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Well first of all, this operation does not aim at “converting everyone to islam”, not at all.

Islam is a religion misunderstood by many, verses form the quran are misinterpreted, lies about our Prophet Mohammad are spread, all of of this is use to create hate and animosity toward Muslim community. I was thinking for a long time now, about doing an operation that will aim at educating people about what Islam is in order to prove that we are not the enemy, but I hesitated a lot, not knowing if it was a good idea or not. What really helped me take a decision is this article :

There is a lot of anti-Islam website out there, spreading lies and hate pretending they know better what islam is than Muslims. My idea was to do exactly what Vibe did in this article, answering lies with the truth. Showing to the world that no, Muslims are not terrorist, that Islam does not advertise violence, that we are peaceful, and that the real message of Islam is peace, nothing more than that. I understand that some people feel uncomfortable when it comes down to talk about religions, but I think that making religions a taboo, especially with what is currently happening in the world, is not a good idea. I was told that a lot of people are ignorant when it comes down to Islam, this ignorance is used in order to create more divisions between us. I want to break down one of those many walls that are dividing humanity.maia (sky)

ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to violence. This is the equation.

We theorize that people do not just simply hate other people for no reason, this behavior is learned and maybe people are misinformed and/or uneducated about Islam and Muslim peoples. Between random Youtube videos about the end of the world, conspiracy blogs and Fox News, Muslims can be presented in a pretty scary fashion to most viewers. In fact here is one such example of a hate web sites of Islam:

Notice how the web site is titled “bible” and in one the first lines goes on to state that “Islam is entirely of Satanic origin. The Devil is behind every aspect of it “. This particular website is important to note out for several different reasons. First, this web site shows the indoctrination and hate which exists towards Islam in the western World today. Second, what if a young student studying religion comes across a web site with the word bible in the title and this is what they learn? It is horrible to think, who knows how many people web site like this influenced over the years. Third exposing mis-information like this is what OpIslam is all about. Expose the hatred in the world, show the people what it really is and what it looks like and then educate people, give them information to make better judgements in the future.

Here is another such example of OpIslam and the types of discussion it has promoted…..

Question:As a Christian it was pointed out to me the the Koran contains over a hundred verses advocating the use of violence in the name of religion. This bothers me because the teachings of Jesus are all about non violence. As a Muslim what is your response to this?Source:

Answer:I have seen these claims before, it is sad how the quran is so misinterpreted.” The following web site was also given for people to read and understand why the original question was false:

……… we want people to be having more of conversations like this in the public eye, educating us all in the process. This operation is new and we are still gathering supports. What we are asking for is examples of hateful, misleading, or false headlines or web sites towards Islam and the appropriate response as proof of the logic why those examples are wrong. This is the back and forth and dialogue people need to see and read if anything is going to change and people are going to learn anything. Whether people like it or not Muslims make up 26% of the global population and Islamic relations are at the top of international political discussion. Being Jewish or Christian or Atheist or Apolitical is no reason not to at least learn about and/or understand Islam. If you have never learned in the past we hope this operation can be a stepping stone towards understanding, ultimately peace.

The sentiments of OpIslam are similar in a way to a group known as the American Muslims in Opposition of Terror who was featured here on AnonHQ the other week. Interview With A.M.O.T:

Reach American Muslims in Opposition of Terror Here:

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  1. I am a Christian and I take my faith seriously. When Jesus says the second most important COMMANDMENT is to love our neighbors as ourselves, I can’t walk away from that. Muslims are my neighbors and Jesus wants me to love them. I can’t do that if I spread rumors about them or judge them ( you shall not judge ) by the actions of a minority of criminals. I can’t love them if I don’t know them. So, I join with my muslim friends every Friday for their Juma prayers. They know that I’m a Christian and we embrace each other as brothers. It is much easier to trust people when you know their names, eat with them, pray with them, laugh with them, and walk with them. Christ wants us to build bridges, not walls. It is true that there are significant differences in our faiths, but the more I spend time with them, the more I feel that we share in common.

    • Very well said brother. I wish everyone could think like you and the world would have been a better place than it is now.

  2. “As a Christian it was pointed out to me the the Koran contains over a hundred verses advocating the use of violence in the name of religion”

    This is not true, to be correct the holy Quran has zero verses advocating violence.

  3. For sure our religion ISLAM has nothing to do with Terrorism , our prophet has encouraged us to say nice words and to have good manners.He once said that the best level in paradise are the people that have the best manners.So how could we practice terrorism while our prophet has ordered us to do the right and peaceful things!

