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For many of us, the morning of September 11, 2001 will forever remain seared in our memory. It was a shock that resounded throughout the nation, and the world. For those of us who watched the tragedy unfold that morning, we were forever left with unanswered questions. Why had it initially been reported as a controlled demolition, and why were people reporting the sounds of explosions before, during, and after the first, and eventual second plane struck? What happened to these initial reports by that afternoon?

Eyewitness reports from September 11, 2001:

Today, many people are unaware of the frightening details behind the attack. In fact most aren’t even aware a third building was destroyed that day; one that hadn’t been hit by a plane—WTC Building 7. There were those, however, who voiced their concerns from the beginning, including professionals in the fields of architecture, controlled demolition, engineering, physics, and explosives. Through their combined efforts, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has produced compelling forensic evidence that contradicts all the official reports.

Founded in 2006 by Richard Gage, a San Francisco Bay area architect:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) is a non-profit non-partisan organization of architects, engineers and affiliates dedicated to exposing the falsehoods and to revealing facts about the complete destruction of all three World Trade Center high-rises on September 11, 2001.

Our organization is devoted to:

  • Dispelling misinformation and disinformation with scientific facts and forensic evidence
  • Educating and motivating thousands of architects and engineers as well as the public at large
  • Obtaining a truly independent WTC investigation with subpoena power
  • Achieving mainstream media coverage of our cause

In a recent interview with C-Span, Richard Gage briefly outlines the organization’s goals, as well as discussing the evidence that suggests Building 7 was destroyed by controlled demolition:

The official NIST report on WTC Building 7 states that it collapsed due to fires caused from debris from WTC Building 1, which was located 370 feet to the south.


The debris supposedly ignited at least ten floors on the south and west faces of the building.

I’ve been in private practice for twenty-five years. I’ve been a practicing engineer for thirty-nine years. Fifty percent of my practice is in forensic engineering. Steel structural frame buildings, high-rise buildings, simply do not collapse due to fire. There has never been, until 9/11, an experience where a high-rise building that was steel-framed completely collapsed. There have been fires burned longer in similar structures without any collapse.” – Scott Grainger, P.E., Forensic Fire Protection Engineer

Buildings can be destroyed in a number of ways, including fire, controlled demolition, earthquakes—which can cause buildings to either topple or collapse—and explosion. Each force of destruction has its own identifiable set of characteristics.  Buildings that are destroyed by fire behave very differently than those that are destroyed by controlled demolition.

In an interview with Professor Jonathan Barnett of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute and FEMA, Barnett states:

When steel is bare, when it heats up, it gets weaker. It’s not that it melts in a fire, in fact normal fires are not hot enough to melt steel. Even if you were, for example, to use an unusual fuel, like kerosene, you cannot achieve temperatures hot enough to melt steel. But what happens is it starts to lose its strength, and as it loses its strength, it starts to sag. It becomes softer, and sags—it can no longer support the load.”

Steel structures that crumble or topple from fire do so through a long process. It takes time for the steel to heat and sag. This is not what we see when we watch the collapse of WTC Building 7:

David Chandler, Professor of Physics, measured the downward acceleration of building 7 using video frame analysis. Placing markers on the corner of the building in each frame of the video, he was able to create a data table which indicated the building fell at a rate that was indistinguishable from a free-fall. It took 6.5 seconds for WTC Building 7 to collapse from a full standing position.

What does this mean? The steel columns of the building gave virtually no resistance. They had to have been removed, and it had to have been done simultaneously—perfectly timed—in order to provide no resistance throughout the entire structure.

Kevin McPadden, Former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue—eyewitness interview regarding WTC 7 on September 11, 2001:

“…he came back over with his hand over the radio, and what sounded like a countdown. And at the last few seconds he took his hand off and you heard ‘three, two, one,’ and he was just saying, ‘just run for your life, just run for your life.’ And then it was like another two, three seconds you heard explosions.”

