Former Heart Surgeon Confesses Processed Food is a Serial Killer, reveals only Natural Food Can Save Us

Processed food

Last year, we extensively reported on the negative health impacts of processed food. Processed foods are foods packaged in boxes, cans or bags. They go through many complex processing steps, often containing additives, artificial flavorings and other chemical ingredients that are harmful to our health.

A study released by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) in April 2016 reported a consumption of 50 grams of processed meat a day, and drinking three or more alcoholic beverages a day (equivalent to more than 45g of alcohol per day) increases the risk of stomach cancer. The WCRF study even defined processed meat as meat that has been preserved by smoking, curing or salting, or by the addition of preservatives.

Processed food

In that same month, another study produced by a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College in London revealed that eating junk food kills stomach bacteria, which protects the human body against obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, inflammatory bowel conditions and autism. Professor Tim Spector specifically used McDonalds’ food for his study, arriving at this disturbing conclusion.

Following these two studies, in October 2016, a report by an independent group of experts on nutrition and health said modern diets are making people sicker across the world. According to the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems Nutrition, diet and nutrition are now the two biggest risk factors for people’s health across the globe. The report particularly highlighted developing countries as places where diet-related sickness is rising due to an increase in the consumption of processed foods.

These studies and reports about processed or modern foods impacting negatively on our health is alarming. However, we’re yet to hear the full story about the negative consequences of processed foods.

Processed food

Dr Dwight Lundell was a professional heart surgeon in Arizona, United States. In 2014, Dr Lundell spilled the beans by revealing that processed foods is the number one cause of heart-related diseases, which kill many people in and outside the United States. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, killing approximately 610,000 people every year in the country. 1 in every 4 deaths is attributed to heart failure in the United States.

Previously, health experts believed foods with high fat were the cause of heart disease. In response, experts recommended low-fat foods for consumption – even if they were processed.

Processed food

But according to Dr Lundell, this previous expert assumption is wrong. Lundell said previous prescription of cholesterol-lowering medications, low-fat, as well as a high-simple carbohydrate diets for the last two-and-a-half decades, by health experts to the American public, was highly misguided. Dr Lundell wrote: “These recommendations are no longer scientifically or morally defensible.”

Processed food

Lundell explained further that processed foods actively destroy the walls of the human blood vessels by causing chronic inflammation. This inflammation makes cholesterol stick to the walls, forming the plaques that eventually block them, resulting in a heart attack or stroke, according to the former heart surgeon.

“When you spike your blood sugar level several times a day, every day, it is exactly like taking sandpaper to the inside of your delicate blood vessels,” he said. Dr Lundell also slammed refined carbohydrates, as well as the proportion of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids present in Western diet.

He said the heavy load of omega-6 acids vs. omega-3 in corn and soybean oils – about 15:1 when it should be 3:1 – are too much for the body to process. “Since we now know that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, the concern about saturated fat is even more absurd today,” Lundell stated.

According to Lundell, the only solution to this problem is for us to turn our backs on processed foods and return to natural ones. He recommended the eating of fruits and vegetables, saying: “Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” He also advocated for the eating of olive oil and grass-fed meat.

Processed food

Dr Lundell revealed eating these natural foods would prevent or even reverse many heart related diseases caused by the consumption of processed foods. He explained: “There is but one answer to quieting inflammation and that is returning to foods closer to their natural state.”

This candid confession by Lundell is useful to all of us. There are many health experts who wouldn’t dare make this type of public revelation. This is simply because the big food corporations sponsor their education and academia; giving out secret payments, all to push incentives for experts to keep their mouths shut about these very dangers. This is exactly why we should thank Dr Lundell for his revelation. He chose the public good over money and personal benefit, a rare virtue in this world.

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