  4. I had grown up in faith. Today I think differently. We want the other respect.
    If the faith helps people – let believe.
    The history shows the error. Only stupid people are afraid of new, unknown.
    Live and let live. Hate bring nothing.
    No religion says you should kill or hate.
    If you feel really interpretire your religion.

  5. When they behead innocent people they say Allahu akbar, not Jesus Christ.. They know very well their religion entertains it. The Muslim leaders don’t condemn jihads, in fact they condemns Christians for trying to spread Christianity, or a good question is can the UAE entertain churches, if you answer that correctly you will be able to understand why your religion isn’t much appreciated as well. Where i come from Islam’s consider Christians as pagans or atheists.. What i hear from you is a publicity stunt to position Islam as a great religion. First arrest or kill those who misrepresent Islam /the caliphates /isis then come tell me about your religion.

    • You do realize Allah literally means God? Allah is simply God in a different language.

      God/Allah/Jehovah/YHWH are all different languages referring to the God of Abraham. The prophet Muhammad was a direct descendant of the first son of Abraham who was exiled. So as I hope you can see Islam, Christianity and Judaism are much more intertwine then most people care to understand.

      And no this is not about spreading Islam. I am Christian. This is all bout human decency, common respect and knowledge is free. Nothing else

      • I love how you completely ignored the ‘beheading’ part of his question. Yes, Allah means God, we got it…. but what about the beheading of innocent people? Got an explanation for that?

        • Righteous, you got nothing, huh?
          So basically you’re justifying the beheading of innocent people because they yell “God is great” before doing so? So it makes it all okay and acceptable?
          Yes…what a lovely “peaceful” religion you have going on.

          • And if Muslims really do believe in God, well, isn’t one of God’s commandments “thou shall not kill”?
            Do you really think you’re pleasing God/Allah with all these beheadings, when he specifically instructed us NOT to kill?

          • Hello,

            you are talking about terrorists not muslims.

            Muslims follow the word or God, and the teaching of the prophet Mohammad. and here what the quran say :

            “…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” (6:151)

            “…if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.”(5:32)

            God commands justice and doing good and giving to relatives. And He forbids indecency and doing wrong and tyranny. He warns you so that hopefully you will pay heed. (Quran 16:90)

            And here are what the teaching of the Prophet means :

            The Prophet said: ‘Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong you will do wrong. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong if they do evil.’

            The Prophet said: ‘The most virtuous jihâd is when one speaks a word of truth before an unjust ruler.’ (Sunan Abî Dawûd, Sunan At-Tirmidhî, Sunan Ibn Mâjah)

            he Prophet said: ‘The Muslim does not slander, curse, speak obscenely, or speak rudely.’ (Sunan At-Tirmidhî)

            The Prophet said: ‘Anyone who kills even a sparrow for no reason (should know that) it will cry alound to Allah on the Day of the Resurrection, saying, “O my Lord! So-and-so killed me just for fun; he killed me for no reason!” ‘ (Sunan An-Nasâ’î)

            A’isha said: ‘I was once riding a difficult (slow-moving) camel, so I kept hitting it. When the Prophet saw me, he said: ‘Be gentle, for gentleness adorns everything in which it is found, and its absence leaves everything tainted.’ (Musnad Ahmad)

            That is what islam is about, so yes, islam is a peacful religion.

          • Oh Maia, LOL…please stop, you are making me laugh.
            In addition, I find it odd that not one of you can still answer our question.
            What about the beheadings in the name od Allah????
            Can any one Muslim answer that??
            You guys are so good at avoided that question. You take us around the block with your answeres, but never once addressing the question.
            Why do Muslims kill/behead in the name of Allah?????
            Anyone got answer?

          • Jeanette, I answered your question already, you are talking about terrorists not muslims. Muslims don’t behead in the name of Allah.

            but thank you for showing why this operations is needed, people are just lost and completly brainwashed into believing that muslims and terrorists are the same, which of course is not true.

          • Maia, these terrorists aren’t Muslim???? They’re Christian? Jewish? Catholic? Hindu? Buddhist?
            Oh, please forgive my ignorance, I could have sworn they were Muslim when they shout “Allah Akbar” just before beheading poor innocent people.
            Surely you can understand how the world believes they are Muslim.
            So if these terrorists aren’t Muslim…..what are they?

