Danger In South Africa: Video And Photos Show White Supremacists Training Young Men To Fight Blacks And Create An Apartheid State


When the late Nelson Mandela finally led the black struggle to end the racial system of governance in South Africa, he declared that the country should be united as one nation without allowing skin color to divide it.

Since the end of apartheid in 1994, the white minority who monopolized all resources of the Rainbow nation during the apartheid era have not gotten what they want in terms of the political organization of the nation state of South Africa. All successive presidents after Mandela have been black and this has brought some deep resentment among the white community in South Africa.

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Deep in the rural area of the country, northwest of Johannesburg, the far-right extremist Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) is preparing for another race war in the country.

The AWB is a white supremacist movement who see themselves superior to blacks. They have set up boot camps and are training thousands of youths to fight blacks in a guerrilla-like fashion to be able to create an apartheid state where only whites will live.

It is said that during the day, these youths are pushed to their physical limits with assault courses and self-defense lessons. During the night, they are subjected to vile racist indoctrination with phrases such as, “millions of blacks are trying to kill the small whites in the country.” In short, they are being brainwashed with false statements in order for them to start staging attacks against blacks.

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The youth are organized in a paramilitary style and the photos and videos taken secretly from their training camps are terrifying. Teenagers as young as 15 are being recruited into the camp.

Investigative work being done by a small group of journalists quoted Dion Bernard, a 15-year-old boy who has been enrolled in camp, as saying that, “his heart is full of hatred for the black community.”

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”In the Bible it says black people must live with black people and white people must live with white people,” he says. “You cannot mix nations.  I don’t have black friends. If they come to my side and ask to speak to me, I will say no. Or I will turn my back on them and walk away,” Dion reportedly said.

But according to those who knew Dion, he comes from a deeply religious Afrikaner family and he is one of more than 2,000 teenagers who have attended the paramilitary training camp by the AWB who now described the camp as endurance aimed at annexing part of South Africa, where only white people will live.

Investigative journalists have secretly filmed the activities of the ‘endurance’ paramilitary training camp in a documentary entitled “Fatherland,” by TIA Productions, which was broadcast on Journey Man TV .

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The camp is said to be managed by Colonel Jooste, a veteran of the South African apartheid era, and he is very determined to see to it that apartheid is restored back in South Africa.

”South Africa is bleeding,” he says. “And this is why we have to train our people to be prepared. There’s millions and millions of blacks around you, smothering you… and killing you. So you have to implement certain systems to survive and that’s why we say the only system we can go now for is not apartheid. That’s second prize. First prize is freedom,” he is quoted as saying by journalists who investigated the story.

It is also said that during training sessions, he tells the young boys the following: “We look different. We don’t look the same as them. They have thick lips. The lips are likely to curl upwards. Okay? We have thin lips. The Negroes ears on the inside are totally different to ours. It’s much more sensitive. That’s why us Afrikaners know, hit them against the ears and they’ll fall to the ground. Because their ears are made differently.”

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Investigators were able to capture the moment that members of the camp burned the South African flag while holding the Afrikaner one, with some chanting, “No one will force us to stand under this flag. We Afrikaners want our freedom. We want our own country.”

Since the film was made public, it has generated a lot of controversy but it is unclear what the South African security service is doing about the matter. We can only hope that the situation is brought under control so that the camp will be destroyed to avoid a situation where South Africa could face the possibility of being completely destabilized.

In no part of the world should people of a certain color be allowed to have exclusive rights to live without others of a different color. That should not be allowed… we are all one people despite the differences in our skin.





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  1. I`m sorry but this article is a load of bollocks. Instead of spouting off about the old Apartheid regime, why don`t you do a bit of actual investigative work for yourself. In South Africa discrimination and apartheid have done a 180 degree turn, what the black people were subjected to in South Africa prior to Mandela the white people are now being subjected to. It is actually enshrined into the law in South Africa that regardless of the law black people have to be offered a job before a white person can be. On top of this white farmers are being murdered in their thousands and their land taken for a pittance. To compound these social problems there is no welfare system in SA so please explain what these people are supposed to live on. It can only be a matter of time before there is war. The white people of South Africa are being subjected to genocide without any governmental protection and the rest of the world is turning a blind eye, they seem to have no other option, but to defend themselves

    • The white people of South Africa…you mean some of the descendants of those who invented apartheid and brutalized the Africans for decades…maybe they should all just go back to England and Holland or wherever their people came from. After all if you are white in Africa you either traveled there or are descended from conquerors, so what business do you have there anyway?

