J.K. Rowling Loses Billionaire “Status” On Forbes List For Being Too Charitable


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It’s ironic that society celebrates the elite who hoard their wealth and ‘penalizes’ those who share their good fortune with the world.

Author J.K. Rowling is one of the few celebrities who can relate to the billions of people who are struggling financially and hoping to better their lives. Before the Harry Potter series was a success, she endured heartbreak, divorce, and money problems – all which she persevered through as she scribbled the manuscript for her first big success, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, on napkins in cafes.

Her life was not without its troubles, but her determination eventually paid off. Not only did Rowling go from being a jobless single mother living off unemployment benefits to one of the best-selling authors of all time, she became the first billionaire author, which earned her a spot on Forbes’ billionaire list.

Recently, however, the author was booted off the Forbes list because she has been ‘too charitable’. It is estimated that the mastermind behind Harry Potter has given away $160 million to good causes that she respects. In addition, she founded Lumos, a charity driven to help children in Eastern Europe who are disadvantaged and/or institutionalized. In effect, her net worth has lessened.

Is she any poorer for giving? Quite the opposite. She says:

“You have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently.”

While many would agree with this statement, it’s ironic that most people would still prefer to receive $1,000,000 than end world hunger tomorrow. Society has taught people to believe their worth is based on the amount of zeroes in their bank account. In effect, at a time when Rowling’s generosity should be celebrated, she’s being demoted from the Forbes rich list to the Forbes ‘Billionaire Drop-offs’ list.

Of course, if she is now a lowly millionaire, her name doesn’t belong on the list anymore. But does this ordeal not draw attention to the fact that society has been taught to idolize the elite who hoard their wealth and penalize charitable givers like Rowling? It’s an intriguing reality to ponder. In fact, this activist does an excellent job summarizing how backward society can sometimes be.

Credit: liveindex.org

Credit: liveindex.org

J.K. Rowling’s name may have been dropped off the Forbes list, but her generosity has helped win her more fans. Imagine if more affluent activists were inspired to share their good fortune with the world. Earth might be a drastically different place!

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  1. Moral standout is what to humanity needs. Whether her name is on the list or not! What she did was something great. At the end Forbes list is just a list. Good for ego’s.

  2. these elite are fucked… check this out… how can they manage time with aliens, beings, entities, spirits, shadows and apparitions even natural witchcraft from forces of nature divination and a bit of shamanism… that’s it they don’t… they think they know about the future to secure their future… they are just wrong… ever… they don’t know shit… and is this a mystical nature existence that we live in… just check when the forces of artifacts over religions started 80’s 90’s…. ahahahahahah… they don’t have it… they advancing through materialism over all that…. warning…

  3. Those so-called philanthropists are just as human as the poorest guy. All greedy and selfish. They’d kill to keep their names and rankings on that cursed list.Good on you JKR, at least you can see that emperor’s not wearing anything.

  4. When 90% of the worlds wealth is held by 10% of its people, people who bank it then appeal for the working man to raise money for various causes there is something seriously wrong with the world. These people could get together and give a fraction of their fortunes to end world hunger. JKR remembers her own struggle and keeps it real keep at it the world needs more people like you well done.

  5. You do realize that it is just a list? no one said anything about idolizing anyone. its just stating the fact that she was no longer a billionaire. And many of the wealthy do give millions back to charitable causes and they are also the producer of jobs. when they invest more money into their company, they create more jobs. Now, do all wealthy people donate money? No. but its the same as the people who do not care about working so they choose to take advantage of unemployment and live off of hard working peoples money. Unemployment programs do help lots of people but its not meant to be permanent. Are all wealthy people good people? no. but the same can be said about the non-wealthy. Rather then say all wealthy people are selfish and greedy and don’t care about those less fortunate, realize that stereotype does not hold true for everyone.


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