          • Anonvoid, another example by you not even close in comparison. Yes, we can all say “Allah Akbar” and it notEan we are Muslim nor a terrorists…I get it, I get your humor.
            But let’s look at it in a more serious rather than comical view.
            I didn’t by any means imply that all Muslims are terrorists, rather, the majority of terrorists arw Muslim.
            Let’s look at our current terrorist situation…. All members of ISIS are Muslim. All participants in the beheadings and shouting “Allah Akbar” are Muslim. We can agree to that, yes? All ISIS sympathizers joining ISIS convert to which religion? Christianity? Jewish?
            No that’s right, they convert to Muslim. Correct?
            All that are committing such atrocities so happen to be Muslim.
            It’s okay to say it people. I don’t know why it’s not PC to say so? Let’s face it…our current terrorist problems are coming from Muslims. It’s okay to admit it. It doesn’t mean to condemn all Muslims, it means to condemn the Muslims doing so. And this is not an isolated incident either, it’s not one maniaccount muslim running around wrecking havoc, these are hundreds of thousands. You can see how it’s baffling to us for you to say Muslim is a peaceful religion when SO many practice such evil deeds in the name of Islam. How is it peaceful, when yet so many are evil?

          • it’s obvious how much you hate muslims, so maybe talk to a therapist, whatever it is, it can be fixed 😉

          • In conclusuon…
            Please just stop trying to sell us on any relgion. I don’t look down upon anyone for their religious beliefs…we all have a right to believe in what we want and don’t need to be subjected to anything we don’t believe in.
            Nobody knows who is right anyway. We haven’t died yet, so we have no clue what happen on the other side, other than what we believe in.
            I don’t know about you, but I haven’t had any dead relatives come back and visit me and say “hey, you know what? The Muslims are right, or God really is an elephant, practice Hinduism “.
            We don’t know the truthandle until we die. So in the meantime, practice what you believe, there’s nithi b g wrong with that. It’s only wrong when you kill in the name of your religion….that’s where we have a problem.

          • And Anonvoid. ..I don’t hate Muslims. I hate not being able to talk about truth and facts without being called a hater or racist.
            Not all Muslims are terrorists. But our current terrorist problems, happen to be Muslim. We should be able to talk about this openly and honestly and not have to sugarcoat it. I understand the Muslim community is ashamed of what their people are doing, but they can just pretend that it’s not true. They need to confront it and help be part of the solution. And stop making excuses and preaching how peaceful their religion is, when clearly its not.
            I don’t understand how hundreds of thousands of people can misinterpret the Quran? Obviously there is something there that preaches such violence, it’s not a fluke that hundreds of thousands have the same impression from reading the same book.
            But again, there are millions that don’t share that same sentiment (I don’t think), I know not all muslims are terrorists. But all terrorists are Muslim. Why is that? What am I missing?

          • Let me put it in simpler terms, Anonvoid…
            What religion does ISIS identify themselves with??
            Why is not okay to point that out and why is it not okay to think that there is something wrong within the Muslim community? Obviously there is something wrong when you have a mass group of people killing in the name of a religion.
            It would be no different if ISIS were a Christian group. Would the world not question what is wrong with Christianity? Of course they would. Don’t play double standards Clearly something is wrong in the Muslim world.
            If a group of people eating from the same jar of peanut butter all of a sudden became sick, would you not blame the peanut butter for making them sick? Or would you insanely believe it’s just a coincidence that all became sick and surely there is nothing wrong with the peanut butter?Come on. Muslims need to develop thicker skin and not be so defensive that a group of there own is on a killing spree. Facts are facts. It’s muslims committING these crimes. Face it.

          • Really Jeannette? So if I started shouting “praise God” in Russian then you’d hate on Russia’s most common religion? It doesn’t make a single difference whether you shout “Praise God!” or “Allah Akbar!” I’m atheist I could care less about a religion but let’s put this into context, cause someone shouted “Praise God” before beheading someone in Arabic you think all Muslims are terrorists? Then by your working out all Irish men are pedophiles because a few priests touch young children and Catholic is the main religion in Ireland.

        • Put simply Jeannette, which I see you need because you are a small minded woman with delicate intellectual constitution, Christians have no answer for the horrors of the Crusades except, “If you do things like that, you’re not *truly* Christian anymore.”

          Do Muslims not have the right to outcast and distance themselves from terrorists that pervert religion to influence zealots to achieve a political goal?

          I will give you a hint, the answer isn’t “no.”

