Feeding Children Radioactive Oatmeal: What Next?


The extent to which the U.S. government conducted experiments on its citizens is something we will probably never know. It is quite fathomable that experiments are still being conducted. It’s only when the government’s hand is forced do we find out about the need-to-know secrets that are generally concealed.

Experimentation is reported to have started in the 1930s, with it gradually taking form of more menacing research on the unwitting, by the Second World War through to the Cold War era. AnonHQ reported some time ago about one such experiment: the Tuskegee syphilis trials on unwitting patients, infecting them with the disease and notating its progression until they died slow and painful deaths. Penicillin’s healing properties had already been validated, but it was withheld from the patients who believed they were being treated for “bad blood.”

Blood test and unidentified subject (National Archives, Atlanta, GA)

A book could be dedicated to the lists of experimentation done by the US alone. In fact, The Plutonium Files has done just that. Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter author Eileen Welsome has penned a book of revelations – some of which are extraordinary, and literally sickening to believe.

TruthStreamMedia cover the book in more depth

The running theme is the cover-ups of plutonium injections used against ignorant American citizens; serving as a backdrop for the other experiments she explores in her book. The dark history of an American government spanning over five decades is difficult to stomach, but only because you’re reading a work of Non-Fiction. To understand how children were secretly fed radioactive oatmeal and milk for breakfast while scientists blatantly lied to their parents citing “nutrition” as the cause of study, is disturbing. The law suits are still pending for some of its victims.


The endless medical experimentation is documented. Children and adults alike were turned into human guinea pigs, and without the public knowledge, until pressed. Some official documents have been released, but without prior knowledge of their very existence in the first place, it’s difficult to find a starting point.

As for the crimes against humanity that spanned across the 20th century, it begs what else the government would do in the name of science, if once they were happy to feed innocent children a radioactive breakfast.

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