Police Use Sex to Infiltrate Protest Groups, Perform Illegal Activities and Entrap Leaders


A word of wisdom to any would-be protest leader/revolutionary; don’t let your lust, or even that deep emotional connection you believe you have, control your actions. Activists like environmental activist Eric McDavid learned that the hard way, having fallen head over heels for an FBI informant named ‘Anna’, who had used him to manipulate the other environmental activists to perform illegal acts. She would even eventually entrap and jail him for nine years. He was recently released when a court ruling revealed that the government was withholding evidence.

Overview: Sexual Infiltration and the Police

The use of sex to achieve a desired outcome by authorities is well-known. Most people assume that the use of sex to manipulate people is restricted mostly to military conflicts or counter-insurgency campaigns. For example, the Israelis had often recruited Palestinians after first recording them in very compromising sexual situations. Extra-marital, homosexual or other ‘deviant’ activity could be used to blackmail public figures to force them into revealing intelligence that could be used to capture Palestinian activists and fighters wanted by the Israeli government. While still deplorable, such tactics could at least be vaguely justified via the false-belief that the Israelis were attempting to capture ‘terrorists’.

The collection of intel via sex is not restricted to military conflict, however.  Police have long used these tactics, and in 2011 several British agents were found to have infiltrated activist movements for over 40 years. Five of the seven officers revealed were found to have had sexual relations with women in the movements, often the very women they had been tasked to ‘monitor’. Further journalistic investigation revealed another ten officers, nine of whom had a relationship with activists. Most of these  were a form of deception to win influence among key individuals.

“It must be a horrifying experience to discover that your partner is not the person they say they are; that they may have been relaying information provided in confidence ‘on the pillow’, to the state; and that the fundamentals of the relationship were lies. Many have described the sense of violation they feel.”  Tamsin Allen


Case Study 1: Bob Lambert

Bob Lambert, known as Bob Robinson to animal liberation movements, used a job he had in London at Green Peace to give himself a credible cover story. He targeted activists working with the ALF, and between May 1987 and November 1988, he was in a sexual relationship with an unknown 24-year-old woman. She was not affiliated with the ALF, but he used her to create a believable story to explain his activities outside of the group. He had even had the police raid his own home in order to prove his activist credentials. Lambert had spent 26 years at the Metropolitan Police’s ‘Special’ Branch, and has recently apologized for misleading the unnamed 24-year-old woman:

“I also apologize unreservedly for forming false friendships with law abiding citizens and in particular forming a long-term relationship with [the woman] who had every reason to think I was a committed animal rights activist and a genuine London Greenpeace campaigner.”

In the mid-1980s, he had also had a son with an activist he had been sent to spy on. Lambert admits to having had at least four women while undercover and was legally married once. At least one other officer has had a child while ‘on duty’.

More than just a spy, he had also been a provocateur, actively carrying out acts of arson and property destruction in order to implicate the ALF. MP Caroline Lucas gave testimony stating that Lambert had been responsible for placing an incendiary device in a Debenhams department store in 1987, in protest of its sale of fur products.

The fire motivated the store to stop selling fur and garnered him credibility among the activists at the time. He denies setting the device, but claims credit for assisting police in capturing the other two who were involved.

His main role in the group was to encourage more militant action. According to ‘Charlotte’, one of Lambert’s sexual partners, “He would tease me for not being committed enough…he got me to become more involved in ‘direct action.’”


Case Study 2: Mark John Kennedy

Constable Mark John Kennedy had gone by the alias, Mark ‘Flash’ Stone, when he infiltrated environmental and leftist groups for a total of eight years. He sometimes enlisted the aid of a female spy, who was also pretending to be an eco-activist. He had hosted meetings with activists, and participated in illegal activities such as blockades, occupations and even sabotage. He provided logistics for events, and according to several activists, was a provocateur that encouraged them to behave violently and even goaded them into attacking his fellow officers. He received some 250,000 pounds annually, which he would use for, bribes, drinks, accommodations, a vehicle and travel abroad to meet other anarchists.”

He had claimed to be an, avid rock climber and former drug smuggler,” and maintained a four year relationship with a 26-year-old  female activist, named Anna. After Kennedy’s true identity was revealed, he was quoted as saying, “If somebody was being paid to have sex with me, that gives me a sense of having been violated.”

second female Welsh activist whom he was also sleeping with would discover his identity. Several other female activists were likely victimized.  After his police handlers became aware of his ‘erratic sexual conduct’, he himself was placed under surveillance, wherein police videotaped him having sexual contact with female activists. Blackmail works pretty well as…. motivation…. for your own agents it would seem. While Kennedy joked about his use of ‘horizontal interrogation techniques‘ with activists, he maintained a second life with his wife Edel and their two children. Kennedy later defended his actions.