      • Funny you say that….. then according to actual history all black nations should also start movibg back to central Africa where they came from. The only nation having a true claim in Southern Africa is the San, Khoi and Griqua. They were colonised by the black nations but I dont see anyone addressing that issue. Baruch stop believing everything you see on TV or read in the newspapers and open your eyes!

      • That my dear is true of most conquered places, like Australia, North America, New Zealand and such. Please get off your high horse. I am a white South African, who could only start to vote after I turned 18 in 1994. And my first vote? Free Mandela. Will I vote to free Mandela again? Yes, I would. But I will not watch as all white South Africans get dragged through the mud because of a few ignorant white people. You, who do not live here every day, and see headlines like today’s news paper “Farmer tortured for hours with sword” or “Weekend of deadly anarchy in Philippi East ” EVERY DAY, have no say or even a right to begin to pretend to understand what is happening here. This is not about black and white. Half the absolute horrors that go on in townships, don’t get out. But you are trying to make this a race issue. You are becoming like the ones you opposed. You stir and wait for the cart to collapse.

        • What this article does not tell you…it is over 25 years old…and made before 1994 Democratic elections! Oh and if you have any intelligence why not go and check the origins of whites (as well as blacks).. IE HOMO SAPIENS… WE ALL ORIGINATED FROM AFRICA…so this is much my country as it is blacks

      • If WE White people go back to wherever WE come from then WE will take OUR infrastructure OUR education OUR Western Goods BACK with us and the remaining “AFRICANS” can go back to wearing animal skin and continue killing eachother off for land that they cannot even look after! This is not about race or where We come from if you were born and raised in South africa and your parents were born and raised in south Africa then YOU ARE SOUTH AFRICAN

      • Excuse me, Baruch. I was born in South Africa, into apartheid. I had nothing to do with bringing it about. I am a white South African and for that matter a white African!!!!! Do not talk about things you have no knowledge about!!!! Egnoramis!!!!!!

      • That’s like saying get all every who is not white out of england, holland or where ever you think the white people should be..
        Getting fed up with black people going on like white people are doing wrong – every time something happens to a black person it’s a racist thing..

        When something happens to a white person apparently it’s just natural nothing to do with race..

        So your question about what business do white people have there??
        Simple, the same business any foreigner is in any country they/there family didn’t originate in..
        Not just a white thing, every race now days does it..

        So open your eyes and shut the fuck up..

      • What a idiotic way to think. I was born in SA . All ive known and ever loved was SA but let go to you way of thinking…. do u know where ur family was 400 years ago… bet you it wasnt where u are now. What about all the pakistani,s indians and chinese should they all go back? All the Spanish and Portugeus decendents in South America should they all go back now. I DO NOT AGREE WITH APARTHEID NEVER HAVE NEVER WILL. And if this is the aim of these camps then i agree its wrong… but teaching self defense to a you generation who is out numberd and live in fear of their live’s… nothing wrong with that…

      • That’s more racist than saying all blacks should go back to Africa where they belong. They are guilty of NOTHING any of their ancestors did and it’s not only ignorant, but just pain stupid to think they belong anywhere that isn’t HOME.

      • The rate at which farmers and white people are being killed and raped I dont blame them for instructing people how to defend themselves. Anybody who does their own investigation will realize this.we will not wait to be killed, we will defend ourselves. The majority of racism by far is black on white.

    • Steve, there is little worse than a white South African who thinks they are a victim in this country. Wake up to your white priviledge. I guarantee you are not living in poverty because you were born into an economic system that is prejudiced in favor of whites due to hundreds of years of black oppression. If your view of reverse apartheid is millions of black people stuck in a cycle of poverty, you are disillusioned.