          • Yes, Bishop!!!!
            If only they WOULD outcast and distance themselves…and HELP us bring the bad ones to Justice! If only….

          • Alex, please re-read what I said and then come back and try to make an intelligent comment. No where did I say ALL muslims are terrorists. I said all these terrorists (ISIS) are Muslim.
            There is a big difference.
            It doesn’t matter what language you shout “God is Great”, but of you are killing/beheading someone in the process and doing so in the name of your religion….then yes, Alex, you would be a terrorist too.

        • Let’s rewind the tape back. Remember gas chambers and concentration camps?
          Hitler was raised as a Christian. He then became more of an atheist.

          Now, paint all christians and atheists with the same brush.

  6. BS.
    I’m so bloody sick of hearing how peaceful and sweet Muslims are. I won’t paint all of them with the same brush, but if YOUR brothers and sisters are committing atrocities around the world, YOU should be the FIRST to denounce their idiocy.
    All this bleating of ‘Oh, it’s not ME. I’M a peaceful Muslim.”… get up and fight the scum! If you won’t denounce your brothers and stand up to their hate, you’re as bad as they are.

    • Look, I have something to say to people like you who believe ISIS and other “Muslim” terrorists: Any terrorist organization that claims to be the true face of that particular religion, in this case Islam, is not really what that religion stands for. The fact that you people actually believe these stupid terrorists is beyond me and shows your level of intelligence. Terrorists look at the Quran and misinterpret it completely. And this you are talking about how us Muslims should “get up and fight”, didnt you fucking know that the majority of ISIS related deaths in the middle east are muslims fighting back? Get educated my friend. Know the facts. As-salamu alaykum (Peace be upon you)

  7. i used to not give a sh*t about religion in total until things started to become really intense in europe. i dont know if its really the idea behind islam itself or just some ppl around here but why do ppl demand more and more and more islam in countries which are basically christian? i would still be not giving a f*ck but its really the thing of giving a finger and ppl take the whole hand instead. just saying… as long as muslims dont stop this stupidity spread in the name of political correctness and sh*t in the name of islam in europe there wont be any chance of understanding. let things be the way they are and stop being offended by every fart anyone does here and everything can become fine. i mean… srsly ppl.. do schools really have to put down crosses in classrooms because muslims feel offended? does this one supermarket really have to put the 1001 night dreams soap out of stock because some muslim says hes offended and it insults his religion because it looks like a mosque? and if ppl see that this is happening.. you are really wondering why they get angry? these were 2 examples of idk maybe 1000 maybe 10000 and still more and more are coming. not even talking about cologne and stuff…. yeah sure has nothing to do with islam itself. but the name of this religion is mentioned in every single of these events and there are no offended muslims saying “this is not us”. get what im saying? so yeah now call me racist or whatever..

  8. Thank you Righteous. The real problem has never been Islam and never will be.

    The real problem are greedy, power hungry, mass murdering sociopathic killers and corrupt governments. Mankind refuses to learn from history. Corrupt individuals foster movements in the name of government or religion. They need good marketing to succeed. I remind you all of the; Christian Crusades, Japanese interment camps, witch hunts, Natzies, nuclear bomb threats, communism, etc. ask your grandparents about how brother turned on brother falsely believing everyone was a communist. Propaganda works. Turn on your tv or read your news paper. Do you ever see a day without big headline “ISLAMIC TERROISM” plastered in front of your face? The war and hate machine works very well. Corrupt governments use it every day. Look over here while I’m doing my dirty deeds over there.

    As attention grabbing as it all is, reality is no one wants these extremist Sharia courts in their back yard. Public stoning, beheadings, limbs cut off, caning, etc are barbaric. No one wants harassed walking down the street from religious police. People fear this kind of extremism. But again this is not the norm. Again it is a radicalized subgroup. The average Muslim is a peaceful person who wants nothing to do with these practices. They are people you can be proud to call your friend. Do you want to discuss Jim Jones?

    Living in a police state under constant survalence and threats of violence causes extreme stress. Eventually individuals have enough, they feel violated and unsafe, causing them to lash out. Usually the target will be something achievable, where propaganda has directed them. It’s usually not rational or warranted.

    I raised a family of seven children without any organized religion. Today they are all compassionate, law abiding, tax paying citizens. I raised them on some absolute rules.

    Respect another person for who they are and where they are in their own growth and development. Respect does not mean you must agree with them or participate with them, but you must respect them.

