Anti-Pedophile Vigilante Behind Bars For Hunting Down Child Predators Better Than Police


Rich Warner, a 42-year old self-styled pedophile hunter from Adelaide, is behind bars for launching a sting operation and successfully hunting down two child predators.

After setting up fake Facebook profiles to lure the pedophiles online, Warner, a victim of childhood sexual abuse himself, would set up meetings in the real world, nab the child predators [who think they would meet a child for sex] and hand them over to the police.

In August, Warner lured 28-year-old Mark Lee Smith to meet 14-year-old Lou [Warner himself]. Smith thought he had groomed a girl on an online dating site, but when he met Lou, he found himself face-to-face with an undercover activist who detained him and called the police. The Free Thought Project reports:

Smith is a repeat offender and had previously pleaded guilty to charges between June 19 and 23 of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming. By all measures, Warner’s actions protected other children.”

Speaking after Smith’s arrest, Warner said: “I think it sends a strong message to people thinking about talking to or meeting children online. There is always a risk that the child could be a pedophile hunter and I sincerely hope my work stops people risking meeting to or talking to children online.”

However, Warner’s crusade against sex offenders spectacularly backfired when the police arrested and charged him with aggravated assault, two counts of using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offense and one count of publishing the identity of a person charged with sexual offense.

The police claims South Australian law bans the publication of the identity of people charged with a sexual offense until they plead guilty or are committed to stand trial. During the first sting, the police alleges, Warner grabbed an alleged pedophile’s shirt as he performed a citizen’s arrest.

Detective chief inspector Wayne Overmeyer, officer in charge of the Sturt CIB, commented:

“Those who took the law into their own hands could ‘expose themselves to facing criminal charges’. Let us do our job. Don’t take the law into your own hands in relation to any criminal matter.”

Warner has been granted bail and will now stand trial in February. A GoFundMe page has been set up for him to raise money for the court fees. The pedophile hunter thinks there will be a ‘fairly big crowd of supporters’ at court on February 14:

“My message to other parents is to be very vigilant, be aware of the magnitude of the problem – it’s bigger than people think.”


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  1. These police are inept and incapable, punishing a “vigilante” citizen for doing their job better than they could… Maybe it’d be incentive to get shuch an incompetent police force off their asses if legitimate vigilante justice was protected by law like self defense is… Oh, wait, the Australian govt. Doesn’t believe in individuals protecting themselves, they believe in calling in inadequately armed “police” to come identify your body after you’re murdered in your own home… Right… Maybe actually prevent crime rather than fail to react to it, huh? I’d say the guy busting pedos is a million times better than these shit stain police that can’t even back up their own law in sentiment, only in legislation. Pathetic on law enforcement’s part, fuckin admerable on the part of the guy busting pedophiles. In all honesty though, the nanny state of Australia will probably censor anything I say, what with the govt of Australia being such Liberal shite brains…

  2. Wow, I had the first comment and was immediately notified that it would be “awaiting moderation”, like the people of Australia are some impressionable children… Jesus, the Australian govt has absolutely no respect for it’s populace… But go ahead, censor me for saying that, right?

  3. how bout the law GO N FUK
    ITSELF…r u serious we cant release the sex offenders name…WTF kind of answer is that…at least the guy grabbed him n took him 2 the cops…I would have spent a month long torture session with the end been him watching me rip his balls n penis with a blunt knife with 1 strike n let him bleed 2 freaken death…WTF is going on with these perverts…well that’s freaken easy…from the low level dirt bags cops 2 judges n then 2 the most powerful politicians r BEHIND ALL OF THIS…THAT’S Y these degenerates get a few yrs n with good behavior serve a few months…oooohhhh yes prisons r full of course with unlicensed drivers people who have a bit of pot…yes I c how they r soooooo
    much more dangerous…if the government doesn’t do something 2 fix this parents will b forced 2 take action n I tell u this ; they want b sent 2 jail but given a freaken medal…

  4. The sad truth is that if the government had the will to stop human trafficing and child sex abuse they could. It would not be easy or done over night but could be acomplished. Sadly it goes unprosecuted because unrest and strife are necessary for the Governments and varius agencies to maintain control and comtrol is the more important thanpeace and safety.

    • Correction if Government, Law enforcement and Prosecutors hadn’t turned a blind eye to the criminals decades ago.
      No Country would be in the mess they are in now.

      • Thus this man would never have been arrested.
        Summation: Government, Law Enforcement and Prosecutors are responsible for the arrest.
        Morally Speaking.

  5. The Australian state/federal police/legislators/judges/lawyers/psychiatrists & social workers with suicidal empathy & not much going on upstairs are all incapable of protecting our innocent. You all contribute to these monsters being free to hunt down children & reoffend. Thank God for people like Rich Warner. The law has failed every child in this country. WHY? Because without explicit complicity of church & state this pandemic evil could not exist. A pedohile should never be released… a pedohile is pathologically sick. There is no rehab or reform for someone who becomes sexually aroused by children. Instead you are aiding abetting child rapists because your egos are bigger than your conscience. You are protecting the most dangerous & sickest of society. Child rape is a crime against humanity itself. It is the darkest deepest form of depravity. Is it any wonder the people have 0 respect for authority. Abhorrent that you had an opportunity to catch a predator instead you put the good guy away. You are all morally bankrupt human beings.

  6. My former part walked away after facing 5 counts off sexual on her children and mine because a police though she was hot later found my best freind off 20 year abuse my kids he also walked free tasmania police and south Australia police want charge people.


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