The Anoncast – Episode 15: Neo-Cons, The Media & The Military Industrial Complex


On this episode of The Anoncast, Alek talks with Robbie Martin of Media Roots.  Robbie’s latest project A Very Heavy Agenda Part 3, holds true to the first two exposing the mostly unseen hand of Neo-Con think tanks and their influence over the media, the military industrial complex and ultimately you.robbiemartin

The Neo-Cons, who were behind the foreign policy initiatives of the Bush Administration and ultimately responsible for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, did not disappear after Bush left office. The very same founders of the Project For A New American Century who authored the notorious Rebuilding America’s Defenses, simply re-branded themselves as the Foreign Policy Initiative. The Foreign Policy Initiative has continued to manipulate the media and press their hawkish pro-war agenda.

Robbie Martin’s film series A Very Heavy Agenda follows the Neo-Con’s rise to power before the Bush Administration through their re-branding efforts during the Obama Administration and looks to the future as Neo-Con’s are likely candidates for key positions in Hillary Clinton’s administration.


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  1. You are incorrectly naming them Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals as a collective they are the GLOBAL ELITE!!!! They want to kill us all off don’t you understand by using everyone against everyone. This is why they are buying bunkers and moving to New Zealand to get away from the mess they created in their “home countries”. They belong all belong on a desert island where they would know the plights of those they oppress.


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