Real-Life Superhero, Phoenix Jones Stops Attempted Murder in Seattle


The Free Thought Project has reported that one of America’s most active superheroes, Benjamin John Francis Fodor, otherwise known as Phoenix Jones, stopped an attempted murder that was taking place on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Jones, known for confronting alleged lawbreakers while dressed in a superhero costume, was said to have been patrolling the streets near Capitol Hill when he witnessed three men attacking a defenseless man with a weapon.

The men were said to be beating the man viciously, pistol-whipping and kicking him from left to right.  It was reported, that when Jones chanced upon them, he immediately sprang into action, chasing the men down and knocking the weapon away from the man holding it. Reportedly, Jones then kept the suspects cornered until the police arrived and arrested them.

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Police later said the victim was so badly injured that he would not be able to give evidence. In addition, the police also announced that Phoenix Jones had volunteered to give evidence of the attack that almost claimed the victim’s life.

The bloodied victim in the incident wouldn’t provide officers with much information about the fight, but a witness–Seattle’s (in)famous masked adventurer, Phoenix Jones–told police he had seen the suspects pistol-whip and kick the victim after knocking him to the ground,” the police said in a statement.

Jones confirmed the incident and his intervention with the police live on camera. He said in a video posted on YouTube, “I sprinted out as fast as I could and hit him with a right hand. The gun popped out, only the scary part was he didn’t get knocked out.

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Phoenix Jones is the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement, a Seattle-based citizen patrol group that describes itself as a crime prevention brigade. Initially wearing a ski mask to intervene in a public assault, Jones later developed a full costume and adopted “Phoenix Jones” as a pseudonym.

He has said in the past that the best way to prevent being mistaken for a criminal by the police, is to wear a super-suit. However, local police have expressed concern that the strange costumes may lead to emergency calls from citizens who mistake the “superheroes” for criminals.

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All the members of the Rain City Superhero Movement are said to have a military or mixed martial arts background. Jones himself is a mixed martial artist. He has signed to World Series of Fighting, where he has fought at two catchweights; the brother of UFC, Strikeforce, and has also fought one Championship fighter, Caros Fodor.

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    • Pretty sure an ass whooping hurts no matter where you be. Bunch of dip shit tweekers thinking they be gang bangers against a group of ex military and mixed martial artists? Sorry, but my money is on the dude in spandex.

    • i think what he meant is that the super hero guy was lucky that he was in seattle and not any other high gang/crime affluent areas… because he would have been pumped full of lead unfortunately… which is truth because for a city as large as seattle.. like nobody REALLY gets shot when you compare it with the rates of many other US cities.

      • He has been shot at alot and been it a few times. But his suit is made of Kevlar on top of wearing a vest with sappy plates under the suit. and he does wear a Kevlar helmet. He doesn’t go in guns blazing. He’s smart on his aproach to shit and with the law as well.

  1. uhhh, why is this guys name everywhere? isnt it logical to keep your real name secret in case someone holds a grudge, gets out of jail and kills this guy in his home while not in costime and off guard?
    If he wants to be a crimefighter and display his name he doesnt need a costume because the point of the costume and mask is to CONSEAL YOUR IDENTITY!
    Didnt he watch Kickass? Didnt he read comics?
    He just broke the first and biggest rule in the book of being a superhero.

    • The RLSH movement isn’t like that. Most of our names are public knowledge. We wear the masks and costumes as a symbol for what we do. Help anyone we can It has nothing to do with being a comic book character wanna be, or actually fighting crime. It’s staying food drives, having talks about suicide prevention with teens and all around making our world a better place.

      Brought to you by Thaddeus

      • Thaddeus, that is a great thing you and your posse are doing for people. Keep positive, be quick thinking and on your feet. Godspeed!!!

    • Idiot. He was forced to reveal his name by the courts. Since his name was made public by that court order, the news media can use his name when writing articles.

  2. Try what shit in Oakland? Maybe you guys should try to grow up insteed and be friendly to each other, Instead of just sounding badass and retarded, You should try that shit in Hardcore Oakland… Jesus… Wake up!

  3. The man is a fraud. I posses evidence showing this man consuming illegal substances such as Molly, not to mention engaging in sexual contact with a minor. He is a sensationalist and an opportunist.

    Not our hero.

    • Shaba go get a hobby! This isn’t Jared from Subway. As far as drugs go this is an every day person abs not a fictional character. At least he is out there doing some good.

    • Demonstrate proof or stop slinging fake mud.

      Also, drugs aren’t the demon you make them out to be. Especially MDMA (molly, for the illiterate). Sorry to hear about your indoctrination – I hope it gets better. Remember to quit D.A.R.E. before it is too late

  4. Way to cut and paste the entire last section of your article from Wikipedia without citing it as a source. That’s quality journalism in action, people!

  5. Dude, fuck Jones. I live in Seattle and am fully aware of his antics. He attacks homeless, beats up drunks, pepper sprays people for no reason, and attacks protesters. He may have done one good thing, it make all the other shit hes done. Also, most of his super hero group left and formed their own group because hes so out of control. Hes an asshole who looks for fights he knows he can win, hes a bully.

  6. The world needs more of these.. masked vigilantes.. seriously! Lesser crime would occur if we had more people who wants to fight crime.. the hell with corrupt cops, and a judicial system that’s not even fair! I say good for this guy! But the only problem is.. not everyone will accept it.. sad world we live in! Anyways Keep it up Mr. Jones! Kudos for You!

  7. This is a fake dummed-up newsstory designed to get clicks and fake publicity. Only stupid people believe this is true.


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