The Anoncast – Episode 16 – Saso Luznar of the Venus Project


On this episode of The Anoncast, Alek had the rare opportunity to sit down face to face with Saso Luznar of The Venus Project.

The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations but a way of life.


On July 17, 2016 The Venus Project founder Jacque Fresco received the award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS Summit in conjunction with the United Nations division UN DESA. This was held at the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations. We are deeply grateful to those who put on the event and want to give a special thank you to Natasha Tsakos, who did an amazing job of introducing Jacque, Roxanne and The Venus Project. We also appreciate that Julio Herrera accepted the award on behalf of Jacque Fresco. This annual summit gives platform to humanitarian, governmental and non-governmental organizations showcasing innovations for sustainable development to transform the world in a positive way.

This is a very important step in our world outreach effort, to unite humanity towards a better future for all.

At this conference The Venus Project was pleased to announce the beginning of the next phase of our development – our new NPO called Resource Based Economy, created to initiate construction of the first experimental city system designed by Jacque Fresco. This city will showcase our optimistic vision, allowing people to see what kind of future we can build if we channel our efforts of a systems approach for social betterment. Your inquiry and participation are welcome.

For more information on The Venus Project, please visit


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    • Agreed. There is no room for dissent. This is very much like the communism envisioned by Marx. Humanity will never be unified without fear. It’s a sad truth that has led to millions of deaths by dictators throughout history.

  1. James…you don’t think you are living in a dictatorship now? Who do you think chooses presidents, certainly not citizens, elections are a fixed farce and you think you have a say but you really don’t. Guess what James, “a secret organization behind the scenes” actually runs the country, and it isn’t The Venus Project.

    • Hello R. Clarke,

      You clearly have no idea what a dictatorship is.

      The venus project requires a North Korea/communist police state type of government to work

      You say
      “you don’t think you are living in a dictatorship now?”

      If you are trying to equate the United States with a dictatorship then you are clearly delusional or esl.

      Visit North Korea and see how for your self what a dictatorship is really like.

      Please read my below posts and you will understand why the venus project is just a another police state dystopia plan.

      The key word is “eliminating”.

      Free Man

  2. The (V) project: No government, No currency, No army, No laws, No prisions, No police, No president, No master.
    In other words this is an ‘Anarcho Techno Communist’ model. There the solutions are not politicals but technicals; manage the object, not the subject.

    • If you look the “Anarcho Communist” in the dictionary you can see some similarities, but there are things that is diffrent (in a way you can do this with allot of system see similarities and diffrences with the venus project but they are still diffrent, TVP ofcourse borrow good ideas from the past from diffrent systems.

      “and in favor of common ownership of the means of production”
      Well ofcourse there are transitions between diffrent system, but TVP aims for a non Ownership, also known as “Acess system”.

      [10][11] “direct democracy” also maybe as a transition, if you call the improvement and change bit of the new society as a direct democracy may that be but it will not be like todays direct democracy

      “councils with production and consumption based on the guiding principle: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

      well here is the same maybe only as a transition, there should be experts on each areas working together, but aims for automation of decitions in society

      “Some forms of anarchist communism, such as insurrectionary anarchism, are strongly influenced by egoism and radical individualism,”

      yes and this one is the opposite that will embrace and nudge; altruism, individual freedom, but working together as a better way to change things

      • Hello Mattias,

        The venus project requires a North Korea/communist police state type of government to work

        Please read my below posts and you will understand why the venus project is just a another police state dystopia plan.

        The key word is “eliminating”.

        Free Man

  3. How do you get around the coordination problem? How are you going to supply infinite resources?

    This is little thought going onto this project. I would suggest some research into economics. There is a lot of emotion and very little rational thinking driving this project.

    In essence, this is Star Trek economics.

  4. Where is the fairness? Can we all go out and get a yacht? I love your ideas, just want to make sure you are thinking of everything. Keep up the good work. I have a complete plan of my own that could completely convert our current economy to a fair system that works well for everyone and yes, we still use money, along with credits. Please contact me for information and possible collaboration if you are open-minded. Thank you.

