The Legacy of The Man Who Predicted 9/11 Ten Weeks In Advance & Was Shot 8 Weeks After 9/11


A man by the name of William Cooper died shortly after the 9/11 catastrophe. It was a catastrophe that has led to the current state of affairs that we are witnessing today. With the war-front on all sides… from invading states in the name of liberal democracy, to the recent state of emergency declared on hackers… the world is invariably changing with dramatic speed.

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William Cooper tried to warn us about the nature of these events through his radio programs, his writing, and his investigation. Cooper was a member of the naval intelligence when he was but a young man, and was reared in a military family; he lived on bases with his father for most of his adolescent life. A self-declared pro-establishment guy, Cooper, after years of combat and serving with intelligence on a submarine, witnessed a disc-shape rise from the ocean. This conflicted with the laws of physics as he knew it. This was in 1966. Post-birthing at the submarine base at Pearl Harbor, he and the other crew were debriefed, told never to speak of what they “never saw” or face massive consequences and imprisonment. It was then that Cooper learned of the culture of secrecy in the military, and the severe consequences that could be placed around his neck for speaking about its secrets.

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Shortly after, he was run off the road in an accident that resulted in the amputation of his leg. The people responsible even visited him in hospital, warning him to keep quiet. It was then that Cooper realized that he had to protect himself if he was to uncover the truth, a truth that he suspected existed within government facilities. From UFOs to government cover-ups, and from hidden cancer cures to terrorist attacks, he understood the risks this entailed.

In the late 1990s, after establishing CAJI, at one point the largest global civilian intelligence gathering organization in the world, the government began harassing Cooper by any means they could: tax evasion and bank fraud… accusations that were never substantiated. In contrast, banks gave William Cooper a glowing report: he paid his bills early and had no debts. But, eventually, Cooper was forced to send his wife and family into hiding as he fought the trumped-up charges. President Clinton, at the time, placed him on the File Gate list: a list of people who were deemed a threat, a list that involved questionable surveillance on these “threats”.

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At 18:04 the possibility of terrorist attacks are raised. (Recorded 28 June 2001)

On the 6th November 2001, a confrontation occurred between William Cooper and law enforcement agents. These men had supposedly disguised themselves as rowdy teenagers, and used this ruse to lure him from his house. William Cooper was then shot dead, allegedly because he was part of a militant anti-establishment movement. The occurrences of that chaotic day are still unclear, but his body was left on the doorstep for 15 hours… with no medical attention, or intervention provided… and no cameras, or recordings made of the unfolding events that led up to his death.

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Months before his death, his radio program had broadcast that there was a high likelihood of a terrorist attack on American shores, possibly involving Osama bin Laden who would be portrayed as the next Saddam Hussein by the government. He predicted the reactions to the attack, the risk of a police state. When he was dared to give a time line, he stated that the attack would occur on  his June 28th 2001 program. He stated that it was only weeks away from happening [in his opinion]. Just weeks after 9/11, and months after his striking predictions, William Cooper was shot dead at his residence.

“Those of you who are smart enough to know what is transpiring here, know that these are historic broadcasts…And by making these broadcasts I have sealed my fate.”A martyr for the truth.


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  1. There is certainly some inconsistency in this story. There is a video with a caption stating that it was recorded (with William Cooper pretty much alive on it) on June 28, 2001, while right after the video the next paragraph says that he died six weeks earlier, on the 11th of May, 2001. Come on, fix the dates please to make the story more plausible. Thanks…

    • I’m amazed that people can watch a video of a police officer shooting someone in the back who is running away from him and believe that the officer was in fear of his life, and at the same time dismiss or criticize a wholly plausible and believable video because it has a date / single statement wrong on it. Beautiful.

      • Europeans indicate dates as day/month/year.
        Americans indicate dates as month/day/year.

        So 5/11/2001 can be either 5 November 2001, or 11 May 2001.
        It all depends on who wrote and who reads.

