On the Brink of War in the South China Sea and No One is Reporting on It


Whatever your opinion about the United States military, believe it or not, it has actually been relatively calm and conservative over the last several years – compared to what it could be. This is because no President wants to have the legacy of getting into war just before leaving office – looking at you, Lyndon Johnson. Your opinions of Barack Obama also aside, I think everyone understands he is not going to declare war against anyone any time soon – sorry to disappoint you @YouTube.

I am writing this because, right now, the United States Navy is conducting the largest maritime “war game” exercise in history, in the South China Sea. Last month, operations were coordinated with the help of 4,000 soldiers from the Philippines and another 80 from Australia. The U.S. has sent 5,000 troops of their own and as of June, the United States announced they will be sending additional troops and resources into the region. Even a former DoD spokesperson has been quoted as saying, the situation in the South China Sea “has become a military contest between China and the U.S.

In addition to 5,000 soldiers, the U.S. has sent Navy Destroyers, multiple Air Craft Carriers, anti-missile defense systems, nuclear subs, 55 fighter jets and long range WW2 bomber planes. Much like with Yemen, the United States has sold munitions and missile defense systems to the Philippines to strengthen their military. The President has also lifted our long standing weapons ban with Vietnam, quickly arming the country with US munitions – Vietnam just happens to be another country quarreling with China at this moment in time. The United States has also temporarily stationed B-1 bombers, surveillance aircraft and aerial tankers at Australia’s Northern Territory bases.

President Obama calls our building presence in the South China Sea a “show of force,” to intimidate the Chinese and remind them that America still has the strongest military in the entire world. Obama wont declare war on anyone, or put “boots on the ground” in any sort offensive military campaign. What he chooses to do instead, is passively aggressively show our rivals what our military could be capable of – if it ever came to that. In a sense, these operations serve much like a ‘nuclear deterrent’. Only instead of nukes we use soldiers, war ships, subs and fighter jets.

This is all happening because China has laid claim to nearly all the “disputed islands” throughout the South Pacific, ignoring the claims of Philippines and other countries to the same land. For quite some time now, especially within the last couple years, China has slowly transformed their presence in the region. In doing so, China has also experienced a rise in nationalism and military capability.

China has taken many of these islands and turned them into geo-strategic military bases, air strips and harbors. These once vacant islands are now used to host advanced radar capabilities, anti-missile defense systems and safe havens to store military vessels/munition far away from the Chinese mainland. In recent months, in response the U.S. efforts doing the same, China has moved in additional troops, fighter jets and war ships to the region. According to China’s defense ministry, they believe the U.S. is attempting to “curb the rise of China,” trying to prevent them from acquiring and developing more of these islands.

News came out last week that China will be sending in a fleet of 5 ships, including spy planes, to the rim of the U.S. led RIMPAC military drills. The flotilla, including two war ships and a floating hospital, will be sent to monitor the heightened presence of U.S. forces into the area. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday that “China has no interest in any form of Cold War, nor are we interested in playing a role in a Hollywood movie written and directed by certain US military officials. However, China has no fear of and will counter any actions that threaten and undermine China’s sovereignty and security.

People often talk about the vacuum effect caused by the United States pulling out of Iraq, leading to the rise of ISIS in their absence. What many people are failing to realize is this vacuum effect is now occurring all around the world – for example the South China Sea.

It is no secret, the U.S. as a country is significantly in decline. As a result, other countries such as China, Russia and Iran have all stepped up to fill the vacuum left behind in the global power structure. As the United States is regressing, these countries are progressing. The only thing the United States leads the world in any more, is defense spending and military resources. These are the biggest chips we have left to play.

We might not be at war, but we are dangerously close to setting the stage for this to happen; not just in the South China Sea, but in Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria and the Baltic. I sincerely fear the outcomes if/when the United States gets a leader next year, who is not as conservative with our military as Obama has been.

Sources: Navy Times, Council on Foreign Relations, CNBC, Defense News, Russia Today

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  1. Will the USA ever mind their own business ?

    If China wants to take over on a few South Asian islands, and get in conflict

    with neighbouring countries, the USA has no right to interfere.

    Even if they expect these countries to become their geo-political allies.

    USA you stay where the fuck you are, you filthy nation.

    • To keep the economy from collapsing and from China rising the US needs to start ww3. China knows this and is building up defenses on these islands, because all they have to do is defend and wait for the US economy to collapse.

    • Fuck you alfred, i think youre communist, open your small close mind, what interfer youre saying, those fucking chinks already stealing and grabbing their territories, who’s stupid now?

    • fuck usa your time has end you have destroyed many nations. We want change. LONG LOVE CHINA. And for fuck sake USA don’t try to be world police. If you fucking talk about international laws go ask Israel to stop illegal settlements you filthy cocksuckers. You have invaded more than 10 countries for your interest killing millions of innocent. Enough is Enough. The whole world curse you. Burn in hell

    • You Motherf***er. You can replace “China” with “the US”. You posting is more convincing that way. US thinks the can control the world.

  2. Puppet things on international markets exported by Chinese. Even the fish they steal from the Pacific Ocean to make them fat economically. USA bulldoze these idiots out of South China Sea

  3. Chinese Thieve, if you are not happy with Chinese products you can choose don’t use any of them. But you should show some respect when speaking in a public place! China might want to own everything but it is more than obvious that USA is trying to control everything!

  4. Although China is not doing the right thing to take over few South Asian islands, but it doesn’t mean that they are triggering a war. However, what USA doing now is clearly involving in other people’s business by provoking China and taking South Asian countries in control. USA army cross the ocean for what? Just there to help and be a hero? really? Not for massing up the world to create more wars?

  5. Fuck you Alfred the us has the right to curb the rise of an Enemy nation if they want to take islands to become stronger fuck em were ganna slap thousands of troops and vehicles and bombs right down on The table and b like what bitch? Take another island do it bitch oh what’s that ? You don’t have a big enough dick to tussle with the u.s? Ohhh me so sawwwy sucks for you you Fucking chink

  6. More dumb Americans with more dumb wisdom. USA just there in the South China Sea to run “Drills”. Sounds to me like China doesn’t give 2 fucks. Sounds like China wants you to do something about it America. All this time at the top, and now you’re going to slowly feel what it’s like to be at the bottom. How many of those Navy guys can scream Freedom when they’re drowning so far from home. People need to wake up and realize war is not the answer. Unfortunately there will be many more wars before this is ever realized.

  7. I’m american and its pretty obvious our time on top is coming to an end. With Russia China Iran north Korea and Syria all pretty much teaming up. But we’re not going down without taking some of you mother fuckers with us.


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