    • Still thinking about yacht? There is no such thing as that when we unite. Our focus is on r3v0Lut10n. (Scientifically / Spiritually). Everyone can has and where knowledge is Free. We all working together in everything like foods(organic) and resources(renewable). Where everyone has a purpose. #UNITY #EQUITY

      • Seems rather cultish, doesn’t it? Isn’t that the sort of thinking that has gotten many religions in trouble over the past 4500 years? Worship this god or this god-king or you will not be apart of the whole. Without banishment there is death for the dissenter.

  5. Jacque Fresco says he is a social engineer. Social engineer ? Talk about an oxymoron.

    Conning people in to doing some thing they shouldn’t be doing can be called social engineering.

    So is a con man a social engineer ?

    Social engineering is an example of technical appropriation. It is the act of pretending that people are like mere objects in nature with predictable and controllable outputs given the correct inputs. Just stick them in a system, and then have the social engineer in charge of the system adjust and tune the variables to get the optimum outputs.

    The problem with this idea is that people have their own ideas about what they want and don’t want and will act on their own to satisfy their desires. And these desires may run counter to the goals of the social engineer’s system. A social engineer’s system for a society by definition means a centrally planned system with predetermined goals and does not allow for decentralized planning by the people who make up the system. And that is why this whole idea is DOA (Dead on Arrival). Been there, tried that doesn’t work. Jacque Fresco should really call him self a socialist because his utopian plan is just socialism with a new coat of paint.

  6. The UN’s Agenda 21 and the Venus project are identical.

    Why is anonymous publishing this deceptive UN propaganda ? The UN stands for world government

    Agenda 21 is just a Trojan horse for the the globalist take over of the world. A world in which all nations have lost their sovereignty and are subject to unelected bureaucrats just like the so called nations in the the EU.

    Get real people. The only way the Venus project/Agenda 21 works is if all nations become subject to a world government that has total ownership and control of all means of production. The means of production of all goods and services must be owned and controlled by the world government under this utopian plan. If it sounds like communism/socialism that’s because it is. Don’t believe me ?

    See on their own web site.
    Human Factors

    “Considerable amounts of energy would also be saved by eliminating the duplication of competitive products such as tools, eating utensils, pots, pans and vacuum cleaners. Only a few of the highest quality products would be needed to serve the entire population instead of hundreds of different manufacturing plants with paperwork and personnel turning out similar products.”


    The only way they can do the above radical Utopian, Orwellian transformation of society is with the power of a police state. Got a head ache yet ?

    Did you notice the word “eliminating” in their proposal. What if you don’t want your company to be eliminated ? Do you think they will just ask you nicely and if you say no they will just say that’s OK and then just go away and not bother you any more ? Read the above paragraph I quoted a few times and you will soon realize that unless they do a lot of “eliminating” none of their utopian ideas will work. And believe me when I say, they know that they will need to do a lot of eliminating and will have no qualms about doing it. Do you feel like being eliminated in the name of their utopia ? Want to see your friends and family eliminated to achieve utopia ? Remember its all for the greater good. Big brother knows best.

    Why do communist, national socialist (Nazi) utopian scientifically managed societies turn in to human rights nightmares ? Why is the road to these dystopias paved with good intentions ? Why does power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely ? Why is it a bad idea to concentrate too much power at the top ?

    If you have no control over the fruits of your own labor then you are just a slave of the state. You are just property of the state. The word freedom has no meaning if you have no economic freedom. Any one who thinks
    Venus project/Agenda 21 stands for life, liberty, freedom and justice for all is badly misinformed.


    See the below book for more details on the methods and goals of the globalists.

    Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation
    by Patrick M. Wood

    See also the books Brave New World, 1984 and Animal Farm.


    For more Venus project/Agenda 21/socialist/communist cognitive dissonance nonsense see the below from their own web site.

    “The Venus Project is neither Utopian nor Orwellian, nor does it reflect the dreams of impractical idealists.”

    “Replacing money-based nationalistic economies with a resource-based world economy.”

    “The problems we are faced with today cannot be solved politically or financially because they are highly technical in nature. There may not even be enough money available to pay for the required changes, but there are more than enough resources. This is why The Venus Project advocates a transition from a monetary-based society to the eventual realization of a global resource-based economy.”