      • You obviously have a one sided story of apartheid and how it came to be. White Afrikaaners were as impoverished asd any black from 1890 to 1948… they endured a REAL genocide at the hands of the British during the Boer War…over 30 000 white women and children starved to death and died by disease in concentration camps. Many more men died in the war. After the war they returned to the ruins of the farms…which were further pillaged and raided by blacks. There followed famine and disease…and followed by the First World War which again took its toll on whites…then after the war they returned home to the again ruins of their farms ti be raided and pillaged by blacks…and then came the great depression and drought which again took its toll on whites. Immediately after this in 1922 the poverty stricken starving Afrikaaner had a BEE policy slapped on them by the mines. 60 000 white miners had their wages halved and 30 000 lost their jobs to blacks. The white miners went on strike… Called the Rand revolt. Gen Smuts called in the army, the airforce and artillary to quell the strike. 76 miners were killed, many woulded and 4000 arrested.You think Marikana was bad?? Then immediately after this the 2nd World War began and again whites were gravely affected. Almost 7 years later white men returned home to pick up the pieces of their century long impoverished lives while under British rule. In 1948 the Afrikaaner voted in their own leadership…although still under British rule. They took over the British system of separate development. NOTE: this was a system to keep mine workers housed in separate areas. What black did in that 150 odd years was their own business and could have done exactly as they pleased. They chose to come to work on the mines and stay near where whites were developing over those 150 years. They were never forced or coerced…in fact they were given work that whites also wanted but were denied. Only in 1961 did SA become a Republic and divorced from Britain. The only thing Nationalists did was to give Seperate Development and Afrikaans name..Apartheid.Ask yourself the question… what were the blacks doing for themselves in all those years that passed and where they could come and go and stay wherever they pleased, start their own businesses, mines, farms…whatever! The chose to depend on the whites for employment, and as time went on this dependency grew and self motivation and development shrunk. Ask yourself how was it possible that most ANC leaders you know currently achieved such educational qualifications…how did they afford this? Did you know that blacks earned more than double than blacks in all other neighboring countries. Had more motor car, owned more businesses, had more hospitals, schools, homes, transportation, had better and cheaper medical care and education than any other state in Africa and even in countries like US in many cases. Apartheid was wrong… but as the years go by the ANC lies and propaganda grows.


      • Us whites are being robbed , traumatized,raped,murdered in SA at the hands of black men daily.This is FACT.Don’t hide behind democracy.Tell the truth as it is.I couldn’t care who runs this country as long as it is run properly.Problem is there are more criminals in Parliament looting every last cent.What’s left of this country is collapsing fast.Get your loved ones out now.Don’t be naive.

  2. First of all this is an isolated thing and is not at all supported by the majority of the country (Which is mostly non white). They are training so few soldiers that they wouldn’t be able to kill a bee. Its not at all condoned by the government so there no possibility of this movement succeeding. In the mean time though we are busy fighting an oppressive president who is stealing tax payers money to fund his personal fire station (Swimming pool actually, this is how stupid they think our public is). So Anonymous, while I used to support you, I’m actually disgusted by how misinformed you guys are and how biased your posts have become.

    • Thank you, Kurt!!! I second that. Why not investigate how ALL South Africans, black and white, are struggling under this HORRIFIC, INCOMPETENT, ANC government!!!

  3. “In no part of the world should people of a certain color be allowed to have exclusive rights to live without others of a different color. That should not be allowed… we are all one people despite the differences in our skin.”
    Yeah like the Black Economic Action thats treats blacks special in South Africa?
    White people are being discriminated and killed in the new South Africa, cant blame them if they become redicalized and want their own state. this article is anti-white garbage. how about all the white farmers killed by blacks in South Africa?

    • “how about all the white farmers killed by blacks in South Africa?”

      What were the whites doing there in the first place? They were COLONIALS! How many black people have been tortured, killed, or otherwise abused by colonialist whites in Africa?

      • Sit down before you hurt yourself! You have no idea what you are talking about. I was born here, my children were born here, I am a white African!

      • What were blacks doing here before that…pillaging, raiding, murdering and raping…and hence why there was the migration of various weaker tribes Southwards for hundreds of years until the whites landed and moved PEACEFULLY NORTHWARDS!!

  4. You can’t take a continent under control without thinking they once will take it back. Just leave south africa if they are against you – they have the right to be so.

    • So please suggest to me where I should go then? Europe will not take us, South Africa will not take us. It is easy to say go back to where we came from, but like most of my people here, are South African Nationals through a huge line of South African decedents. I was born in South Africa and I still call it my home. Did I chose to come here. No I did not, but I am proud that I am a South African, even though I am white.

      Second. Do they have the right to take my home from me? Not all white South Africans are rich (as the world want you to believe). We are normal working class people, just struggling to make a living like anyone else.

      You sir, are an insult to humanity.

  5. You see, here in South Africa, racism is not the major killer anymore, given that race related crimes do exist, and it is troublesome. But what I have seen here, is the following. Xenophobia, Nepotism. White and black wont kill one another. It will be the black against the black. Because South Africa is called the rainbow nation, it is a fact that you will find, people from all over the continent in Egoli, Johannesburg for your non South Africans. Black people are very emotional beings, and can be easily manipulated to react violently against one another. All it requires is a small match to light the fire. And when they have been enticed to violence, there can almost be no reasoning with them.