In a controlled demolition, some of the core columns throughout the structure are cut at an angle before explosives are set. This is to ensure the building collapses quickly, cleanly, and without the resistance of the structural beams. Here’s a photo taken from Ground Zero:


Aside from the fact that this column has clearly been cut, notice the molten metal. If building fires cannot burn hot enough to melt metal, where did it come from? It has been reported that hot spots of molten steel were found under the debris more than a month after September 11th. The spots were located at the bottom of the elevator shafts, and at WTC 7 it ran down seven levels of the basement. As a reminder, WTC 7 was not hit by a plane, and jet fuel—which doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel anyway—was not present.


Structural metal doesn’t begin to melt until it has reached 2750 °F (or 1510 °C). According to official reports, WTC 7 burned at 1200 °F. What then, explains the presence of molten metal? NIST refuses to comment on the presence of molten steel completely, however according to experts with AE911Truth, a likely culprit is thermite, which reaches temperatures of 4500 °F.

Thermite. An incendiary use by the military, thermite is a compound of iron oxide and aluminum, which when ignited sustains an extreme heat reaction creating molten iron. In just two seconds thermite can reach degrees of over 4500 °F. Quite enough to liquefy steel. We know that open air fires cannot burn hot enough to melt steel, but metal had melted at the base of the towers. Appendix C of the FEMA report describes sulfur residues on the World Trade Center’s steel. The New York Times called this the deepest mystery of all.” – 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, documentary.

Sulfur used with thermite creates thermate, which produces even faster results. It also leaves sulfur residues behind. According to section 12-4 of the NFPA 921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations, “Unusual residues… could arise from thermite, magnesium or other pyrotechnic materials.” Aside from its military implications, thermite/thermate is commonly used in controlled demolitions.

This large clump of metal and debris, which has come to be known as The Meteorite, was found among the rubble at Ground Zero:

WTC melted steel

Bart Boorsanger, 9/11 artifacts architect, has discovered numerous rock-like formations such as this with very high levels of iron. Aside from the fact that we know this substance was once molten due to the various debris and concrete that is mixed within, we also know thermite creates iron, which would explain the high levels of it found in the formations.

An interesting fact that should be noted and taken into consideration is that the Securities and Exchange Commission, which operated out of WTC 7, lost thousands of files related to hundreds of cases it was actively pursuing against Wall Street companies like Enron and WorldCom. Food for thought.

The information presented in this article barely covers the details behind the destruction of WTC Building 7, and it only scratches the surface of the investigation those with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been conducting.

Provided below are the documentaries, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth—The Architecture of Destruction and 9/11: Explosive Evidence—Experts Speak Out, both of which break down, in detail, the organization’s findings.

9/11: Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction:

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out:

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, in collaboration with the High-Rise Safety Initiative, have been actively seeking an official independent investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings for quite some time. In August of last year the City of New York blocked yet another attempt by the High-Rise Safety Initiative to appear on the ballot by falsely challenging thousands of submitted signatures on the petition.

Recently, however, thanks to a dedicated group of activists in Ottawa, Ontario, a petition has been presented to the House of Commons requesting a “parliamentary review of the omissions and inconsistencies in the official Unites States of America 9/11 Report.”

While this isn’t the first time AE911Truth have attempted to petition the Canadian government, it is the first time they were successful. This is only due to the fact that the petition was presented by a Member of Parliament who felt it was her duty to present the petition on behalf of the people. Predictably, when the mainstream media picked up the story, they described it as “a call to support a conspiracy theory.”

Nonetheless, it provided an opportunity for activists from across Canada to speak to the nation, and on December 10th a press conference was held at the parliamentary press gallery. David Long, author of the petition and a 9/11 survivor, hosted the event, while three speakers presented statements that were reported as both “powerful and moving”. Isabelle Beenen read AE911Truth’s statement, Dr. Graeme MacQueen represented the 9/11 Consensus Panel, and Bill Brinnier spoke on behalf of 9/11 victims and their families.

Responses from the media were mixed. According to the original report:

Media response following the press conference was quite a mix. Global News presented a full minute of Dr. MacQueen’s statement addressing deficiencies in the official 9/11 investigation, including the fact that testimony of over 150 eyewitnesses who had seen and heard explosions on 9/11 had been ignored. Other news sources provided the usual response, including assertions that ‘the official report explains that the molten metal [flowing from the South Tower just minutes prior to its collapse] was aluminum from the plane’ – even though it couldn’t possibly be so.”