      • Who said he was fear for his life, the only person I heard say that was the police officer himself, but no one is believing him

      • That is called “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE”.
        It’s a terrible mental mechanism that all people are subject to, but in more or less measure.
        Search for it, you will understand MANY things.

      • Police do not need to fear you to legally shoot you dead. The only requirements are that you be a threat either to the cops directly or a threat to the general public should you escape. Perhaps you should try doing some research prior to pretending youre some sort of legal expert.

  2. Most average Amerivans live their lives in denial about just how alarmingly fast the world is changing and how much danger we are all in. Terrorism is sweeping ovee the world–not limited to the Middle East–and advanced technology has sped up the spread of it. Terrorism, global warming (ocean habitats rapidly changing, resulting in mass marine animal deaths, etc. It is happening too fast, and within a few years I believe we will witness the death of the planet. Sorry for the cynicism… but it is happening.

    • If the war on the extremists (protesters) or global warming doesn’t get us then it’ll be a nuclear disaster of the next level of that of Fukushima but located in the US. Have they safe guarded against huge flooding as was seen the last couple of years. Likely not as the paper economy says too costly.

    • I totally agree with you. I’m trying to convince my younger son who is 30 not to have any children. Thankfully he’s not trying yet but I dread him telling me he and his common law wife are.

  3. Another point about 911 is the fallacy that the aircraft were invisible to the radar systems as their (Squalkers) transponders had been disabled, wellll all the modern Air traffic control radars have both primary and secondary (transponder interrogators) radars. Meaning that even if they say that their assigned codes were not visible the Primary raw radar returns would have produced plots on the ATC cells and would have allowed tracking them!
    In fact their route to Manhattan included flying close to or over a Naval Air Station just outside Boston, Airforce bases such as Hanscom, Barnes, Bradley, Westover, Albany, Stewart and Orange were also close enough for any type of local Air Traffic Control radar to detect them. In fact they passed over or near to West Point Military academy and the second WTC aircraft flew within missile range of McGuire AFB New Jersey, New Jersey also had a missile testing range closer to NY than McGuire.
    What about the Coast Guard and Naval Bases? all the naval warships have weapons control Radar out to 200Nm including SSR – were the Navy all at sea on Sep 11th?
    The software at that time and since the 1980’s at least allowed for the selection of SSR plots or primary plots, or combined plots when the SSR return coincided with a primary plot in azimuth range and elevation! These combined plots would continue to be plotted on the screen of the traffic controllers display (be it it plan or radar display) even if one or the other of the plots were dropped or not produced! Even if the tracking selected was only for SSR returns and the transponder was shut down or disabled then the software would continue to paint in the last known direction of the aircraft until cancelled out by executive control.
    There is no way these aircraft were off radar once they took off! So who colluded to conceal there whereabouts?? It could even be said that the intervening bases and the Hudson River provided a path direct to New York! There are masses of water in the terrain between Boston Albany and the Hudson river including the Connecticut River, enough so that anyone who does not know the terrain could easily mistake the route. Where did they get the terrain knowledge as up there everything looks completely different from a map and the only other aids (microsoft map point) were still in their infancy (released first in 2002) as were the Civilian usage of the GPS in May 2000 so it is unlikely that all aircraft would have GPS capability even in 2001. So how did they find their way? If they flew any higher than 3000ft they would have painted on every radar in the NE USA! So who helped them?

    • Indeed. Flashing forward within the same concepts. Who was on Malaysian flights MH370 and MH17 that needed to be removed/silenced?

