Sacramento County Deputy on Leave after Beating and Stomping on Man’s Head


A Sacramento County Deputy has been put on paid administrative leave after holding a man’s head to the ground with his foot, and then beating him with a flashlight.

KCRA 3 News Report:

The situation was brought to the Sheriff’s Department when KCRA 3 obtained and sent a copy of the video to the agency. It was reported that another copy of the altercation had been sent to the department by someone else as well.

Sacramento County Undersheriff, Jaime Lewis, responded to the video saying:

There are portions of that video that clearly have caused me concern, and that is exactly what has caused the department to initiate an investigation, so we can get to the bottom of it.” However, Lewis additionally claims that the victim was resisting arrest. “Let’s face it, had the suspect complied with the officer’s directives from the initial contact and beyond, we wouldn’t be sitting here talking about this today.”

The Sheriff Department’s report is inconsistent with the statements from both the victim, John Madison Reyes, 51, and Michael White, the man who shot the video.

According to Reyes:

I asked him kindly to move the car,” Reyes said. “He glared at me and stared at me. And then, I said an expletive, ‘You need to move the car because I can’t get through.’”

Apparently the situation escalated at this point after the officer inquired about Reyes being on probation.

It continues with Michael White’s account of the situation:

The cop was walking around him and he tased him several times, and you could see the guy’s body convulse about three or four times. And he’s not yelling or anything. He was not trying to get away. I think [the officer] should get fired. I think he should go to jail. I don’t think administrative leave is enough.”

According to KCRA News Sacramento:

Reyes was only cited and then released. His citation was for resisting arrest, not for anything he was doing before his confrontation with that officer.”



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  1. At best this is battery. Being put on leave for this behavior is equivalent to nothing. Too bad Reyes either was not armed or chose to not kill this thug. A badge marks the authority to behave better than everyone else rather than worse.

  2. Get that cops name. Send him tons of glitter and dog shit. Then put him in jail. Then send letters to all the other inmates telling them that he’s a pedophile and a cop.

  3. They think they’re above the law and can do whatever they like. I’m generalizing of course, however, many cops are on a “power trip”.

  4. fuck this guy too. I would fucking resist arrest as well. This guys has no right to arrest someone who’s innocent, and suddenly he shouldn’t have resisted.

    As you say: Lets face it, if you cunt of a cop wasn’t so egotistic, then no one would be in this situation either.

    Fuck you Lewis. I would resist too. Fucking pigs.

  5. Everyday the same shit….. Stop messing their internet pages and shit.. There are not so manny cops as civilians..and i say.. Kill those fuckin cops and then something is gonna change…a bullet in the head, or knife in the back.. Filmed. .distribuited .and maybe than those retard cops will change… We are manny! Stop crying and shit.. They must pay the same way! kill moron cops… Buy a fuckin sniper.. Learn how to shot.. Find personal stuff about them and lets get the party started!

  6. This guy should be fired. I hope Mr. Reyes Silesia suit against his employers for putting this junk yard dog on the street to rabidly attack the people he was sworn to serve. Disgusting, all of them who fall victim to their own lust for power over others.

  7. Cops in England are twats… But American cops uhh
    I understand that there is more crime in different states, but why can’t US have same laws as UK, police don’t carry armed weapons over here., Everything would be so much smoother


  8. Humiliate the fucker, make sure he spends the next few years of hid life in prison getting gang raped and never ever being able to get any other job again!

  9. Doesn’t matter that he is white. See the youtube vid of 3 cops pinning a white man down, and he wouldn’t comply with them, so one of them stood up, drew his weapon, shot him in the head dead. They had him pinned, could of slapped the cuffs on him..they just shot him dead. So when you get a roid rage cop, or a power tripping one, this is what you get, cop lead does not care what color you are either, and the cop pulling the trigger sure as hell doesn’t care. If you are the working class, they can kill you and get away with it. I bet he gets a paid vacation, and AT BEST he might get a slap on the wrist, be terminated or asked to resign, only to be hired by another police force. How these things goes, probably won’t be the last person he unjustly beats, and most likely someday we will see a headline saying this “peace officer” used lethal force on someone who was “resisting”.

  10. This is ridiculous enough to be a troll. Because he has a BADGE he gets away with beating a man with a flashlight? If I did that I would get thrown in jail. Why shouldn’t he?


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