Regardless of your opinion—whether you believe the theories behind 9/11 are conspiracy or not—the fact is there are too many questions that have gone unanswered. Considering the magnitude of the tragedy that occurred on September 11th, 2001, you would think the government would be cooperative in addressing the many concerns millions of people around the world have expressed.

To learn more about Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, or to find out how you can help, visit:
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      • How is telling someone they’re deluded a “heartless response”. All he’s doing is pointing out that conspiracy theory nutjobs are exactly that… nutjobs. It is quite a sad and deluded thing to constantly question things in life. The same type of people who think the government are bugging their homes… “Is that leaf falling off the tree by itself? It couldn’t have! It’s not fall, it’s spring! IT MUST BE A GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY!” Get a fucking life Connor you little bitch.

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        • You and everyone who denies this must work for the Government or be in on it. $2.3 Trillion dollars cannot be found, as said by Rumsfeld on Sept 10, 2001. That amount of money does pay a lot of people. And magically that place where the information was, was where the “plane” hit on the Pentagon. You’re not an idiot. You’re covering it up like they told you to do. So you can go ahead and deny deny deny. We all know its lies.

    • You are Ignorant to ignore facts Betsy. It was a terrorist attack, no matter how you look at it. This just gives a strong case that the documented reports were incorrect and things were either ignored or doctored. Probably because someone was given orders, paid or was indeed a extremist. It would not be beyond humans to kill people to protect themselves or to get what they want. And to call someone deluded is laughable. You are deluded if you think governments tell us everything and that they are not corrupted somewhere.

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        • You must like corruption You probably profit from it .Cheney rumsfield and the Bush Empire will be exposed for the treason treachery and crimes against humanity that they engineered.

  1. Let’s say that the American Government is proven to have total involvement within the whole attack, then what happens to the government? Honestly who do you or who can you trust anywhere within the government organization. Some cannot except even the slightest theory that 9/11 was an inside job, but certain facts just don’t make sense, those who died within these attacks deserve better, everyone effected by the attack deserves better. The US government should have nothing to fear if there was no involvement, so why not just allow another investigation into the matter, after all it is pretty much one of the largest crimes ever committed on American soil.

    • The reason building 7 was demolished.. clearly is to destroy multiple high profile cases. That would have resulted in exposing the deep level of corruption in the highest levels of government. The evidence that was contained in that building would have fingered a majority of our federal government figures as the corrupt puppets they are. And the end result is that the puppet masters would be revealed the curtain would drop and that’s game over for the Illuminati. I’m a firm believer that they will start a nuclear war before they allow their power over mankind to be rendered impotent

  2. It’s all too familiar. There were puffs of smoke and shots coming from the grassy knoll. The truth is what they tell you to believe not what witnesses saw, heard and experienced. Iraq was planning to start trading oil for euros, a direct threat to American/Saudi petrodollar preeminence.

  3. What if it wasn’t an inside job of the US government but one of its closest allies. See who took time off during the collapse and you know who did it.

  4. Clearly armchair activists such as ourselves are more qualified than the professional investigators. They don’t know what they are talking about. Their university qualifications that they spent years on don’t mean anything! As if a plane could explode! It’s made out of metal not gasoline! DUH! And as if it would destroy a skyscraper, if a plane could destroy a skyscraper then why doesn’t the wind just push over the skyscraper? DUH!

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    I believe…Either preparations for the worst or/& someones recreating the world in their own image.

  7. Here are some things ive found out. 3 towers didnt collapse, all 7 did, but no one talks about it. The pentagon was destroyed where a database resided, containing information about where some 2 billion dollars dissapeared to. And dr Judy Woods theory about controlled energy being used is the most amazing theory out there.

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  9. America came under attack on 9/11 that is for sure, no denying it at all. The American public owe it to their selves, their fellow countrymen/women and their country to find the perpetrators. I’m pretty sure it’s their duty to defend from threats both foreign and within.

    The very least every American should investigate and research this event for themselves, unless their can 100% trust the source ie goverment, cia etc who have supplied all the intel.