    This article, is but one small match that can light a forest fire. And sometimes this group houses people who have no responsibility about what they are saying. Yes, let it all out, so everyone should know. Rather attack this current government and let all their secrets out, so the people would know the truth. Because I feel that the current government is creating these violence to manipulate the people for their votes with empty promises.

  6. We are ALL born innocent. These ugly, racists who force their sickness on children should be drug out into the streets and hung from the nearest tree. Religion is another way to get people to believe as the ‘dictator’ wants you to. To act the way they want you to and be good little servants. Now don’t forget to bow in front of THEIR alter while you are at it.

    In order to stay free an individual should ALWAYS check in to their intuitive aspects, the Higher-Self, before signing up for any ‘brain-washing’.
    It appears that genocide of colored-folks is on the agenda with the sick-minded, self proclaimed dictator types.
    If an adult asks you to do their evil(s), ask yourself, “why am i hanging out here?!”
    Then run…..if you can.

  7. The AWB is so small it doesn’t even represent the majority of Afrikaaners(Afrikaans-speaking people of Dutch descent).The article mentions large numbers are being trained-this is false!
    There is no more a threat of civil war in South Africa now,than there ever was.Most South Africans these days just want to see an end to political corruption and high crime rates.Nelson Mandela’s legacy lives strongly in our hearts.We want a prosperous nation,where we all rise above poverty.We have no time for living in the past,we understand our failures.

  8. Now the so called white people are getting what they gave out, it’s “were one people, let’s all get alone.” When you all WAS in power, it was the opposite. Smh. You devils are the biggest liars and hypocrites on the earth. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. LEAVE OR DIE. Shout out to Africa!!!!

    • When they were all in power was it really opposite? The apartheid ENDED so the people who ended it wanted the same things.

    • People like you shouldn’t even be allowed to breath Jesse. It was the white South Africans who wanted to end Apartheid. They went to vote. That vote wasn’t an election. It was a vote on whether the current government will allow the ANC to be am electable option and to allow ALL South Africans to vote. The majority of white people vote yes! (Looks familiar doesn’t it, just like the Scotland voting).

      People were seeing the injustice and wanted it to stop. What they did not realize was that the ANC still wanted revenge. If Nelson Mandela did not jump in, we would have had a race war ages ago. In fact a few black people thought Nelson Mandela was a traitor for forgiving us. They wanted blood, which would have been their downfall.

      If we hadn’t voted yes, we would probably still have Apartheid. We would have been isolated by the world. I also believe that Apartheid was created because of people with the same thinking as you Jesse.

      Currently, they are revolting against all Apartheid and pre-Apartheid era statues. They want them removed. They even threw human feces at the Cecil Rhodes. What civil person throws human feces? Heck they even vandalized Nelson Mandela’s statue, because they believe we betrayed them. It isn’t all sun shine and bunnies here.

      Those people in the video has a right to defend themselves. If you haven’t seen the recent Xenophobia we had, you would realize why they are preparing. They do not prepare for war. They prepare to defend their homes and families. That is also why they teach youngsters to hold a gun a face their fears. I haven’t even held a gun in my live before, so if I ever have a break in at my house, I will be dead.

      Yourmum, I am just a regular person who has an honest 9 to 5 job and makes a descent living. I am just glad to have a job, if I see the amount of poverty and suffering there are in SA. Not all white South African’s were rich in Apartheid as well. My parent even admits that they live better now (financially) when they did 20 years ago. They could not even afford a car. They just miss the days when they could walk in the street without the worry of being robbed or killed and to be able to trust the police.

    • That article is 25 years old and before 1994 democratic elections. Now your version of history and how blacks began to COLONIZE Southern Africa by war pillaging and rape is conveniently left out! What was your land? Do you know WE ALL ORIGINATED FROM AFRICA? Whites have as much right to be here than any black…we just travelled further and colonized the rest of the world while you were busy pillaging and killing. In 1652 we merely came home and brought with us our 130 000 years of evolution and technology. The only problem was that our cultures were so far apart on the evolution scale. Dont be under the mistaken impression that the people that the white settlers (returning home to their origins)met were peaceful, productive people building any form of infrastructure and development. That only came with Shaka and Dingaan centuries after whites landed on the continent and began to move north into largely unoccupied land. If you deny this…then show me your records of what happened more than 200 years ago. Whites have such a record…where is yours if you disagree? Maybe its whites fault that they didnt teach you how to write and record history? Is it whites fault that they happened to evolve quicker from the same HOMO SAPIENS origins as you because they traveled a lot further over many centuries around the world and had skin color changing due to climatic conditions?