      • To Julz..
        I have read that some of the world’s top military scientists were on the plane, including one who was going to come forward with damning evidence of how AIDS was introduced to monkeys from a mutated vaccination for polio.. There was a huge conference that was supposed to be held in Australia for this.. I have also heard many other different theories on this.. Some quite plausible.. Not to mention the ‘alleged’ 1.2 ton ‘mystery cargo’.. (That was only just made public) I really feel for the families of these victims, but I strongly believe this was definitely a planned attack to stop anything being revealed.. I wouldn’t put it past the families being silenced either, as even though a few countries are still ‘supposedly’ financing the search the families have been very quiet over the past few months.. I would be publicly asking questions and harassing the authorities until I had answers.. Just my opinion…

    • You are right, honestly in my opinion this was all done by the US Government, because reading back past 9/11 (reading on Bin Ladin) He has done nothing wrong to the US Governemnt other then post a few EMPTY threats, so they decide to take out a man who has had nothing to really do with the USA up until this point in time when the US Governement decided to pain this big red target on his back stating that he was the one who comprised this entire thing and that “he is the one to blame and he needs to die.” People say that 9/11 was all because of Osama Bin Ladin and that he threatened to blow up the USA…. in all my time reading about Bin Ladin he on issued EMPTY threats towards the US Military! not the country itself! But in Conclusion I feel that the government is the one to blame for 9/11 and that this entire thing was to silence innocent civilians who wanted to do what was right and bring the truth out of what the american Governemnt is truely doing. This man was a Innocent man who did nothing wrong and that the day he died (which ever that day was) was a good man and only wanted to bring the truth to the unknowing and that the death of this man was the begining of the police state

  4. I totally get the basis for these comments and the conspiracy theorists but sometimes people and most certainly governments mess up. When they do it’s catastrophic and they try to cover up. Some of the biggest travesties have been because someone has quite simply fouled up and the price of the public knowing is just too much to risk.. Think about the basics and look at human psychology. 9/11 – too many unanswered questions…and yes quite possibly no one left to provide the truth.
    Shooting someone to prevent public outcry or worse, yes of course this happens don’t need to be a rocket scientists to see that.

  5. It may seem like whipping a dead horse, but I can not help but refer back to the J.F.K. assassination. The obvious cover-up and overthrow of our democratically elected president. The same powers that perpetrated that heinous act, are still in control of our government today. Many of the old guard have died and been replaced by a younger generation, but if you think about it, you can only survive in the political arena today, if you choke on gnats and swallow camels. These two “parties”, or so they call themselves, need to be done away with. The party is over. In fact, democrats and republicans are like heads and tails of the same plug nickel. Useless, no matter which side lands face up. Bill Cooper saw all this and much, much more, and was finally silenced when he refused to sit down and shut up. The way these nefarious groups work is first they will try to discredit you by character assassination or by destroying your credibility using legal manipulation or finding out your weaknesses and exploiting them. If this doesn’t work, they will try isolation, or try buying your silence. When this fails, only then will they strike out physically against you. The reason they are able to get away with it is because everything they do is done in the darkness or in the shadows. Once their deeds are brought to light, the true vulnerability of them is made clear. We are not talking about a huge number of people involved in these activities, or “shadow governments”, what ever you wish to call them. Their numbers are relatively few. They do however maintain powers and principalities of darkness in high places. They control great amounts of wealth and influence. What we as a people can and must do is to learn to stick together, and at every opportunity, expose these evil doers and shed as much light as possible on their wicked ways and means. We the people can take our nation and our world back from them, but it will require a concerted effort on everyone’s part, and the help of God.

  6. Dont be fooled by your up and coming politicians, because both sides (Dem’s/Rep’s)are working for the Banks.
    With some wonder (needed! !!) people can fight back by curbing theire consumption and giving the Green Party a say.
    Sadly, it’s wishfull thinking from me

  7. The Governments protect theire own interests and those of the rich, the banks who control everything.
    Dylan Avery who created “” (or similar) also gives an interesting angle on this subject.
    The Governments will continue to lie to theire population, wether Dem’s or Rep’s.
    People have the power to fight back by curbing theire consumption and voting the Green Party in and letting them have a go.
    We will however need some good exposure in getting this ball rolling.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    • You are in denial if you think one party is better then another. The illumination control both and you would do well to review our countries history. It is all orchestrated. You don’t think Columbus was really the first to discover America do you?


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