George Galloway: The CIA is Trying to Assassinate Donald Trump

The 45th President of the United States is treading dangerous waters and risks the fate of John F. Kennedy. There’s a clear and present danger upon his life.


American President Donald Trump is treading dangerous waters and risks the fate of JFK, warns George Galloway, who has served 31 years as an elected British Member of Parliament.

There’s a clear and present danger upon his life. If I were him, I wouldn’t be going near any grassy knolls. I wouldn’t be on any motorcades in Dallas or anywhere else. I wouldn’t be traveling in an open-top car. I’d be very careful if I was President Trump about my personal security.  I think I’d have to employ guards to guard the guards.”

But why would the CIA attempt a kind of soft coup d’etat against the 45th President of the United States? To cut him off at the knees, to put him into a political corner so that he feels intimidated about pursuing his rapprochement with Moscow, explains Galloway. Referring to the dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, a British intelligence agent, who alleged that Russia sought to tip the 2016 U.S. presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor, Galloway said:

“In 1925, something called the Zinoviev letter helped to bring down the first ever Labour government in Britain. It purported to be a letter from the Russian head of the Comintern, Gregory Zinoviev, to his lieutenants in the British Labour movement, giving them their marching orders and in particular encouraging them to acts of sedition within the British armed forces.

This brought down the Labour Prime Minister even though it was, quite quickly actually, proved to be a forgery that had been produced by, you guessed it, British Intelligence. That brought down the Prime Ministership of Ramsay MacDonald and this one is aimed at another Donald: Donald Trump.”

While a secret CIA assessment found that electing Trump was Russia’s goal, Trump dismissed the contents of the assessment as false, whereas Russia vehemently denied the claims.

It turned out that the CIA assessment contained lurid and hard-to-prove allegations, that the CIA had no evidence against Russia, and that the entire case against Russia – that the Russian officials directed the identified individuals to supply WikiLeaks with the hacked Democratic emails – was inferential.

Zero Hedge called it a soft coup attempt by leaders of the U.S. intelligence community and Obama Administration to influence the Electoral College vote, similar to the 1960s novel “Seven Days in May.”

Rejecting the CIA assessment, Trump claimed it was produced by “the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.” In January, he went so far as to liken the CIA to Nazi Germany.

By repeatedly criticizing the American intelligence agencies, particularly the Central Intelligence Agency, he is unknowingly crossing “the line” for which he will suffer the wrath of the same people who took out John F. Kennedy. Jacob G. Hornberger, a political scientist and founder of Future of Freedom Foundation, warns:

“Ever since the Kennedy assassination, no president has dared to tangle with the national-security establishment at a fundamental level. Everyone in Washington knows where the real power of the federal government is centered. Every president knows that he is expected to operate within the parameters set forth by the national-security establishment and every president since Kennedy has dutifully complied.

“They know that if they oppose the national-security establishment at a fundamental level, they would be subjected to retaliatory measures. Donald Trump might be the first president since Kennedy to violate that sacred rule of the national-security establishment.”

The implications for Trump are quite clear. If he is serious about peace with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, when ‘they’ insist on war, there will be a confrontation.

Is there evidence the CIA assassinated JFK? Aplenty.

Former CIA agent and Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt, who confessed on his deathbed that he was part of an assassination team of killing JFK, alleged before dying that the then U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in the planning of the assassination and in the CIA cover-up. He stated that Johnson “had an almost maniacal urge to become president, he regarded JFK as an obstacle to achieving that.”

The CIA itself has admitted to covering up the JFK assassination. Declassified documents show that the CIA was in communication with alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK’s murder in 1963, and they were monitoring his mail since 1959.

John McCone, who was chief of the CIA at the time, allegedly hid evidence from the Warren commission, set up by Lyndon Johnson to investigate JFK’s assassination; meaning the investigation was severely compromised and did not follow up any other leads which may have been crucial in the search for truth.

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