The Edward Snowden Interview The Government Doesn’t Want You To See


Edward Snowden, a former Central Intelligence Agency system analyst who in June 2013 leaked classified information from the National Security Agency, is often called a coward, a traitor, a criminal, etc. Snowden is definitely guilty – of disclosing the truth to fellow Americans, of revealing that Americans were being lied to and for showing them that the government was stealing from the citizens it was meant to protect.

This patriot’s words are dangerous to the institutions that withhold people from moving in a progressive direction. His words threaten the very system that places these institutions on top and the general public at the bottom. The US government has done its best to keep whistleblower Snowden from communicating with the Americans for ‘obvious reasons’. He is often silenced and the Obama administration wants to keep him as quiet as possible.


Watch this interview (which originally aired in January 2014) – the government will not be happy with you though. Watch Snowden explain what prompted him to become a whistleblower and to release the classified intelligence documents…

He says, “I would say sort of the breaking point is seeing the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to congress… There’s no saving an intelligence community that believes it can lie to the public and the legislatures who need to be able to trust it and regulate its actions…

…Beyond that, it was the creeping realization that no one else was going to do this. The public had a right to know about these programs. The public had a right to know that which the government is doing in its name and that which the government is doing against the public. But neither of these things we were allowed to discuss; we were allowed to know. Even the wider body of our elected representatives were prohibited from knowing or discussing these programs, and that’s a dangerous thing.”

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  1. Now I was going to watch the whole interview, but my freaking computer keeps on glitching during the small beginning of the video. DX . Well at least I have some information about Snowden, he is exposing the truth to the Americans about what the government is doing, which is stealing from their own citizens. I know how it feels to get in trouble for exposing the truth of classified information that the media doesn’t want you to know. The person that I have exposed for harming many American teenagers, called the police on me . Now I was only 12 years old when that happened . My family were really pissed off, 2 years ago, during summer break .

    • You need to watch the end where they talk about the 3 Felonies Snowden is charged with. Obama is false when implying the Espionage Act in his charges, which prevents him from ever having the chance to defend himself in front of a public jury.

  2. More people need to see this. I’m tired of people calling Snowden a traitor. He was looking out for our ‘inalienable’ rights.

  3. You know, Richard Snowden seems to be acting as a Government Shadow Cover Up / Scapegoat. And it’s something that’s been bothering me about a lot of things, Like Codename Goddess, Codename Crazy Plains, Code Name Gorilla Grom. Yes I just Made those names up and it’s cause I’m in No Peekers Mode (*not that either is total protection anyways*) and I’m starting to feel all these groups Minus Snowden are a Hydra Cell For a Shadow Puppeteer. Im not saying that’s what going on (But it’s aliens.jpg) But I’m starting to notice a rather large pattern to group activities by Goddess, Crazy Plains, and Gorilla Grom. I think Someone is trying to escalate the Human Race as a whole into a world war 3. I think they believe this to be the only way to save Humans from Total Extinction. And I believe They are Not In League with Anon.

    • You are 100℅ correct. We are aware of the current situation, and forces have been assembled to combat the Internet Infiltration Propaganda Campaign. You see, there was a secret online meeting exactly 1 year and 5 months before 9-11 between Foreign and Domestic Authorities with Foreign and Domestic “Terrorist Internet Gurus”. This meeting happened to be accompanied by Chump30/Chump_30 before he developed his “Japanese Samurai” hacker persona. 9-11 was setting the stage for a “redo from the ground up” for the NWO. Initially, 87% of the worlds countries were on board. America became an Ego on Steroids, went into many middle east countries and lost it’s support, you see. American Officials needed a new way. What’s better than divide the people of the world, provide terrorists with weapons to “help us fight more immediate threats”, and divide the National Treaty Organizations for a longer, but more subtle and firm control after a major war and population drop? This is where we are at: The Majority of the world is fighting each other. Mexico and its Cartels, all the middle east countries we have blown apart the past 17 years, Egypt, China, Russia… Everyone is fighting themselves except Australians, The English, French, and Canada. America is JUST NOW hitting the major incline to domestic rioting, racial, and religious wars. That is the last step. When this portion is complete, they can then implement Martial Law, lock you up, kill you Nazi style with camps and the whole 9 yards. Next, Nuke Everyone. What’s going to happen though is Russia or China is going to detect an incoming missile, which will be a hacked glitch. Upon failing to blow up the fake nuke, they will fire the real shot. In our defense, we will take out 75% of incoming ballistics and unleash our arsenal. Its all planned. Good luck to you all.

