We Are The Millennials: Peace by Piece Dinner And You’re Invited


January 30th 2016 marks the day when Millennials will get together over dinner in New York City to discuss topics of the day “as allies, not as enemies.”

The International Dinner Front, organized by Peace by Piece, will be a, “…dinner group of people who do not prescribe to the petty inventions of the power elite. We will meet monthly – Jews and Middle Easterners, but also African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, Slavs, Islanders, white Americans and more – race matters not. In fact, we see race as something celebratory, not something injurious. We will sit together to eat, recognizing the soul in others and allowing them to recognize the soul in us.”

Who is Peace by Piece?

Peace by Piece acknowledges the world without rose colored glasses, inheriting a “screwed-up system” of hate, distortion and disillusionment. They acknowledge the chaos that surrounds us. The difference is Peace by Piece isn’t willing to succumb to the false illusion of being able to do nothing.

Peace by Piece believe that all are created equal: inequality should not come in the form of race, religion or any other matter, and in believing this, the world can fight against the system in place and make a positive change. As the name suggests, baby steps, but solid steps to progress, starting by holding a dinner to discuss change amongst different creeds without stigma attached.

If you are interested in joining this new movement to make a positive change in the world, you can contact Peace by Piece here. You can register your interest in The International Dinner Front on the Facebook event page here, or email [email protected] if you can volunteer, help plan the event, or offer up a venue.

“Peace begins on the plate.”

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