It isn’t a centralized ‘club.’ Anyone can be Anonymous.

    • Teach me or help guide me please.. I’m a quick learner and I am wanting to dedicate my time and life to this perfect cause.

  1. This is what the world needs the most. A society that works together towards helping make life better for others aswell as for them selves. This has the potencial for greatness when all are united …

  2. All these noobs: “Hey, I wanna hack!” Hey, Dudes. I’m not a hacker, but I know there’s swift vengeance on hackers. Not only do should you know how to hack but how to escape detection, and that’s nearly impossible. Your computer has an address that can be traced back to YOU, and then you’re in the slammer getting raped by all manner of low life. You want to be a hacker. Go to it!

    • you just have to know how to cover your tracks.. anonymous offers many guides that help with that. for example, your IP address can be masked by using a VPN. anyone visiting this site and/or leaving comments should be using one.

  3. You all are awesome! I love what you do and how you do it. Classy. Wishing you all stealth and invisibility so you can continue to do yo thang! XOXO

  4. I believe in what anonymous are.
    However…when ive seen the march in the city i was talking to the guys. We spoke for a few minutes. They were extreemly outspoken untill i asked a few simple questions.
    How did you get involved?
    What is behind what you are doing…theres defiantly some sort of agenda!?

    They stopped talking immediately and walked off. Not even goodbye.
    Theres seems to be motives.

    • With any movement, there wil be some people who are really passionate about what they are doing, but when you dig deep, they have no clue what they are really advocating. They are just passionate about a cause in general. That could have been the guys you met at the MMM. Maybe their only passion was to unite with people. They didn’t know what the MMM or even Anonymous was truly about.
      If you really want to know what Anonymous is about, you have to try to get local and see what the members of Anonymous in your area really advocate. Because it’s not a central organization, anyone can really claim to be Anonymous, and their motives may be different, whether it’s people passionate about hacktivism, social equality, etc. or just someone that thinks the world needs to change.
      The real members from the fake are actually easy to spot: The fake either are obviously fighting for attention, or they are doing things maliciously, like hacking in order to infect the computers of normal people or stealing from people without any purpose but to harm.
      The real members don’t do anything that adversely affect anyone unless they deserve it, like hacking the KKK’s twitter account. At the end of the day, the real Anonymous is out there to create change for the good of the world, starting with the one, then the community, then the nation, then the world.


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