Since he was exposed as a spy, activists have compiled a database which would go on to document at least 68 incidents in which he had partaken.  According to Kennedy himself, who apparently was filled with remorse after his cover was blown, he was one of 15 police spies who had infiltrated environmental movements; at least four of these spies remain embedded in UK protest movements.

He went on to found Tokra Limited and Black Star High Access, companies that allowed him to sell his knowledge to corporate interests. In a report by The Guardian, prior to his exposure, Kennedy had already been using the knowledge he gained in police infiltration campaigns to act as a ‘corporate spy,’ while still maintaining his Mark Stone alter ego. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Kennedy was working for a second spy firm in the US, Densus Group, targeting ‘anti-capitalist demonstrators’. So this spy was selling secrets to the corporations, and working for THEM all along? Whether the police knew of this or not, this suggests that these individuals are more than just tools of  the law, also serving as tools for the highest bidder. Guess who can bid the highest?

Britain has a long history of infiltration that go back to 1968 anti-war protests; sex is a new means to an end, but sex sells so…


Case Study 3: Andrew James Boyling

Known as Jim, or James Sutton to activists, he had been sent to spy on pro bicycle movement, Reclaim The Roads. From 1995 to 2000, he was a lead organizer and also had his finger in environmental campaigns. Boyling married Angharad Bevan, the 28-year-old activist he was tasked to monitor, and fathered two children with her before divorcing.

Following Boyling’s exposure, Chief Constable Jon Murphy of Merseyside (NW England) told newspapers that sexual conduct between police agents and activists was, “never acceptable…under any circumstances.” Despite his claims to the contrary, Boyling’s ex-wife stated in an interview with The Guardian that superiors were knowledgeable of these incidents. Basically, the police lie too. Boyling also reportedly perjured himself in court in 1997, giving evidence under oath (as Pete James Sutton), while concealing his true identity as a police spy during his prosecution alongside protestors arrested after occupying a government office. Investigations by The Guardian revealed that, “police chiefs [had] authorized undercover officers to hide their identities from courts when they were prosecuted for offences arising out of their deployment.”

Other sex spies, concluding thoughts

Mark Jacobs, John Dines and Mark Jenner are just three of the other known British police provocateurs that had used sex as a means of influencing members. Nobody knows just how many similar police actors, who are willing to ironically flaunt the rule of law (and yet not be arrested), there are in Britain. In the American activist network, where the police already bend the laws to justify shooting kids, the homeless, unarmed men and even rock throwers (remember when the US media was coming down hard on the deposed Ukrainian leader because police were using batons on provocateurs who were hurling Molotovs on them and setting them ablaze??), you can bet on even deeper infiltration. What of the international scene?

It pays to be cautious, or a protest movement (or even an NGO, some of these provocateurs had years of experience infiltrating those as well) could be provoked into attacking police and civilians in order to create an excuse for even greater surveillance and even greater infringements on human liberties and rights. Innocent protesters could even be used to besmirch an enemy country (like Russia) to promote an even more disturbing agenda that are determined by the very top 0.01% of elites.

SOURCE: www.mintpressnews.com


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  1. Sleeping with the enemy: How undercover cop who went native with eco-warriors used double life to seduce idealistic young women

    By Andrew Malone for the Daily Mail
    Updated: 17:19, 15 January 2011

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    ‘Eco activist’ Mark Stone – in reality, undercover PC Mark Kennedy, who has spoken of fears for his life

    ‘Eco activist’ Mark Stone – in reality, undercover PC Mark Kennedy, who has spoken of fears for his life

    As a base for an eco-warrior, Tamarisk, a traditional narrowboat, could hardly have been better. ­Bobbing gently on the water inside Nottingham’s gated ­Castle marina, the craft provided a private sanctuary for plotting operations.

    The captain was ‘Mark Stone’, an unkempt, long-haired mountaineer committed to direct action against environmental targets. And it was aboard the pristine green and black Tamarisk, in a haze of cannabis smoke, that he held court with fellow members of the underground network.

    Mark Stone, of course, was an alias. In ­disclosures that sent tremors around anarchist groups worldwide, it emerged this week that his real name is Mark Kennedy, a tattooed former police constable inserted deep undercover by a secretive police unit whose extra­ordinarily high-risk tactics are at best risky, and at worst downright reckless.

    In a plot that already has Hollywood agents clamouring for his authorised story, Kennedy spent seven years at the heart of shadowy groups linked to violent protests at political summits, power stations and public demonstrations. Using a false passport, he held meetings with anarchist leaders in 22 other countries, gleaning sensitive details about operations involving underground groups from around the world.