  10. Say the conspiracy theories are true. What then? Who are you theorists trying to blame? What do you honestly expect to happen to the perpetrator? The answer is FUCK ALL! No one will ever admit if this was done from the inside and the evidence doesn’t point to anyone specific. It’s impossible to prove anything at all and even more impossible to apportion blame! Because of you conspiracy nuts, even if someone gave a story of events closer to your evidence, there would STILL be something missing that didn’t add up to what you think happened.

    You can just carry on believing that everything the Government says is a lie. Even though you’re going to be dead, buried, and forgotten about, long before any hint of whatever truth you are expecting, will become evident.
    If you put half as much effort into something truly productive as you do into amassing your own stash of secret evidence, you might actually accomplish something!

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    that meteorite pic is copied from Google just see Google images.

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  13. Is this thing still around? The article was discredited some years ago, as it was shown the people behind it were only “commercial” architects that did kitchens and house extensions.

    Basically in the case of both towers, the central core of the building holding the elevator shafts, and most of the weight, came loose and dropped 2 floors onto the lower levels. As these cores weighed about 4,000 tons, they proceeded to pulverise the central column and proceeded down though the centre of the building slightly in advance of the exterior shell of the top of the building which also collapsed, crushing the exterior walls. The result entirely matches the video of the collapse and subsequent damage. As for things like the heat of the wreckage, 40,000 tons of collapsing concrete and steel is going to create some friction and heat. A couple thousand tons of burning plastic is going to create some heat.

    World Trade 7 is the only dubious thing, as it really shouldn’t have come down.

  14. I hate people who believe in controlled demolition, come on, just grow up kids…
    There are one thousand reasons to start a war, you don’t kill people just to start a war to control the black gold !

    Their arguments are really pathetic, one column can support the whole tower for a limited time, so if other column are getting hot enough to bend and then the last one is reaching its critical temperature it will bend and all of the column will break at the same time.

    You don’t get it ? Probably not, you should try it one day.

  15. Sorry, I just can’t believe in a theory that hinges on the extreme capability of a government apparatus, across multiple administrations and departments. Just not possible.

  16. I can’t believe people still would believe the 9-11 story that the twin towers both collapsed from a plane hitting it. That would not make it collapse like it did. Only a planned demolition would do it the way it was done! And people that were there heard the bombs going off. The people that owned the twin towers just had got a huge insurance on them days before it happened. And it was reported that they had people working in the buildings doing work on them in the days leading up to it! It was all a lie, and our government is in on it! They are evil scumbags who work for the devil behind the scenes, and that’s real talk! Look at the facts, do me a favor and look up YouTube! You will be doing the world a favor!

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  18. Rly? You don’t need further proof, you don’t need to ask yourself “how did it get there?” or “how did they do it?” – you only need to look at the way the buildings collapsed! In free fall, symmetric…. I’m not saying my nation is any better or smarter, it’s not. But you carry a great responsibility because your army, your country and your money are the cause for most of the wars in the world. So please WAKE UP and make war on your overlords not on the rest of the world. Thank you

  19. The true mastermind and mass murderers of both 9/11 and the two current wars is the American Governments themselves. The terrorist were created by the CIA the weapons they used is sold by the American defense industry.

  20. You forgot to mention one of the most powerful and best educated engineers, Dr. Judy Wood PhD. She was educated in interferometry (this is a surveillance / weapons tech used by the military) from Virginia Tech, and she absolutely is brilliant, and blessed in knowledge on military systems.

    Specifically a interferometry is a military weapon system deployed around the USA in land, sea and space based platforms that can pulverize buildings, turning them into dust by destroying the molecular bonds in the building structure.

    The proof actually says directed energy destroyed the building, and evidence is stronger to support it than other claims and I believe Dr. Judy Wood proved it was destroyed by directed energy.

    Her book is awesome, Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of directed free energy on 9/11. Its filled with science equations describing it all.

    Watch the two hour film clip from her appearance at a major science conference in holland 2012 here, explaining it.

    The people in the building were nuked with microwave radiation, causing them to attempt to jump from the building like they were on fire. Active Denial System, psychic warfare, thought amplifier and mind interface, voice of god style, they were being tortured before their final demise.

    The building did not collapse, it was dustified.


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