    Be blind to race, religion, socioeconomic status, or political beliefs.

    You have rights that are precious. Protect them and excercise them. However, your rights end where another’s begins.

    When in doubt as to how to respect someone’s beliefs, ask them. You may learn something valuable.

    Never turn your back on someone in need and always defend the vulnerable.

    Share what you have with someone in need.

    If someone approaches you with anger or hate, reach out to them with compassion and friendship. It is up to them to accept but don’t give up offering.

    God is in your heart and conscience. Not in a book or building. Hold this relationship close and private. Learn to be a very good listener.

    You don’t get to bitch about how corrupt your government is if you don’t get off your butt to fix it.

    Always be a better humanitarian than your government.

    Never ever forget the song “One Tin Soldier” keep it on your play list.

    I am happy to share shelf space with “Muslin” products. By all means share my neighborhood. We must ALL take to heart the word “RESPECT”. I love a more diversified and interesting world. All those different thoughts and ideas bring us new ideas for a better future. Together, decent respectful people can change the world.

  9. To me its not about any religion or its well intended followers or its ‘Holy Book(s)’ at all.

    Its about its walls that automatically exist outside it once its followers do the wrong thing which is to stand in groups facing INWARDS, towards their own creed.
    I say they need to face OUTwards and extend their arms to all others in greeting, regardless of whether those they greet are joining them or not!

    There must be no turned backs!

  10. What i really don’t get that, how did it started at the beginning? Like i don’t get it… islam means peace in arabic language… but why divide muslims… like now there’s different ways to practice islam but we all forgot that the mean idea is that we have to follow only the coran, and god taught his messengers to send a message to make people follow him… but in this main time, while there’s no more messengers, we have to use our logic at the same time of our spirit, we have to learn to behave in a certain way and acte in a certain way… islam is the truth meaning of peace… and i love it.. I’m young but i have my word to say ☺

  11. If Islam isn’t so bad and evil, then why does it have to be defended so much?

    Shouldn’t the practice of a religion speak for itself….oh that’s right, it does.

    Please stop preaching how ” peaceful” Islam is, as we see how the religion is practiced with the daily beheadings.

    • Religion is what someone believes, not what actions the believer takes. All religions have their violent members and sects.

  12. Strange the double standard in ‘Hackers’ about religion. It’s OK to be Muslim or Rastafarian, or ‘PastaFarian’. But not Christian. Believe me, what question is begged is this; How do you know how the average ‘American’ feels about Muslims and or Islam. Are you believing the press? Or perhaps the opportunistic psychopath just around the corner in any town in the world? Actions speak louder than words and if you’re believing what the press says or any loud mouthed nut you’re being lazy and not doing your homework. Here in Fort Wayne IN, 3 Muslims were killed recently. You don’t see much in the press about it. Rest assured, no one around here is happy, though. You need to just get down to the leg work if you want to change an image or ideology. People are much different when you are face to face.

  13. Maia, thank you for the enlightening scripture quotes. I found them very interesting and would enjoy seeing a few more. It would help me to better my understanding of Islam and how to show respect for Muslims. My daughters and I have already decided to participate in the next Hijab Day. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Amercians keep judging Muslims and claim that they are terrorists meanwhile Murica is a global Terrorist organization! Plus you guys have the KKK or they are saints? They are christians too.

    • I always find it funny when I read or hear someone say how ‘America is responsible for the world’s problmes’, when in reality you guys have been fighting the same war long before America was even a nation. Stop blaming us for your problems. And when speaking about our great country, correct yourself, Obama is the global terrorist.

  15. Hi, Islam is the real religion, because it is the last religion, and the last religion is always true. Christians think Islam=Terrorism.. No ! It is a big lie of ISIS ! Don’t believe ISIS’s stupidly games . Come to Islam.. Think that “update”. Christian is of course Allah’s rules, but it is old. [And also re-writed 🙁 ] IsIam is new religion of Allah. All God religions believing Allah, it is very good thing, but only Muslims believing the newest one, Kuran-ı Kerim… Come to İslam, come to Allah’s new religion !

  16. HAHAHA Anonymous has lost the plot.

    Well, to be fair Anonymous has been declining for years now and is only but an empty shell of its former self, absorbed by hipsters and try-hards etc. Now it’s involving itself in religion and religious-politics? Nice try, but this is a big mistake (for an organisation that wants to pretend that it involves itself in politics), and it’ll only further complicate and accelerate the reputational decline of the organisation.


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