  9. You will not see them marching down the street like the KKK. They work in isolation. They also do not act upon what they where thought. They train to defend them self when there is a civil war or if they ever get attacked on their farms. The anti-black is one of the wrong things I see, but I can’t blame them either. The ANC still train their people (I bet Anon turns a blind eye to that).

    I would urge Anonymous to rather focus on bigger issues in South Africa, like Zuma being the most corrupt and incompetent person alive, than this small group of people. Typical anti-white propaganda.

    If you want to see a real monster, search this on YouTube : Jacob Zuma broke Parliament – Mmusi Maimane. It will show you the true colors of the ANC government.

    Last but not least. I believed in the ideals of Anonymous, but know, I have lost faith in you guys.

  10. I don’t understand why these people even live in South Africa? Here’s an idea? Don’t like black people? Go back to Holland or Germany which is where the Afrikaans migrated from. Don’t live, eat & drink from African lands & think you’re better than anyone else. Go home & leave south Africa. Problem fixed. Oh and that includes the mines for oil, minerals, gold & diamond which is why these scum bags are there to begin with. All they’ve done is bring the hatred & violence they created in Europe in 40s to another, innocent nation. Don’t like it? That’s cool, the 54 nations in Africa are mostly black too so you best go home.

    • There are many White South Africans that have ancestors that have lived there since it was discovered in 1487, they have just as much right to live there as anyone else.They are the people that made South Africa. Most of the Black people of South Africa cannot claim that level of ancestry, they only arrived in South Africa hundreds of years later from further North. Before the European arrived in Africa the black population hadn`t even discovered the wheel.

    • You can ask the same question to the following:
      1. What are Europeans doing in the USA and Hawaii
      2. What is England doing in Ireland and Scotland
      3. What are Europeans doing in Australia and New Zealand

      Do you know what does all these countries have in common? They are better off, with a much bigger economy and they are saver then it would have been.

      Believe me when I say that most white people in South Africa want a place they fit in. We have our own culture and language, so we need our own country or state for that. Your ignorance to this is quite surprising. You can’t simply take away people from the country they know. Where will we go? Europe got really heavy rules in place for immigration (we almost have to be engineers to be accepted), so they will not help much.

      Tensions is rising and I fear to see a race war in South Africa. The guys above are just arming themselves for the day that happens. Besides, I have seen this video about 5 – 7 years ago. Much has changed.

  11. I am going back to Germany, a circus clown from Germany could probably run this country better, many of us white folk died in war for this country! all you anti- afrikaans, anti-german, or anti-european’s should all thank your lucky stars for what we ( white europeans) did for this country and for this world, and stop spreading hatered becuase of past events! , and just remember when you see any of the following … THAT THIS WAS becuase of us! And say thankyou for once! Like .. Hot air balloons
    Ambulance service
    Cinema. Printing press
    Light bulb
    Petrol/gasoline & Diesel engines
    Automobile (+engine, differential gear…)
    LCD SCREEN. Piano
    Radio. Rockets which can take men to the moon…
    Aircraft which can carry hundreds of people thousands of miles in a few hours…
    Computers which have the processing power of hundreds of thousands of people…
    Arithmetic and geometry, the basics of science which made such flights possible…
    The telephone – an instrument which enables people thousands of kilometres away from each to converse as if they were next to each other…
    Philosophers, Kings, Queens, wise rulers, evil rulers…
    Great causes, which have fallen and risen…
    Civilizations which have conquered their known worlds…
    Technological wonders of which others can only dream…

    All these are achievements of the Europeans. Ps we are also the football worldcup winners, Deutschland deutschland über alles! Wir sind deutsche, keine rassisch… ABer..

  12. This story contains more shit than a backed up port a potty should run story bout how retarded hackers have captured this site at least you would finally run something creditable

  13. What a load of SHITE !!!!, The “person” who wrote this should come to SA, then once you have experienced the place and spoken to its people, we will take you seriously.
    Used to respect this site, but now I see just like FOX news and all the other uninformed/propaganda newsmakers, you will print any CRAP just to get a reader,
    Sorry I`m about to delete the shortcut to your site….

  14. Lol, the blacks are colonialists as well. They must go back to where they come from, Western and central Africa. They are slaughtering whites on farms, thousands are dead, and its all a government agenda. Its planned. I wont be surprised if such training camps exist, because this country is fucked, mark my words, war is going to happen!