    He chained himself to power stations; climbed cranes to unfurl protest banners; acted as official driver on missions; and constantly asked his fellow underground activists which target they would hit next.

    And every ten days, in a career that began in 2003 and ended last year, Kennedy relayed this critical intelligence to his police superiors, who operate from the fifth floor of an anonymous-looking building near New Scotland Yard in Central London.

    But, infamously, this undercover eco-cop went native. A trial of six fellow anarchists was ­dramatically halted this week after Kennedy revealed that he was racked by remorse over his betrayal — and offered to give evidence for the defence of the accused campaigners, having quit his job with the Metropolitan Police in disgust at his own actions.



    Mark Kennedy 20 green protesters convicted over power station demo set to appeal because police eco spy’s role was kept… Undercover: PC Mark Kennedy’s intervention led to the prosecution against six eco-activists being dropped Probe ordered into the police eco-spy

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    In leaked emails, Kennedy, 41, oozed self-pity. ‘I hate myself so much,’ he said after his cover was blown. ‘I betrayed so many people. I owe it to a lot of good people to do something right for a change. I’m really sorry.’

    Yet there is another dramatic twist to this bewildering tale of the secret police spy who changed sides. For it transpires that Kennedy’s fondness for living on the water was not simply because it was suitably ‘alternative’, and added to his cover story.

    No, equally important for this undercover police spy, the narrow boat provided the perfect base for liaisons with impressionable young female activists — carefully-planned operations which, as we shall see, were not always strictly in the line of duty.
    Unsuspecting: ‘Mark Stone’ spent seven years undercover with the group without any of them realising. The operation cost £2million

    Unsuspecting: ‘Mark Stone’ spent seven years undercover with the group without any of them realising. The operation cost £2million

    For it was aboard Tamarisk, as well as in private homes and hotels throughout Europe, that Kennedy indulged what police sources describe as his Achilles’ heel: his penchant for sleeping with women, even when it was not necessary for his undercover role.

    Indeed, the Mail can today reveal that it was sex that finally proved his undoing. So concerned were his superiors by his ‘erratic’ sexual conduct that they mounted a covert operation against Kennedy, their own undercover operative.
    Climbing the tower: Pc Mark Kennedy (circled) on a ladder as a banner is unfurled at Didcot Power Station

    Climbing the tower: Pc Mark Kennedy (circled) on a ladder as a banner is unfurled at Didcot Power Station

    Having become increasingly convinced that Kennedy was not telling his police handlers everything about his undercover life, surveillance cameras were installed aboard Tamarisk. The spy was being spied upon by his own handlers — and the four-man surveillance team were horrified by what they saw.

    ‘He was having sex with another activist,’ a senior police source told me. ‘It was all there on the ­surveillance tapes.

    ‘There had been concerns about this undercover officer. That was the first concrete evidence that he had been going too far.’

    While there are no official police guidelines on sexual conduct ­involving undercover officers, known by other officers as ‘ghosts’ or UCs (for undercover), any signs of ­behaviour that is not necessary for the job sets alarm bells ringing among superiors.

    With the handling of Kennedy now under intense scrutiny, it has emerged that these compromising tapes formed part of a growing raft of evidence that saw Kennedy removed in 2009 from his £50,000 role as a police CHIS — covert human intelligence service — and also provides a crucial insight into how the £2 m operation ended in such disaster.

    ‘He had become a bit of a prima donna,’ says our senior police source. ‘You’ve got a guy selected for the job who should really be driving a panda car. He gets good money and special payments, and his own back-up team. He can dress how he likes, get up when he likes, and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone. But at the same time, he’s got money and ­status in his own undercover world.

    ‘It’s not just a question of someone going bad — it’s a question of whether they can do the right thing and resist the temptation to abuse their position. This UC clearly ­struggled with that temptation.’

    According to fellow activists, that is an understatement. Twenty-six-year-old Anna is one of the fellow activists whom ‘Stone’ — who was nicknamed ‘Flash’ on accounts of the large sums of cash he always waved around — managed to seduce. It is not just his undercover role that disgusts her, it is the sexual exploitation by a paid agent of the State.

    Well written however you misquoted Kennedy. It is not his quote, it is Annas

    ‘If somebody was being paid to have sex with me, that gives me a sense of having been violated,’ Anna said, adding that she knows that Kennedy also slept with other activists.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1347320/Undercover-PC-Mark-Stone-used-double-life-seduce-idealistic-young-women.html#ixzz3Sx5RMpEy
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