  7. The goal of this is everybody has to get with the program, no dissent allowed, no alternative opinions allowed. In other words, pie in the sky thinking and only certain leaders are right, the bulk of humanity is left out of the process like now, no change, just different people pulling the strings.

  8. Excluded from the proposal is: what to do about human avarice, greed, and competitiveness, which will imbalance the concept of a money free world. These are traits that are built into the human race, and a novel process won’t eliminate them. They will clash and the process will revert to something similar to what we have currently or worse-whatever that might be.

  9. EVERYTHING in life costs something. Money is a substitute for labor. Some forms of labor require more intelligence, discipline and pain and, therefore, yield more money. Money that can be used to buy things that would cost more time and labor than the work you did to earn the money used.

    How does this work? Because people work for their own sake in a society that allows for people to specialize and yield far greater reward than if they went at it alone. Think of a tribe of people in the wilderness VS a single man in the woods. A single man would have to hunt, find water, build shelter, fight disease, etc by himself. It takes a rare man to be able to do that all alone and live to a long lifespan. But if you put 100 men together then the ones who excel at hunting but are horrible at finding water can spend all of their time hunting. They can produce food for 200 men. Those that are good with water can produce it for 200 men, and those that are good with building…

    Now tell me, how do you expect this new system to work? Where do these goods come from that are equally available? Where is all of this abundance and HOW was it PRODUCED? It wasn’t produced by a government official that signs a paper that enforces it’s distribution to everyone. It was produced by people. People who worked for the greatest yield that their labor could produce (or didn’t). How will this new system survive if everyone decides they want to become an artist since everything is equally rewarded?

    Or do you plan to force labor?

  10. Hi everyone you can understand V project beacause you dont learn about it. You are rised in a society wiele money is base for everything nowe its hard to think there might be something different. Fear? Is this Your motivation?read learn How to understand what people Say and judge later. Its a project but no one force anybody to join let them be. Pay Taxes for politicians and be resistible to a knowledge, learn and ask questions dont Just answer Your questions on Your on you dont have a knowledge to answer every single one but together we have. We have pilots engineers we have doctors.

    • Hello Sphinx,

      Please read my above posts and you will understand why the venus project is just a another police state dystopia plan.

      The key word is “eliminating”.

      Free Man

  11. The Venus Project supposes that some ‘experts’ using computer technology will manage all of the world’s resources, production, and distribution on behalf of the world’s populations. I agree with the criticisms voiced here. There is no structure of community decision making processes included in the VP projection. Without structured, community decision making processes unanimity cannot be ratified.

    I favor the opposite model, the decentralization of civic power, a decentralized production-based economy, and the decentralization of population; sovereign communities and constitutional confederations of such communities – perpetual decentralization.

    I have recently completed the manuscript, Decentralized Civilization. The content includes structured, dialogical, consensus-based community decision making processes. It includes three levels of community organizations the civil, the civic, and the civic-economic. Briefly, it creates a society in which the widest spectrum of personal values can be tested in community. Each person is a values maker, meaning the ways they choose to live their respective lives. In Decentralized Civilization the mutual community banks are public services, owned and self-managed by the people. People can be self-capitalized for all personal and community enterprises without interest charges and can receive grants of their autonomous money. It breaks with dependence on the Zionist Central Bank, and it breaks with dependence on the goods and services of transnational corporations. The manuscript is departmentalized and is four hundred pages. I can’t write a summary here.

    However, for independence four components are needed, 1) consensus-based structured, community decision making processes, 2)community self-capitalization (work-based money), 3) production-based community economy, 4) constitutionally confederated, sovereign communities (sovereignty is an economic proposition), and confederated confederations of such.

    The purpose of Decentralized Civilization is to meet the people’s existential needs, which are, sustenance, security, respect, love, and self-realization (to fulfill your personal callings), which together produce meaning, an existential need. In real community people work with each other for each other in order to meet those needs (community support). People cannot defend themselves from totalitarianism unless they create real community. The decentralization of political economic power is our most important and pressing challenge.

  12. has to be some difference. In my professional life I have seen it all and if someone say we can live in peace equally valued he is wrong. People more stupid they are more desire for domination they have. Only way to stop it is kaste-like system based on IQ. More intelligent more privilegies as smart people tend to do things for benefit of all as it is easyer for them to see bigger picture!

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