  4. Snowden should make a presidential run in the USA. Seriously. He’d clean up and embarrass the existing major parties like no other! Snowden/Paul 2016. I see it happening.

  5. Look at this guy how can you say he is a traitor? This man is a god damn hero. Even when betrayed by his country his keeps classified material that is harmful to the U,S classified. HE is all about human rights though, the right to be free. I’m from canada and i think this guy is just admirable.

  6. Banning the video on youtube is current german practice due to copyright-matters. Media produced by one publisher is not that easily published by other platforms. The same applies to music clips e.g. – the censore-rate in very high in that sector.
    Still it is noteworthy that some clips on youtube are much faster deleted/blocked than others 😉

  7. You wouldn’t believe the crap I’ve gone through at the hands of corrupt government. Forced institutionalization.

    Psychological warfare.

    Accessed devices and accounts.

    I’ve been framed.

    I’ve had a week long illegal detention that was covered up.

    As far as knowledge goes:

    Religion is psychological warfare in the form of propaganda. There is no God.

    Cannabis is prohibited because of the profit in it. The US military has been researching it since the late 1940s for medicinal, warfare, industrial and even mind control applications. The US government’s research into cannabis culminated in a patent in the early 2000s, yet the DEA still has it classified schedule one? Why? Because the key to curing cancer lies within the endocannabinoid system. Study it.

    (See: Project MKULTRA; CB1 Receptor; Cannabinoid receptor antagonist; HU-331; NESS-0327)

    More useful fun facts: People in the US are soft brainwashed. A preprogramming if you will to be more easily subjected to media propaganda. The US pledge of allegiance you all know and love from school is a form of PSYWAR; propaganda.

  8. I have evidence & need help, my life is in danger. I have given this evidence to several people if you do not help me I will die soon & this evidence will get processed.
    No I am in U.S but it’s difficult almost impossible to get help. I am targeted because of evidence they know I have. I don’t want to expose because I feel it will hurt the country so there has to be a process for someone to walk me through so that I can get off this list. I am targeted hard 24hrs aday . I need help, I don’t want to nothing to anyone because I deserve help. 9 years is a long time if I didn’t fight back is because I care for people & I don’t want to be a other murder suicide statistic. I am completely sane. I will go through any evaluation, sign anything that will get me off of this. I should not be on it because of my level of intelligence. I don’t care if I’m monitored for the rest of my life I just don’t want to be harassed. My name is Antonio Zavala I live at 1739. Thacher, drive. Firebaugh,Ca. 93622. I’m running out of time. I am a targeted individual I need to leave this country to survive. That’s how I feel. I am a citizen, Hispanic. My civil rights, Constitution, & human rights have been violated. Local police are corrupt they play with technology that kills & laugh like it’s funny. Cheif of police Sal Reigozo is deeply involved. I told him my life is in danger & he would not take any evidence. Instead I was arrested & imprisoned for 5 years. In 2008 I was arrested for DUI & I was sober. The judge even dismissed but I had already done the time. If you think I’m lying at least interview me or investigate this matter. I am highly intelligent my life should not be wasted. If I contain evidence & do not turn in it’s because I can be helped without it harming anyone. There are people that are not willing to let me live but they also know that I do not want to do nothing against them. If push comes to shove I’ve given it to other people so if I die then it will get processed & they will pay. Please help me I do not deserve to die & I haven’t seen my daughter in almost 9 years. If I let them live & believe me I did let them live then I deserve to live. I am not psychotic or crazy or insane. I am tired of them broadcasting my thoughts through illegal use of surveillance by people that are not even qualified to handle this type of equipment. If I die the destruction that this type of evidence is dangerous. Imagine people loosing trust in govt on a wide scale. I do not want that but I have defended myself in the sense that they should want me to survive because if I don’t then beleive people from major secret societies will begin to bring others down and the American people will know, it will shatter this country. I do not want that but some of these people are too stupid to understand that. So please help me please. In God I trust that if this country let’s me die everyone will pay because I’ve sacrificed alot to stay alive. Too many people know & don’t do nothing. Please I need to be taken out of here.

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