Congressman Says Eric Garner’s Death is His Own Fault for Being Fat


Written by: Cassius Methyl at


Congressman Peter King (R-NY) appeared on CNN on Wednesday night as determined protestors filled the streets of NYC and cities across America to take a stand against the police killing innocent people with impunity.

 The Congressman disrespectfully and coldly blamed the unarmed man’s death on his weight.

He said “If he had not had asthma, and a heart condition, and was so obese, he would not have died from this.”

An article from Think Progress says the congressman, “delivered an extended defense of the police killing of Eric Garner. King said that the officer, who employed an illegal chokehold to bring Garner down, was just doing his job. Ultimately, King pins says Garner was actually responsible for his own death.”

Watch the clip below:

congressman says eric garner too fat

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  1. Eric Garners death was his own fault for being fat ! That takes the cake…Everything that spews from held positions just get’s crazier…. Every big business or position does nothing but offer excuses… Sick of it !

  2. Ignorance at it’s finest. The police chokes a man to death and instead of it being the officer’s fault…it’s the victim’s fault because he’s fat. These politicians never cease to amaze me. I bet he would be singing a different tune if it was a family member of his.

  3. So an officer uses an “ILLEGAL” chokehold but it wasn’t the cause of death? If the chokehold don’t kill people than why is is illegal? The logic for these idiot killer cops and politicians never cease to amaze me.

  4. I’ve never heard such garbage in my life. We elect these clowns into office, never realizing none of them are on our side, they protect ‘public servants’ and special interests.
    This man did not deserve to die, nor should anyone be discussing his weight or anything else, he is a person, a human, like you and I, and we are fooling ourselves if we believe this won’t and cannot happen to us.
    My full support goes to his grieving family, and to everyone protesting this senseless crime.

  5. The police had no legal reason to touch Mr. Garner. Their liability for his death does not depend upon Mr Garnerd health . In civil law the defendant tortfeasor
    Takes his victim as he finds him. The famous old English case involved a man who jostled a guy w an egg shell thin skull . The josler was liable for the injury : it was no defense that the man he knocked to the ground was especially prone to injury. Here the liability of Pantaleo is clear. And this congressman is a racist

  6. Think Mr. high and mighty there, was thinking about his own heart condition and high blood pressure. He doesn’t exactly look like Mr. fitness.
    Just pointless comments from another political who goes home to his house on the hill. Hypocrite and has nothing to do with his weight. It’s the ones who had their hands on him.

    • Rosanna, is this YOU? 🙂 I have no idea if you will ever read this, but if you do and remember me as your old penfriend some 20 yrs ago, pls search for my name on Facebook and drop me a message there. Or on Twitter, or by whatever other method works best for you. I am curiously looking forward to hearing from you, and how you have been doing since then! *<:o)

      Sven (from Germany)

      P. S. The sharpness of your tongue never changed! A perfect answer to this completely inappropriate utterance of this "Congressman". Chapeau! :))) … Such a shameful behavior is something I won't ever accept either!

  7. Physiologically, his obesity had A GREAT DEAL with his inability to breath sufficiently while on his stomach.

    If you have had any experience with heavier people, you will know that they cannot sleep flat on their backs because its hard for them to breath. Its because pressure from all the fat puts pressure on the diaphragm preventing it’s adequate movement and therefore a lack of an ability to breath.

    If you saw the video itself you saw that the choking lasted approximately 15 seconds and that’s not even a grip tight enough to cut off oxygen exchange. His death had little to nothing to do with the chokehold.

    • Yeah, never mind the arm around his throat and and the 200 pound coward straddling his back. I’m sure he would have dropped dead from an asthma attack or heart attack moments later had the cops never shown up to harass him. I’m certain his days were already numbered. Facts mean nothing to a person who makes up his own reality.

  8. Criminality, mean streaks, unnecessary brutality, and dishonesty are even greater liabilities, BY FAR, than a guy with a weight problem. So where does that leave the shady congressman Peter King, and the NYPD? Closer to hell than Eric Garner, myself, and the mass majority of Americans and others.

  9. That’s bullshit one hundred percent, ppl are going to make you pay ok peter king and if your reading this than you know, we wont accept your corruption and oblivious way of thinking…
    We Are Anonymous
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    We are legion
    Expect us.

  10. Criminality, mean streaks, unnecessary brutality, and dishonesty are even greater liabilities, BY FAR, than a guy with a weight problem. So where does that leave the shady congressman Peter King, and the NYPD? Closer to hell than Eric Garner, myself, and the mass majority of Americans and others.

  11. Now that we are past a due date for a revolution we are being desensitized by scenes of police brutality. This seems to be a blatant one being played repeatedly.
    And what reaction is the mainstream media aiming for with this?
    Whilst accompanied by such an ignorant narrator?
    The fact is scenes like this happen everyday, but not until recently does it become a constant mainstream media topic.They’ve seemed to be a good cause for Obama to say “Our Police need better training” Meanwhile the police are
    already equipped with war machines and trained to kill our own people. not to protect and serve.
    It’s easy to see who is benefiting from these scenes, it’s blatant desensitization of the subordination to
    your future captors.
    It’s saying yes to being punk’d out over and over again.
    Not only did we nod our heads yes while it’s handed down
    to us from the whitehouse for the last 25+ years,


    Now it’s time to watch it in our streets, right in our own faces.
    Deebo dressed in riot gear and rolling through your hood in a tank.
    Meanwhile your watchin the news saying to your self there they go again.
    when these ignorant mther fckers gonna do what they’re told. Nobody gets hurt.

  12. Just think, if he had done what he was told, no one would have anything to speculate about. He would have probably been ticketed, and cut loose. So it wasn’t just being fat that killed him, his stupidity played a pretty important role.


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