  15. I heard that it was a Netherlands reporter who interviewed this camp. They are against black people. That is for sure, but they are also a form of activism. The government do not care if we get killed. These guys at least have the guts to arm themselves to defend themselves. The worst part is, every time a white community stands up for itself and it’s rights, the world propaganda (now it is also a shock to see it in Anonymous) labels it as either white supremacists, a hate group or a racist group. In South Africa, black kids are trained in townships to kill (which is also the minority), but you never hear that in the news. These minority of white people are just defending their right to live and survive. The police will not help them. They can’t just stand there and wait for death to come.

    The world is so screwed up over skin color. They think they are making things better, but they are just making it worse. People will confront Neo Nazi’s, but will avoid the Black Panthers. What is the difference between these groups? They both hate each other’s skin color, so why is one accepted, while the other is not. Stop all forms of racism. Think of the following.

    Africans can say they are proud to be Black. That is fine.
    Asians can say that they are proud to be Asia. That is fine.
    Indians can say that that are proud to be Indian. That is fine.
    Mixed race people can say they are proud to be that. That is fine.
    I say that I am proud to be white. Now all of a sudden I am a racist.

    Do you see the pattern? Since when did Anti-Racism, become Anti-White? If we all want to change this world, we must change these views. People, let us make anti-racism, into what it should be. Anti-all_forms_of_racism.

    To end this. I am proud to be white, but even more, I am proud to be human.

  16. Really? this is so sad on so many different levels! It’s sad that we live in a world where we feel the need to train our children to hate despite what color you are! and enough with the “labels” already! We as a human race need to stop putting classifications and levels of acceptance on one another! We are all the same!!! But yet we continue to classify ourselves and fight over what? greed? really? Who cares about that materialistic bullshit! I don’t give a shit what religion you are when you die you freaking die! That’s it! case closed! You take nothing with you when you go! So why do we fight so hard for what ultimately we can never have? You cannot take all your money or your land but yet we all give our lives for it every day! Why? Now don’t get me wrong I am NOT DOWN with NWO and the whole 1 world government bullshit. I am down with man kind and our capabilities that come from with in! You know that is where it truly is at, the inside, not the superficial outside. We all have our moments of happiness and love and anger and feeling sometimes unjust. Why because we ARE HUMAN! The only reason why we have different hue tones in our pigmentation is because it’s our ancestors and our own HUMAN body acclimating to the conditions of in which it resides! So that is like hating some one as stupid as a sunburn! And genetically we pass that down amazingly so by the INSIDE of our body! And again I don’t care how you believe we all got here but we are here, So in order for us to even try to wrap our little infinite minds around it we have to have a creator of some sort correct? So in a matter of speaking call him whatever you want we are all pretty much talking about the same entity of “GOD” So why does it matter how we choose to worship him? or not? And why do we sit by and let things like starvation and homelessness and crime and the list goes on and on! I think we need to stop this crazy bullshit!

  17. Please don’t be foolish enough to think that all white south Africans are as stupid and narrow minded like this! I am a white south African and despise these people. But make no mistake there is still a very bad undercurrent of hatred that is poking out its head lately in SA and gets encouraged by the likes of people such as Julius Malema from the EFF. Just one question to the people that say we must go back where we came from, what stupidity! In your opinion where must I go,how do you want to determine my origin after more than 400 years on this continent. Who is waiting with open arms to welcome us back into their countries and to give us citizenship???? Who???? Or should we just all be killed? I know you think its fare, I had nothing to do with apartheid and I’m not a racist. Mandelas vision was the only solution for this country but truth is the message coming through loud and clear lately is that a lot of black citizens are in favour of a civil war to wipe us out.http://m.ewn.co.za/2015/12/05/South-Africa-remembers-Madiba

  18. Damn !! People and their long comments lol.
    Well you have to admit ,there’s still Apartheid but it’s now called Ukuhlukaniswa which means ‘separation’ in Zulu. But Whatever shit happens.
    I am black and I understand the concerns of white people. It’s terrible really.
    I have to put my opinion. So as a black person I do not believe you could be like ‘ I hate white people ‘ I am not saying it’s impossible for black people to be racist. But we have a mentality that whites Indians and Coloured people are superior. Not in a disturbed kinda manner but gosh if only you knew how much black people want to be close to white and other races . I think maybe blacks who have been really totured by whites would say that or weird people. lets not forget that blacks are also killed by thugs. Anyway lets just get along people please and maybe vote off ANC 🙂


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