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Earlier this year, Anonymous launched #OpIslam, an effort to better educate people around the world about the religion; for people reach out and ask questions, voice their concerns/fears and engage in open dialogue. The results have been a mild success. We have run our own server on the issue, and over the months, hundreds have become engaged and hopefully hundreds more are now better educated for it.

Once again, and we can not stress this enough, this operation has absolutely nothing to do with converting people to Islam. The operation exists solely as an educational tool to combat the hate and ignorance we see surrounding the religion today. Earlier this week, leader of the operation, Maia, produced a new video for the movement, along with some fresh material.

The most recent video addresses some of the most pressing concerns regularly voiced in our chats:

What does Jihad actually mean? All across the media and on popular headlines, particularly here in the West, we hear about Jihad and how radical Islamist’s are ‘waging Jihad against America.’ But what does it actually mean? Jihad is not a synonym for War and anyone who does not understand this – :cough: The Main Stream Media :cough: – seriously needs to learn. More information availble in the video below.

Is Islam really a religion of peace? After all, some of the most violent areas of conflict around the world are Muslim predominantly controlled; and we hear all the time about attacks by radical Islamist’s.

It’s funny, there were over 1.1 million violent crimes committed in the U.S. last year, the number of these crimes committed by Muslims are fractions of this number – literally, single digits.

You seriously have to ask yourself: why do you hear about every single murder that happened to involve a Muslim, every night on the national news, when all across the country hundreds of Americans are murdered by other Americans every day – why are the Muslims exclusively singled out in national coverage, all the time? Seriously, what is the end game here, and why does the media do this to society? Is it to make you live your life in fear and indoctrinate you – to support a multi-trillion dollar War campaign overseas? You tell me…

Again, more information about violence and war in regards to Islam and Islamic scripture below.

More Educational Links

A brief history of Islam from pre-Arabia to the death of Muhammad:

Other links defining the meaning of Jihad:

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  1. Just because you quote a few things from the Koran that contradict the despicable acts carried out by terrorists ; doesn’t mean theses men are not of this faith. Many terrorist acts have been carried out by people, who identify and assimilate themselves with are religion, that are contradicictory to that religions ideologies.


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